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Make any joystick compatible with OS X.   Commercial ($7.99)
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GamePad Companion allows you to use HID compatible devices (gamepads, joysticks, etc..) with Mac OS X. This means that you can use many of the joysticks and gamepads that haven't had their drivers updated for Mac OS X! It should be possible to simultaneously use up to 5 HID devices with GamePad Companion.
What's New
Version 3.3:
  • Provides general bug fixes for upcoming OS X release
  • Fixes mouse cursor bug with Borderlands 2, for both the App Store and Steam versions
  • Fixes bug with Minecraft
Intel, OS X 10.7 or later

MacUpdate - GamePad Companion

GamePad Companion User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 3.x:
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X6205 reviewed on 03 Jan 2014
One of the best apps out there. Finally i can play games on Mac with my Logitech F310 gamepad :)
[Version 3.3]



gernot66 reviewed on 30 Oct 2012
i've seen a lot dissatisfied users here?
well, the hole situation dissatisfies me.
the product is good and worth for sure the $8,
no question.
but to get to the product is a treat.
ok, i never bought anything from the appstore, so this would have been the first one, i went to all needed steps, just to find out what i already assumed, i can't pay with paypal.
it's simply frustrating, it seems it's not enough that the MAC is badly supported by Gamingdevice manufacturers. you didn't find a good replacement for a "profiler" software at all and if like this one, you have to get over many hurdles, if it works out at all. rating i gave is still good, because the demo has satisfied me. but customer support or how to get to the product is miserable.

phew, not to think of,
a) "rotten" PC is of course well supported by manufacturers, costs $0
b) you find many replacements on the open source sector for free. which wouldn't be needed in fact, because you get of course the best fitting software from the manufacturer of the gaming device.

with games like pioneer in which i'm envolved, there will be more games for the MAC in future, just in advance, if one would say:"the MAC isn't no gaming machine".
i have a MACbook in front of me and this little machine is quite good to play our game, but...

of course it's also frustrating that the manufacturers handle the MAC neglected, i posted this already even to Logitech.
[Version 3.1]

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Umaromc replied on 12 Nov 2012
Get a PlayStation 3 controller, its natively supported by OS X since 10.6 I think. I use it with DiRT 2 and Batman: Arkham Asylum flawlessly.

I have a license for GamePad Companion but don't remember the last time I used it.

gernot66 replied on 18 Nov 2012
slight misunderstanding?
the logitech controller works for sure fine with the MAC, get's proper recognized, that's not the problem. but some games support probably only one stick and two buttons, just as example.
so i would need a profiler software.
anyway there isn't much difference between the "dual stick" of logitech and a "playstation controller" they are like twins.
and any logitech controller you can plug into the usb of the playstation (as far as i remember, PS2 was last i played, but it belonged(belongs) to my son)


Russell Gleason reviewed on 05 May 2007
FOLLOW-UP - I finally recieved my registration numbers by email. In this day and age where electronic communication and transactions are instantaneous, having to wait as long as I had to for the email registration numbers was (I felt) unreasonable - especially in light of the fact I still have no email address for contact with the developer [this also was NOT included with the registration information]. If I had, had his email address, I certainly would have posted it here.

What about the program itself? Works great! Very simple, easy to use, and does exactly as advertised! I'm exceedingly happy with it. I'm using this program to run my 12 button programable Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick [supposedly made for the PC "only", but made totally functionable for the Mac with GamePad Campion v2.4 on OS-10.4.9 on a 2002 G4 Digital Audio Mac].

I can highly recommend this program for all PPC Mac users. I can also highly recommend the developer make publicity known his email address for customer support !!!
[Version 2.4]


Russell Gleason commented on 04 May 2007
RIP-OFF - Unless you have an Apple Account in order to access their email address for support your SOL. I purchased this program today (May 4 2007) and NEVER (I repeat - NEVER) recieved an email from them with a registration number. And since I don't have an account with "Apple", I can't get access to their email address for support. Their demo works great, but if you like to throw your money away, just purchase this product. Or better yet, send me your money!
[Version 2.4]

Nannassy commented on 25 Apr 2006
Does Gamepad Companion work with the USB Xbox 360 Controller?
[Version 2.3]

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s_kalb replied on 18 May 2006

it works with my PS2 (+ USB adaptator) gamepad.

Anonymous reviewed on 13 Apr 2005
I bought the Gamepad Companion for my Logitech MX900 BT Mouse. It's up to its' task and allow me to configure all the buttons.

However, I found that I need to "Stop/Start" it every time the systam awakes from sleep in order to resume its' function. Which indeed is very annoying! Hope the developer could solve this issue.
[Version 2.2]


Anonymous reviewed on 01 Mar 2005
Getting the same preflight thingy error here too. I just bought a Playstation-to-USB controller adapter that is for Windows only. My mac recognises it though and I think this might just do the trick. If only I could install it.
[Version 2.2]


Anonymous reviewed on 06 Sep 2004
When I tried to install Version X2.2 on my G4 Powerbook (Panther 10.3.5) I got the following message concerning the installer that could not be opened:

The preflight script was either not executable or not readable.
[Version 2.2]


Anonymous reviewed on 25 Apr 2004
to John:
just select the mx900
program buttons as u like
and select 'start'
that should do it !

I have programmed the fwd and back buttons, the scroll button switches to next app and 6/8 show all windows in selected app, or expose all windows.
works great on pb17' 1gigRAM 7K60 HD
[Version 2.2]


Anonymous reviewed on 07 Apr 2004
I can't get the gamepad companion to work. The MX900 shows up, but I can't program it. Any suggestions?
[Version 2.2]


Springheelmac had trouble on 13 Apr 2007
I can't seem to get my XBOX controller to work with MacMAME or MAME OS X. Is it compatible? Also, NANNASSY, I couldn't find a 360 driver here, but there is one at (Too bad I don't have a 360 controller!)
[Version 2.4]

Garymcc had trouble on 17 Oct 2003
I bought this sofware (twice)
and never got a serial number
from them dispite my many emails.
Any one know how to reach them?
[Version 2.1]

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Cybersleuth58 replied on 04 Dec 2003
I am having the same trouble. I have tried multiple emails and despite that fact I have yet to get my serial number. Anyone have ideas?

Mfd529 rated on 24 Oct 2012

[Version 3.1]

Macwar rated on 01 May 2012

[Version 3.1]

kludge420 rated on 20 Jun 2011

[Version 3.1]

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Date:16 Aug 2013
Platform:Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $7.99
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GamePad Companion allows you to use HID compatible devices (gamepads, joysticks, etc..) with Mac OS X. This means that you can use many of the joysticks and gamepads that haven't had their drivers updated for Mac OS X! It should be possible to simultaneously use up to 5 HID devices with GamePad Companion.

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