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Drawtify Designer1.11.23

30 November 2020

Powerful and easy-to-use publisher, motion graphics editor, and vector editor.


Drawtify combines powerful functions and rich resources. Make the design easier. It simplifies the powerful functions so that everyone can design beautiful images. In path editing, various tools are provided. For convenience, it also provides a shape library that can be edited again. And can convert text into a path, etc. At the same time provide one-click filter function to achieve beautiful results. Built-in charts, maps, QRCode plugins, quickly create an infographic. Even provide a variety of animation templates to achieve one-click animation.

Online Vector Drawing

Built-in pen, pencil, smart shapes, and rich shape library. Support path Boolean operation, stroke to a path, and text to path. Therefore, you can quickly create custom vector graphics. Vector drawing functions like CorelDraw.

Smart Layout

Provide quick alignment, one-key replacement, smart guides, multi-page editing, etc. Allows you to quickly create documents, flyers, newsletter, booklets, etc.

Photo Editing

Easy-to-use image editing function, so that your pictures can be reprocessed. It contains image filters like Instagram, various photo frames, background removal, photo-mask, and montages.

Powerful Typography

It contains much rich typography functions. You can create amazing artistic text. Such as path text, text graphic, special effect text, and 3D text.


Filters can be added to all elements to make them more eye-catching. such as shadow, glow, reflection, emboss, lighting effect, torn, and splash.

Rich Plug-Ins

Various plug-ins enable you to create complex designs in one software. It provides barcodes, QRCodes, charts and maps. Whether you want to create a business card, label or infographic, you can find what you want.

Animation Tools

An easy-to-use animation function makes your graphics come alive. It provides a one-click motion path, fade in and out, zoom, rotate, stroke and text animation functions. You can design a beautiful animation in minutes.

Online Resource

You no longer need to go elsewhere to find materials. It integrates Pixabay, Unsplash 1M + HD pictures and images. And built-in 3000+ templates, 20k + shapes and icons, 1000+ element templates and 200+ schemes.

What's new in Drawtify Designer

Version 1.11.23:
  • Fix some bugs;
  • Adjust icon for big sur;
  • Optimize performance;
  • Add trackpad zoom;

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