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08 October 2020

ActiveRecord database class generator for Xojo.


ARGen automates the generation of ActiveRecord classes and template code for a database driven app. ARGen connects to an existing database, scans the schema, and creates a Xojo project to get development started quickly.

More than just class definitions, ARGen also creates user interface elements that perform simple browse, read, edit, add, and delete functionality.

Develop faster by leveraging the power of one of the most well known ORM libraries for Xojo. ActiveRecord offers the features professionals need without sacrificing the simplicity every citizen is hoping to find.

Give both a whirl, and simplify your database code.

ARGen creates projects specifically for use with Xojo.

What's new in ARGen

Version 4.1.0 (Build 156):
  • Web 2.0 User Interface generation
  • Customize ActiveRecord class template before generation
  • IsDuplicate template SQL
  • LoadList with hidden columns now tracks the index correctly
  • Date-only changes to an ActiveRecord subclass are now recognized Localized some literals in the Web 1.0 UI template
  • Web 1.0 view template is now complete
  • Returns the correct value for GUID when the ID is an Integer Single computed properties no longer use .Ubound in API 2.0 projects
  • API 2.0 library foreign key identification
  • Rare occurrence where the DatabaseAdapter had not been configured by FindById
  • Main window shows menu bar on Windows
  • Filter and Limit handle much larger numbers in generated projects

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