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Xojo Plugins20.4

29 September 2020

Adds thousands of new classes to Xojo. (was Real Studio Plugins).


Xojo Plugins (was Real Studio Plugins) adds more than 55,000 functions, methods, and classes to Xojo. If you're still using Real Studio, see 'Related Links' below for access to those plug-ins.

What's new in Xojo Plugins

Version 20.4:
  • WindowStoreContextMBS and related classes for Windows Store.
  • WindowsLocationManagerMBS, WindowsLocationMBS and WindowsLocationExceptionMBS classes to query current computer location on Windows 7 and newer.
  • Classes to connect to Claris FileMaker Server Data and Admin API from Xojo: FMConnectionMBS, FMResponseMBS, FMRequestMBS, FMDataSourceMBS, FMDataMBS, FMContainerUploadMBS, FMAdminMBS classes.
  • ActiveFontInfo property for DynaPDFMBS class.
  • AnnotationViews function to MKMapViewMBS class.
  • ArrayItems function to JSONMBS class.
  • CameraDeviceDidEnableAccessRestriction and cameraDeviceDidRemoveAccessRestriction events to ImageCaptureEventsMBS class.
  • Clone parameter for ArrayItem function in JSONMBS class.
  • DefaultFontSize, developerExtrasEnabled, loadsImagesAutomatically, shouldPrintBackgrounds, standardFontFamily to WKPreferencesMBS class.
  • DrawsBackground and backgroundColor properties to WKWebViewMBS class.
  • DynaPDFErrorExceptionMBS class. We raise exception if you return kErrorEventRaise from Error event or you have no Error event implemented.
  • DynaPDFMissingFunctionExceptionMBS class.
  • FontWeight, FontStyle, FontStretch and FontFamily properties for GMImageMBS class.
  • GetInfoEffectiveMethod and GetInfoRetryAfter methods to CURLSMBS class.
  • GetVariantAsDictionaryArrayMBS function.
  • kcfNone constant for DynaPDFMBS class.
  • LoadIconvLibrary method for ArchiverMBS, XMLValidatorMBS, zxingReaderMBS, GMImageMBS and TextConverterMBS classes for helping with text encodings if needed.
  • MagickVersion to GMImageMBS class.
  • Missing API 2 functions in Database class for our SQL Plugin documentation.
  • MKMarkerAnnotationViewMBS class.
  • NilObjectException check for WKWebViewMBS.LoadData for nil passed for data parameter.
  • NSSavePanelObserverMBS class to customize Xojo's open/save dialogs on macOS.
  • PrepareForReuse and prepareForDisplay events to MKAnnotationViewMBS class.
  • Support to WinDataObjectMBS class to receive email attachments with email messages from Outlook.
  • SupportsUnicode, zstdVersionNumber, zstdVersion, and SupportsZSTD to CURLSVersionMBS class.
  • WinFileDialogObserverMBS class.
  • ZPL function to GMImageMBS class.
  • addZone method in CDAngularMeterMBS class to scale properly.
  • Bug in CPUBrandString function in SystemInformationMBS class, so it works on Windows 64-bit.
  • Bug in error handling for ApplyOptions in PNGReaderMBS class.
  • Issue for Web target in Xojo 2020r1.
  • Problem in MimeEmailMBS class causing crash with parsing invalid email header.
  • Problem with building console projects.
  • Problem with font handling for RTFDataMBS in StyledText class.
  • SetupAWS and SetupOAuth in CURLSMBS class to set properties in the Xojo object, too.
  • CURL to version 7.72.0.
  • DynaPDF to version with ZUGFeRD 2.1.
  • GraphicsMagick library to version 1.3.35.
  • jpeg library to version 9d.
  • jpeg-turbo library to version 2.0.5.
  • pcre library to version 8.44.
  • SQLAPI to 5.1.1.
  • SQLite to version 3.33.0. This includes decimal extension now.
  • To Xcode 10.6.
  • If you pass picture as value for SQL parameter, we now convert to PNG MemoryBlock internally.
  • Improved text encoding handling for XML Parsing with XMLValidatorMBS class.
  • Marked over 300 classes as not console-safe as it's unlikely that you may want to use them in a console or web project. e.g. NSView, NSPanel, GameKit, Photos, File Dialogs, SceneKit or DiscRecording classes. If you relay on a class marked now as non-console-safe, please contact us.
  • Rewrote HotkeyMBS class for Windows to use official API. May prevent from duplicate registration and a hotkey processed in FileMaker is no longer passed to other apps.
  • Set CURLSMBS properties to default values of CURL for new objects.
  • Split Win plugin and created new WinFrameworks plugin.
  • Updated bzip2 library to version 1.0.8.
  • Applied SQLAPI patch for SADateTime, e.g. our SQLDateTimeMBS class.
  • Deprecated InternalPostgreSQLLibraryMBS module. Please use postgreSQL library.
  • Deprecated MatrixDongleMBS module.
  • Upgraded Visual Studio from 2008 to 2019 and rebuild everything.

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10 Reviews of Xojo Plugins

10 February 2020
Version: 19.3

Most helpful

Just an FYI: Xojo is great in so many ways, but infuriatingly lacking in others, and we feel it is important to be open and transparent on what Xojo is good at, and what not. As we welcome discussion and competition and think you should use the right tool for the job there is now an alternative Xojo forum where you CAN discuss alternative development platforms and their respective strengths and weaknesses as well - see https://ifnotnil.com
10 February 2020
Version: 19.3
Just an FYI: Xojo is great in so many ways, but infuriatingly lacking in others, and we feel it is important to be open and transparent on what Xojo is good at, and what not. As we welcome discussion and competition and think you should use the right tool for the job there is now an alternative Xojo forum where you CAN discuss alternative development platforms and their respective strengths and weaknesses as well - see https://ifnotnil.com
14 March 2012
Version: 12.0
I've developed 70 educational programs in Real Studio for use in the classroom. Many of these programs would not have been possible at all without the MBS plugins. Even though the plugins are amazingly comprehensive in adding core Cocoa and Carbon API access, the developer somehow has done a superhuman job of continuously adding even more functionality with each release. If you want to develop complex professional software with Real Studio, you must purchase these plugins. By the way, before the typical troll on MacUpdate accuses me of being an amateur for using Real Studio, for 30 years I've developed neurophysiology research software in assembly, C++, LabVIEW, Prograph CPX and Java, to name a few programming languages, on laboratory minicomputers and several types of personal computers. I currently program in Objective-C as well. I use the appropriate tool for the particular job, and for my educational software, Real Studio and the MBS plugins allowed me to quickly create professional applications that are used at colleges around the world.
13 December 2011
Version: 11.3
An absolutely outstanding package - when asking professional developers what add-ons they recommend they always say that the MBS plugins are essential. I have to admit that I am still dipping my toes into the water - there is just so much of it that the whole package can be daunting … scratch that, IS daunting. But certainly well worth it - and the video tutorials in iTunes are a big help. New features seem to be often added before anything similar appears in REALbasic itself, and seem certainly much better implemented (like regular expressions), and while some features DO disappear that is the nature of progress (if you no longer support Win 98 or MacOS 10.3 then what is the point of having specific features for those systems in there?). Apple stopped supporting PowerPC (G4, G5) years ago, REAL.studio has now stopped supporting it, so I have the last REAL.studio version with the right MBS plugin to support people on PowerPC, while using the newer version to compile for Cocoa - my code is the same for both.
30 August 2011
Version: 11.2
New features added, useful features stripped away without warning. You would think this plugin would improve over time, it doesn't. In order to use new features you find features you were using are stripped out!
11 August 2009
Version: 9.5
I mostly agree with ADOBE INC. Where does Christian's code come from? If he uses code licensed by Free Software Foundation, he must also make his source code available to his users. Does he? Free Software Foundation should launch investigations on his products and rip him of his profits if necessary.
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02 January 2005
Version: 4.1
This plug-in collection is nearly prefect. If you use REAlbasic, then without a doubt, you should be using this also. It exposes much more of OS X than REALbasic does out of the box. The countless features and APIs will save you a ton of time so that you don't have to keep "reinventing the wheel". Most importantly, though, is the responsiveness of the developer. I've almost always gotten a response within hours (sometimes even minutes!). He has always been willing to come up with solutions for my needs and he continuously works to improve his product. Another significant thing is that the plug-ins contain much more complete versions of existing REALbasic features and classes. So if you need lower-level access to things like the clipboard, drag & drop, webkit, etc., then this will provide it for you. Highly recommended.
22 April 2004
Version: 4.0
Outstanding Customer Service I asked the developer of this plugin whether it could handle a specific task, and he promptly replied that he thought it could. I immediately purchased a license. Minutes later, I received another message from Christian that he had done some research and some testing that revealed that the plugin could not, unfortunately, do what I needed on the Windows platform. He promptly refunded my money (even though he loses money on the deal) within hours of my e-mail. This is excellent customer support! Many other companies would have made it a lot harder to resolve the problem.
21 February 2004
Version: 4.0
This plugin is great. I cannot say there is anything wrong with it at all. Christian's done a great job of filling huge gaps in REALbasic's functionality. If there was ever a notion that RB was missing a few features - get MBS! From very general to very specific, the whole spectrum of features has been implemented to a high standard. In reply to 'Adobe' (yeah, whatever); the point of open source is for people to use the code for their own benefit. Christian has to make his money somehow. Anyway a good percentage of the functions and classes in the plugin don't require a serial number and are therefore free. You get literally thousands of really useful features which aren't implemented by anyone else for REALbasic. I say that's worth the money
Adobe Inc.
12 February 2004
Version: 4.0
I cannot recommend this collection of REALbasic plugins, because it contains mostly GPL-stuff, freeware and open source. This guy (Christian Schmitz) tries to make money, nothing else. He should make a statement, that most stuff in his plugin collection is stolen, pirated or used without the knowledge of the original authors. Sorry, but this plugin collection sucks!
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04 September 2003
Version: 3.3
I recommend this plugin to everyone that use RB, specially on MacOSX. The functions are fast, very stable, and easy to use. All majors features of the system are now available for the rest of us : coreFoundations, coreGraphic, Midi, safari Webkit, services, rendezvous... Awesome ! Definitively a must-have.