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26 June 2020

Query your devices like a database.


Osquery uses basic SQL commands to leverage a relational data-model to describe a device.

Processes running without a binary on disk

Frequently, attackers will leave a malicious process running but delete the original binary on disk. This query returns any process whose original binary has been deleted, which could be an indicator of a suspicious process.

Three things you should know about osquery
  • It's fast and tested: Our build infrastructure ensures that newly introduced code is benchmarked and tested. We perform continuous testing for memory leaks, thread safety, and binary reproducibility on all supported platforms.
  • It runs everywhere: Windows, macOS, CentOS, FreeBSD, and almost every Linux OS released since 2011 are supported with no dependencies. osquery powers some of the most demanding companies, including Facebook.
  • It's open source: Osquery is released under the Apache License. Ever since we open-sourced it in 2014, organizations and individuals have contributed an ever-growing list of impressive features, useful tools, and helpful documentation.

What's new in osquery

Version 4.3.0:
New Features / Under the Hood improvements:
  • Change verbosity of scheduled query execution messages from INFO to verbose only (#6271)
  • Updated the unwanted-chrome-extensions queries to include all users, not the osquery process owner only (#6265)
  • Check for errors in the return status of the extension tables and report them (#6108)
  • First steps to properly support UTF8 strings on Windows (#6190)
  • Display the undelying API error string when udev monitoring fails (#6186)
  • Add the path column to the ATC generate specs (#6278)
  • Log a warning message if osquery fails to get the service description on Microsoft Windows (#6281)
  • Make AWS kinesis status logging configurable (#6135)
  • Add an integration test for the disk_info table (#6323)
  • Use -1 for missing ppid in the process_events table (#6339)
  • Remove error when converting empty numeric rows (#6371)
  • Change verbosity from ERROR to INFO of access failures to system processes on Microsoft Windows (#6370)
  • Make possible to get verbose messages from the dispatcher service management on Microsoft Windows too (#6369)
  • Fix codegen template for extension group (#6244)
  • Update SQLite from 3.30.1-1 to 3.31.1 (#6252)
  • Update the osquery-toolchain to version 1.1.0 which uses LLVM/Clang 9.0.1 (#6315)
  • Update openssl to version 1.1.1f (#6302, #6359)
  • Simplify formula-based third party libraries build (#6303)
  • Removed the Buck build system (#6361)
  • Add librdkafka to Windows build (#6095)
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix CFNumber conversion when the type was a Float64/32 instead of a Double (#6273)
  • Fix duplicate results being returned by the chrome_extensions table (#6277)
  • Fix flaky ProcessOpenFilesTest.test_sanity (#6185)
  • Fix the --database_dump flag for RocksDB not outputting anything (#6272)
  • Fix the pci_devices table pci ids extraction in non-existing paths (#6297)
  • Fix parsing an invalid decorators config (#6317)
  • Fix flaky TLSConfigTests.test_runner_and_scheduler (#6308)
  • Fix chromeExtensions.test_sanity (#6324)
  • Fix broken Unicode filename searches on Microsoft Windows (#6291)
  • Fix a use-after-free when sqlite attempts to access the entire rows data at the end of a query (#6328)
  • Keep proc instance for test_base and test_osqueryd (#6335)
  • Fix osquery not exiting when given check or dump requests (#6334)
  • Fix process table cmdline parsing (#6340)
  • Fix a crash when parsing files with libmagic (#6363)
  • Fix a sporadic readFile API failure when using non-blocking I/O (#6368)
  • Fix the MSI package not always installing in the system drive by default (#6379)
  • Ensure the extensions uuid is never 0 (#6377)
  • Fix a race condition making the watcher act as a worker on Microsoft Windows (#6372)
  • Fix extensions tables detaching which was sometimes failing (#6373)
  • Fix an issue with extensions re-registration (#6374)
  • Fix a crash due to a race condition in accessing the iokit port on Darwin (Apple OS X) (#6380)
  • Limit SQL functions regex_match and regex_split regex size (#6267)
  • Prevent a stack overflow when parsing deeply nested configs (#6325)
Table Changes:
  • Added table chrome_extension_content_scripts to All Platforms (#6140)
  • Added table docker_container_fs_changes to POSIX-compatible Plaforms (#6178)
  • Added table windows_security_center to Microsoft Windows (#6256)
  • Added many new tables to Linux to query lxd (#6249)
  • Added table screenlock to Darwin (Apple OS X) (#6243)
  • Added table userassist to Microsoft Windows (#5539)
  • Added column status (TEXT) to table deb_packages (#6341)
  • Added many new columns to the curl_certificate table (#6176)
  • Added table socket_events to Darwin (Apple OS X) (#6028)
  • Added table hvci_status, previously inadvertly left out from the build, to Microsoft Windows (6378)

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