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18 September 2020

Lightweight front-end for a variety of emulators.


Ludo is a minimalist frontend for emulators.

Focus on playing
  • Ludo tabs Ludo's user interface is distraction free and configuration is always optional
  • Scan your games and browse your collection categorized by system with playlists showing in-game screenshots
  • A contextual menu gives you access to actions and quick save / quick load anytime
  • We chose the best emulators for the job, configured with sane defaults guaranteeing a balance of speed and accuracy
Ludo as an Operating System:

Ludo also exists in the form of an Operating System called LudOS. It behaves and looks exactly the same and can be installed directly on a TV Box to recreate a game console experience

What's new in Ludo

Version 0.12.0:
  • Add a L3+R3 combo to toggle the menu
  • Add Lutro engine on ARM builds
  • Switch to stella2014, you will need to edit your settings.toml to set it as replacement of stella
  • Switching to full screen on OSX will choose a high resolution mode
  • Fix DualShock 4 wired mapping on Windows
  • Add a dark mode
  • Fix a screenshot bug
  • Smoother font rendering

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