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Qt Creator4.14.0

18 December 2020

Cross-platform IDE for Qt development.


Qt Creator IDE is a responsive and intuitive cross-platform development environment with integrated tools for WYSIWYG UI design, code editor with syntax completion, and visual debugging & profiling tools

Build tools:
  • Simplify your build process for applications, libraries and components with Qt's own qmake or use CMake
Testing & Debugging:
  • All the functionality you need for unit testing, and extensions for GUI testing to ensure high quality and performant applications
Configuration tool:
  • Scale down to only the features and tools you need to achieve a smaller application footprint

What's new in Qt Creator

Version 4.14.0:
  • Added option for asking for confirmation before closing
  • Improved visibility of controls in dark themes
  • Fixed lines disappearing in output panes
  • Made `litehtml` rendering backend the default
  • Fixed that Qt 5 documentation was not available if Qt 6 is installed
  • Updated to LLVM 11
  • Added refactoring action that creates getters and setters for all class members
  • Added refactoring action that generates member from class member initialization
  • Added refactoring action that creates implementations for all member functions
  • Added refactoring action for removing `using namespace` directives
  • Added auto-completion of existing namespaces and classes to `New Class` wizard
  • Added action for showing function arguments hint
  • Added option for after how many characters auto-completion may trigger
  • Added highlighting for structured bindings
  • Restricted completion for second argument of `connect` calls to signals
  • Fixed crash of backend with multiline `Q_PROPERTY` declarations
  • Fixed issues with include completion
  • Fixed missing namespace when generating getters and setters
  • Fixed missing `inline` when generating method definitions in header files
  • Fixed that `Follow Symbol Under Cursor` on declarations and definitions did not offer items in subclasses
  • Fixed that `RESET` function was not generated for `Q_PROPERTY`s
  • Fixed that `Insert virtual functions of base class` refactoring action added already implemented operators
  • Fixed that `Complete switch statement` indents unrelated code
  • Fixed `Complete switch statement` with templates
  • Fixed `Complete switch statement` for enum classes
  • Fixed creating and moving template member function definitions
  • Fixed that `Apply function signature change` removed return values from `std::function` arguments
  • Fixed handling of multiple inheritance in `Insert Virtual Functions`
  • Fixed issue with `Convert to Camel Case`
  • Fixed auto-indentation for lambdas with trailing return type
  • Fixed indentation when starting new line in documentation comments
  • Fixed that auto-indentation was applied within multiline string literals
  • Fixed sorting in `Outline` view
  • Fixed that renaming files did not adapt include guards in headers
Language Client:
  • Improved outline for hierarchical symbols
  • Fixed issues with `Move Component into Separate File`
  • Fixed crash with malformed `property`
  • Fixed `qmldir` parsing with Qt 6
  • Updated language specification
  • Renamed `CurrentProject:*` variables to `CurrentDocument:Project:*`
  • Added `ActiveProject:*` variables
  • Changed `Qt Creator Plugin` wizard to CMake build system
  • Fixed issue when environment changes after appending or prepending path
  • Fixed `Embedding of the UI Class` option for widget applications
  • Fixed shell used for console applications
  • Fixed issue with auto-scrolling compile output
  • Added option to not execute `system` directives
  • Fixed deployment with wildcards
  • Wizards
  • Fixed creation of form editor class with namespace
  • CMake
  • Added option to unselect multiple configuration variables simultaneously
  • Improved kit detection when importing build
  • Fixed missing run of CMake when saving `CMakeLists.txt` files in subdirectories
  • Fixed that changing build directory to existing build ran CMake with initial arguments
  • Fixed that configuration changes were lost when done before triggering a first build
  • Fixed `QML Debugging and Profiling`
  • Fixed updating of introspection data after reconfiguration
  • Updated various pretty printers for Qt 6
  • Fixed disabling and enabling breakpoints
  • Fixed setting source mappings with variables
  • Fixed loading of symbol files with `Load Core File`
  • Fixed debugging when `PYTHONPATH` is set
  • Fixed pretty printer of containers with signed chars
  • Re-added automatic analyzation of files on save
  • Added multi-selection in diagnostics view
Version Control Systems:
  • Improved removal of multiple files
  • Added option to add file when creating it from locator
  • Added option to show file at specified revision
  • Added suggestion for local branch name when checking out patch set
  • Fixed commit list in `Push to Gerrit`
Test Integration:
  • Made it easier to re-run failed tests
  • Added support for `QTest::addRow()`
  • Fixed type display when debugging with newest LLDB
  • Improved creation of kits

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