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Qt Creator4.12.3

22 June 2020

Cross-platform IDE for Qt development.


Qt Creator IDE is a responsive and intuitive cross-platform development environment with integrated tools for WYSIWYG UI design, code editor with syntax completion, and visual debugging & profiling tools

Build tools:
  • Simplify your build process for applications, libraries and components with Qt's own qmake or use CMake
Testing & Debugging:
  • All the functionality you need for unit testing, and extensions for GUI testing to ensure high quality and performant applications
Configuration tool:
  • Scale down to only the features and tools you need to achieve a smaller application footprint

What's new in Qt Creator

Version 4.12.3:
  • Fixed missing update of completions after cursor navigation
  • Fixed line number for string literals
  • Fixed freeze
Projects (CMake):
  • Fixed issue with `Add build library search path` and older CMake versions
  • Fixed that projects without name were considered invalid
  • Fixed QDateTime pretty printer for Qt 5.14 and newer
  • Fixed QJson pretty printer for Qt 5.15 and newer
  • Android: Fixed that installing OpenSSL for Android in the settings could delete current working directory
  • MCU: Fixed issue with saving settings

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