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11.1.0 24 Jun 2018

Development environment for PHP, Python, Web, more.


Developer website: Activestate

Cross-Platform IDE for all your major languages, including Python, PHP, Ruby, Perl, Tcl, NodeJS, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Award-winning tools for debugging, code intelligence, visual code navigation and the regular expression toolkit help developers write cleaner code faster, while source code control integration, a project manager and multi-user support assist in team development.

With improved performance for all supported languages including Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby & Tcl, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XML), simple Firefox-style extensibility, and flexible multi-platform licensing for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, Komodo IDE has developed smart tools with developer freedom and choice in mind.

The quoted price is that of a single license. Additional pricing info can be found here.

What's New

Version 11.1.0:

Note: version 11 is a paid upgrade. To upgrade, go here.

  • Abbreviations: Not triggering in certain contexts. Fixes #1737.
  • Check Config: Breaks if PATH is blank. Fixes #3525.
  • Codeintel: Prefs missing when second window opened. Fixes #3319.
  • Codeintel: Added fuzzy finding of completions - fixes #928.
  • Codeintel: Added support for XUL - fixes #3001.
  • Codeintel: Adding Additional Directories to CodeIntel Does Prompt a Scan. Fixes #3359.
  • Codeintel: Consider ‘$’ and ‘@’ as completion characters for JS and CSS languages, respectively - fixes #3298, #3303, #3311.
  • Codeintel: CSS: Fixed ‘!important’ value sometimes not showing in completions - fixes #3296.
  • Codeintel: Ensure @property-decorated Python functions are detected as methods - fixes #3352.
  • Codeintel: Expose 3rd party API catalogs in prefs. Fixes #3305.
  • Codeintel: find references: Handle non-word symbol characters properly - fixes #3543.
  • Codeintel: Fix calltip drawing glitch.
  • Codeintel: Fix calltips showing twice when calltips while typing are enabled.
  • CodeIntel: Fix completion queries not detected properly.
  • CodeIntel: Fix completions inserting redundant characters for legacy languages - fixes #3445.
  • CodeIntel: Fix completions not inserting properly when in the middle of a word - fixes #3395.
  • CodeIntel: Fix completions not iterable under GoLang - fixes #3375.
  • Codeintel: Fix completions sometimes not triggering.
  • Codeintel: Fix completions triggering too aggressively on CSS/SCSS/LESS and some other languages - fixes #3363.
  • CodeIntel: Fix issue where Komodo was triggering stale completions - fixes #3422.
  • CodeIntel: Fix rescan button not working - fixes #3391.
  • CodeIntel: Fix stale completions being triggered - fixes #3341.
  • Codeintel: Fix symbolbrowser icons not aligned properly.
  • CodeIntel: Fixed "show calltips while typing" pref not being respected.
  • Codeintel: Fixed autocompletions not closing when invoking the "cancel autocompletion" command - fixes #3466.
  • Codeintel: Fixed calltip info not showing after first calltip - fixes #3331.
  • Codeintel: Fixed jump to next/prev section in file scope - fixes #3013.
  • Codeintel: Fixed legacy Python parser to handle unicode encoding errors - fixes #3384.
  • Codeintel: Handle different HTML doctype declarations and use their respective stdlibs - fixes #2774.
  • Codeintel: Initial support for "Find References".
  • Codeintel: JavaScript: Added JSDoc completions - fixes #3069.
  • Codeintel: LESS: Show variable completions - fixes #3458.
  • Codeintel: Perl: Ensure variables assigned to functions are reflected as functions - fixes #3425.
  • Codeintel: Perl: Fixed failing module imports - fixes #3117.
  • Codeintel: Perl: Fixed nested namespace handling - fixes #3433.
  • Codeintel: Python: fix parsing errors by ignoring Python 3 type hints for now - fixes #3232.
  • Codeintel: Reduce symbolbrowser entry padding (more info on screen).
  • Codeintel: Remove "Section List" references. Fixes #3320.
  • Codeintel: remove filter on view change. Load prev. filter on new view. Fixes #2970 and #3500.
  • Codeintel: Remove memory leak on file close.
  • Codeintel: SCSS: Fixed completion context after SCSS variable definition - fixes #3302.
  • Colorschemes: scheme changes still occur after change name dialog cancelled. Fixes #2628.
  • Commando: Clear cache now clears cache for all scopes - fixes #1018.
  • Commando: Fix composer integration causing Komodo to hang - fixes #3328.
  • Commando: List of open files is outdated. Fixes #1736.
  • Completions: CSS completions trigger on ‘;’. Fixes #3506.
  • Completions: CSS don’t show completions on ‘,’. Fixes #3360.
  • Completions: Golang, don’t do completions on ‘;’. Fixes #3517.
  • Dialogs: Dialogs open empty on OSX. Fixes #3475.
  • Dynamic buttons: menupopup spans entire screen. Fixes #3405.
  • Dynamic toolbar: add cpanm initialize button.
  • Editor: Do not cancel XML tag editing on backspace - fixes #2434.
  • Editor: Fixed hang with multiple selections over variables - fixes #3394.
  • File Template: Add interpolation to file templates. Fixes #2992.
  • Find: Can’t close "Floating" find results tabs. Fixes #2152.
  • Find: replace: Allow "replace all" in any non-binary (text) file - fixes #467.
  • Find: Use original directory when searching again with find in files - fixes #1154.
  • FTPS: Unable to connect to FTPS on OSX. Fixes #1963.
  • Git: commit dialog can’t show diff for deleted files. Fixes #2031.
  • Git: missing branches in status bar. Fixes #2533.
  • Help: Fix help system and tags. Fixes #1174 and probably others.
  • Icons: incorrect handling of local paths. Convert paths to URIs. Fixes #2486.
  • Interpolation: incorrect input and name of selection intrpl. Fixes #3415.
  • KoDoc: Allow for languages with no file extension. Fixes #3507.
  • Komodo: thinks it closed improperly when asked to restart. Fixes #3066.
  • Lint: JavaScript: Added support for EsLint by Defman21 - fixes #2526.
  • Lint: JSX: Switched JSX linter from legacy jsxhint to new eslint linter - fixes #3421.
  • Lint: python: pyflakes: Handle unexpected indentation errors - fixes #3015.
  • Macro: Workaround async paste on Linux - fixes #2372.
  • Places: Exception thrown when New File exists already. Fixes #2914.
  • Prefs: Check config window pref buttons are broken. Fixes #3522.
  • Prefs: Don’t set invalid interpreter unless user chooses to. Fixes #2625.
  • Prefs: Project lvl lang include paths pref blocks global even when deleted. Fixes #3056.
  • Print Preview: Print preview not working. Fixes #3346.
  • Printdebug: fix icon, active state, UX updates.
  • PrintDebug: some property fields not loading properly.
  • Printing: Fix printing not working.
  • Projects: Project won’t load while restoring window.
  • Projects: Remove outdated Firefox project template. Fixes #3127.
  • Projects: Rmv old Komodo addon template project. Fixes #3043.
  • ProjectWizard: Don’t allow file path in project path field. Fixes #3369.
  • Publishing: Alert user if push fails due to connection issues. Fixes #3224.
  • Publishing: Allow to reload after sync. Don’t force reopn of dialog. Fixes #3515.
  • Publishing: Dialog appears to hang on large projects. Give more feedback. Fixes #1848.
  • Publishing: Force action confirmation dialog cuts off text. Fixes #3504.
  • Publishing: Force push and Pull don’t work for multiple files. Fixes #3016.
  • Publishing: Force Push/Pull warning msg doesn’t fit in dialog box.
  • Publishing: Incorrect tooltiptext for reload sync status. Fixes #3503.
  • Publishing: Progress bar not working in dialog. Fixes #3514.
  • Refactoring: "show changes" button never enables.
  • Refactoring: breaks in JS files on anonymous functions. Fixes #3288.
  • Refactoring: Fixed error raised when attempting to rename variable - fixes #3342.
  • Refactoring: Komodo gets stuck after diff’ing proposed changes. Fixes #2652.
  • Refactoring: Make renameVar more reliable with CI3. Partly Fixes #3548.
  • Refactoring: refactoring changes global "find" settings. Fixes # 3435.
  • Refatoring: Rename Variable not working. Fixes #3541.
  • Remote Files: reconnect fails with SSH key configured. Fixes #3535.
  • Run: Preserve Windows ‘’ path separators - fixes #2648.
  • Runinline: lang included directories pref ignored. Fixes #3031.
  • SCC: bad layout of Push dialog. Fixes #2296. Fixes #2295.
  • SCC: file context for SCC should override Places. Fixes #2164.
  • Scintilla: win32: Disallow handling of some deprecated WM_ and EM_ messages - fixes #3502.
  • Scope completions now attempt to show all possible top-level symbols as approximate matches.
  • SDK: Fix Shell docs comments and add more informative details.
  • SDK: Fix textbox value not properly being set if it’s already in the DOM - fixes #3390.
  • SDK: return menuitem when adding item to a UI menu. Fixes #3155.
  • Slack Share: Allow direct msgs and msgs to groups.
  • Snippets: indentation wrong when multiline selection injected. Fixes #3437.
  • Startup Wizard: Doc links open dialog behind wizard. Fixes #3075.
  • Symbol Browser: Scroll Code browser to scope. Includes scroll buffer pref. Fixes #3411.
  • Templates: HTML5 templates open as HTML. Fixes #3456.
  • Templates: file from template from places loses language. Fixes #3092.
  • Toolbar: Sidebar show/hide command has wrong desc.
  • Toolbox: Update Abbreviations with language field. Fixes #3225.
  • Toolbox: Add "General" lang to support snippet injection into any file type. Fixes #2676.
  • Toolbox: Convert snippet to Print Statement get wrong language.
  • Toolbox: HTML file templates empty. Fixes #3398.
  • Toolbox: Snippet props, prevent error when langage isn’t set.
  • Toolbox: update sample tool. Fixes #3140.
  • Toolbox: writeCleanData not writing correct wrapper for komodo meta.
  • Tutorials: Can’t open floating tutorials. Fixes #3494.
  • Tutorials: using chrome close button doesn’t close tutorial properly. Fixes #3495.
  • UI Layout: Save layout to prefs after customizing. Fixes #1975.
  • UI: toggle file tabs menu option state not propagating. Fixes #1485.
  • Ui/Textbox: Can’t set textbox to "", returns curr val.
  • Uilayout: fix error calling saveState for prefs.
  • Unit testing: Fix pytest tests not parsing properly under pytest 3.3 - fixes #3392.
  • Unit tests: Fix unit tests not running due to "ko undefined" error.
  • Unittests: Troublel with dots. Fixes #3355.
  • View: Link Views menu item isn’t updating. Fixes #3542.
  • Views: Files sometimes open with blank views. Fixes #3459.
  • Views: Extend ko/views with splitview funcs.
  • Views: Implement multiview scrolling.
  • Widgets: bootstrapped addon widgets not restsoring from shutdown.
  • Widgets: Komodo sometimes hung when opening second window.
  • Widgets: Make sure widget opens in default location if floating pane load fails.
  • Widgets: restore floating pane position on reboot. Fixes #2604.
  • Widgets: save tab order and support placing a widget when it’s added after ui restore has run. Fixes #3179 and #1341.
  • Widgets: UI not restored properly after crash.
  • Workspace2: essentially merge with original workspace code.
  • Workspaces: Upgrade prefs, remove stale window prefs.
  • Xdebug: Add PHP 7.2 bits. Fixes #3479.


  • OS X 10.9 or later


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