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Komodo IDE12.0.1

12 February 2020

Development environment for PHP, Python, Web, more.


Cross-Platform IDE for all your major languages, including Python, PHP, Ruby, Perl, Tcl, NodeJS, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Award-winning tools for debugging, code intelligence, visual code navigation and the regular expression toolkit help developers write cleaner code faster, while source code control integration, a project manager and multi-user support assist in team development.

With improved performance for all supported languages including Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby & Tcl, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XML), simple Firefox-style extensibility, and flexible multi-platform licensing for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, Komodo IDE has developed smart tools with developer freedom and choice in mind.

The quoted price is that of a single license. Additional pricing info can be found here.

What's new in Komodo IDE

Version 12.0.1:
  • Add ActiveState Platform integration - you can now create and manage projects with an ActiveState Platform runtime, allowing for sandboxed environments, secret, script and package management, and much more.
  • Various CodeIntel improvements on Komodo Edit contributed by ssigwart (not relevant on IDE as it uses a newer CodeIntel version)
  • Lots of SDK and improvements that improve the overall stability of Komodo
  • Add back in blank MRU warning, but skip when blanks allowed
  • Add dataset, contentEditable, isContentEditable, dir, and hidden DOM properties.
  • Add jump to code fold command
  • Added ‘Close All’ action in tab context menus;
  • Allow Alt-Left/Right in commando to jump words
  • Allow extra include/exclude filters in project searches
  • Changed default Python from Python 2 to Python 3
  • Enhanced Open Files UI so that the close button no longer overlaps
  • Enhanced search ordering when searching for open files
  • Re-introduced click margin to select.
  • Support JS and CSS block comment reflow
  • Update fold jumping to try to keep the same level as the current line, but go to parents if that fails
  • Login dialog failing to authenticate user.
  • Blank replacement value not being remembered.
  • Bookmarks not deleting properly when lines are deleted.
  • Can’t change vars in paused ruby >= 2 debug pane.
  • Commando tooltip not updating;
  • Crash recovery not reopening the right files.
  • Ctrl/Cmd + up/down jumps to top/btm of completions list.
  • F1 and Help > Help fails to open help Docs.
  • OSX Edit installer and update bits.
  • Environment information not properly cleaning up when closing projects
  • Error on block select due to selection past end of line.
  • MacOs dropdown menu’s becoming stuck.
  • Minimap sometimes not toggling properly.
  • Packages not being installed when clicking the "Open" link.
  • Project Wizard Folder picker opening a file picker
  • Project wizard not staying on top
  • Snippets sometimes failing to insert.
  • Tabbing through fields sometimes not working on Mac.
  • UI twisty icons hard to see;

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6 Reviews of Komodo IDE

29 February 2012
Version: 7.0.1

Most helpful

Could we get a comprehensive review of this vs RubyMine 4 in the Ruby and Rails development arena? I've not seen anything appreciable regarding Komodo for years now and it seems that it's kind of gone by the way side from some non comprehensive reviews I've seen.
29 February 2012
Version: 7.0.1
Could we get a comprehensive review of this vs RubyMine 4 in the Ruby and Rails development arena? I've not seen anything appreciable regarding Komodo for years now and it seems that it's kind of gone by the way side from some non comprehensive reviews I've seen.
09 May 2010
Version: 5.2.4
PATHETIC! My God. I wasted 20 minutes just trying to get connected to a remote server. Absolutely the most horrible attempt an IDE in history. $300 license? Seriously...don't wonder why you go out of business.
12 March 2010
Version: 5.2.4
IMHO it's an excellent IDE... I have never tried v4, but 5.2.4 works flawlessy for me.
02 February 2007
Version: 4.0.1
I considered buying this app but, just like Firefox (since it is based on that platform) is SLOW to load on my MBP 17. To bad becuase this has some nice features. I'll stick to BBEdit until this is corrected.
13 January 2007
Version: 4.0b4
I inCREDIBLY wish there was a native Mac OS X (e.g., written in Cocoa/Objective-C) app like this... but there's not. This is the best thing going. Feature-wise it has lots of the features you would want. I put it head to head against Wing, Eclipse+plugins, and the others I could find. It's got the best featureset for coding in python on the Mac. However, it has that very low quality GUI, because it is written using Mozilla's cross-platform crapware layer. Same reason that Firefox feels like shoddy garbage on the Mac. You might as well run a Java app: nonstandard UI widgets, menus that don't quite work right, bizarre flaws with text editing, and so on. Still, I bought this and use it when I need to step through Python code in a debugger. It is telling that I WANT an IDE with all the integration features but still end up using TextMate for 90% of my Python coding, despite it being just a dumb editor without such features. That's because it's a great Mac app doing what it does. Komodo does cool stuff but the app is klunky.
22 December 2006
Version: 4.0b3
How does its PHP handling compare to Zend Studio? Eclipse? Anyone know?
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