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18 May 2020

Exports your iTunes playlists.


iSyncer exports your iTunes/Apple Music playlists and creates a copy of your playlists into your chosen directory. The target of this directory can also be a removable media (eg USB stick or SD card).

iSyncer will not automatically store your music by artist, album, etc, because you decide the format to store your music.

iSyncer provides a copy of the playlist tracks directly to the desired destination directory (also removable disks). Optionally, it's possible to create playlist formats like m3u, m3u8 (UTF-8), pls, wpl or xspf.

You can manage your playlists for synchronization with user-defined profiles. As well you can select an iTunes/Apple Music playlist and a matching synchronization format (eg Playlist/Artist - Song) and add it to a profile. During the synchronization, the filename of a song is generated corresponding to the synchronization format (also called config) from the ID3 tags of a song.

For synchronization, you have only to select the target directory and a profile and start with one click.

The synchronization ensures that the current playlist tracks are stored in the target directory. This means: With synchronization new songs are added, changed songs (eg change of ID3 tags) are updated and no longer existing songs of an iTunes/Apple Music playlist are deleted.

What's new in iSyncer

Version 3.7.0:
  • Fix for sync with iTunes/Apple Music directory structure (iSyncer.json fix)
  • Fix for sync with iTunes/Apple Music directory structure when creating playlist formats (e.g. m3u) sorted by file system
  • Fix for artwork scaling. Shrinking artwork/covers also reduces the file size of MP3 files
  • Fixes for dark design
  • Fix for loading bars
  • Profile Manager: Run loading bar when opening the Profile Manager (loading time of iTunes/Apple Music playlists)
  • Profile Manager: Reopening determines iTunes/Apple Music playlist data from the cache (please use refresh function to update the playlists)
  • Special function to deactivate iTunes/Apple Music communication (for error analysis)
  • Mac: Performance improvement for opening the Profile Manager

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