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MBS Filemaker Plugin
MBS Filemaker Plugin
MBS Filemaker Plugin free download for Mac

MBS Filemaker Plugin

Version 12.2

Powerful plug-in for FileMaker.

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MBS Filemaker Plugin overview

MBS FileMaker Plugin is easily the most powerful plug-in available for FileMaker today. There are over 6,000 functions that allow FileMaker developers to extend their solutions in some amazing ways. Each function does a little task and in their combination, you can unleash the full power of our plugin. MBS Plugin support FileMaker Pro Advanced, Server (Scheduled Scripts, WebDirect & PSoS), Runtime, Cloud for AWS, and the iOS SDK. To learn how to use them together, please check our reference and our more than 500 example databases.

The Current version of MBS Plugin always supports the current version and a few versions back. We recommend using the latest version to benefit from bug fixes and newer features.

What’s new in version 12.2

Updated on May 17 2022

  • Added links in calculation dialogs for get functions to point to FileMaker documentation.
  • Added AsArray flag 4 for Matrix.JSONRecord and Matrix.JSONRecords functions.
  • Added ClearErrors and HadErrors functions.
  • Added Clipboard.GetPDF and Clipboard.SetPDF functions.
  • Added JavaScript.CallFunction, JavaScript.GetPropertyJSON and JavaScript.SetPropertyJSON functions.
  • Added JavaScript.CF function for using this JavaScript engine for custom functions, too.
  • Added Menu and MenuSet as types for Clipboard.DetectFileMakerDataType function.
  • Added new optional RootTableName parameter for JSON.Import function.
  • Added new parameter for JavaScript.New to name the instance.
  • Added new parameter to replace new lines in the list with replacement text for Matrix.GetColumn, Matrix.GetRow and Matrix.GetText functions.
  • Added SchemaCacheFlushed counter for Audit.Statistics function to show how often we flushed the table cache.
  • Added WordFile.Tags function.
  • Changed App.SetDockIcon to allow passing empty value to clear image.
  • Changed Container.GetBase64 and Container.GetHex to return main container item if no index is passed.
  • Changed DynaPDF.ReplacePattern to fallback to Courier (fixed pitch), Times (serif) or Helvetica as font.
  • Changed PDFKit.Combine to ignore empty value in parameters.
  • Changed SharedMemory.GetValue to trim trailing zero bytes.
  • Changed Text.AppendTextFile, Text.WriteToContainer and Text.WriteTextFile to allow writing BOM character.
  • Changed XML.NodeNames to return names in order of appearance.
  • Changed XML.SetPathValue to create text note if needed.
  • Deprecated Barcode.Detect in favor of Barcode.Scan function.
  • DynaPDF has been updated and tested to work with ZUGFeRD 2.2 / Factur-X 1.0.06.
  • Extended the menu for script list in script workspace and added sort commands.
  • Fixed a problem with Dialog.SetTextAlignment and FileMaker 18 causing an out of bounds exception.
  • Fixed a problem with high unicode character encodings for Text.TextToHTML function.
  • Fixed an edge case for Files.FileNameWithoutExtension, where the path contains no slashes.
  • Fixed an edge case in EmailParser functions where file name got an extra space in front.
  • Fixed DynaPDF.AttachFileContainer to allow PDF containers to be attached.
  • Fixed Files.List to better check directory status on macOS using alternative code path.
  • Fixed Files.Mount to return correct path when mounting to a folder.
  • Fixed issue with XL.Sheet.CellWriteText to allow you to pass empty value to not change format.
  • Fixed problem in DynaPDF.GetInPDFVersionEx and DynaPDF.GetPDFVersionEx not always returning the data.
  • Fixed problem with DynaPDF.CheckConformance not parsing options right, e.g. for DefaultPDFA3.
  • Fixed WebView.ClearSelection to work with Edge based WebViewer on Windows.
  • Fixed WebView.SetInternetExplorerVersion and WebView.SetInternetExplorerHiDPI to return OK on success instead of the new setting as documented.
  • Implemented DialogModifications functions for iOS to customize some error messages in FileMaker iOS application.
  • Improved Audit to only query metadata for required tables instead of all as that should be faster.
  • Improved CURL.SetProgressScript to not fire too often.
  • Improved exception handling for SQL functions.
  • Improved performance for scrolling in Script Workspace when debugger tooltips are enabled.
  • Improved trace logging for macOS to replace newsline for console output to have LF instead of CR for line endings.
  • Improved WebHook functions to work better with mixed IPv4 and IPv6 networks.
  • Marked FM.ExecuteSQL as deprecated in favor of newer FM.ExecuteFileSQL function.
  • Marked FM.ExecuteSQLOnIdle as deprecated in favor of newer FM.ExecuteFileSQLOnIdle function.
  • Optimized List.CSVSplit, QuickList.CSVSplit and Matrix.CSVSplit to better handle lonely quotes in quoted strings.
  • Optimized Schedule functions to be faster if there is no schedule to run.
  • Rewrote Window.ConfigureToolbarMenu for macOS 12 to make it work again.
  • Updated CURL to version 7.83.1.
  • Updated DukTape library for JavaScript functions to version 2.7.
  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Updated openssl to version 1.1.1n.
  • Updated SQLite to version 3.38.5.
  • Updated Text.FilterASCII, Text.RemoveAccents and Text.RemoveAccentsCaseInsensitive functions to recognize more characters like ½.
  • Updated to Xcode 13.3.1.





234.6 MB



App requirements

  • Intel 64
  • OS X 10.9.0 or later
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Mar 11 2021
Mar 11 2021
Version: 11.1
Fantastic plugin with so many uses. I use it every day.
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