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MBS Filemaker Plugin10.3

21 July 2020

Powerful plug-in for FileMaker.


MBS FileMaker Plugin is easily the most powerful plug-in available for FileMaker today. There are over 6,000 functions that allow FileMaker developers to extend their solutions in some amazing ways. Each function does a little task and in their combination, you can unleash the full power of our plugin. MBS Plugin support FileMaker Pro Advanced, Server (Scheduled Scripts, WebDirect & PSoS), Runtime, Cloud for AWS, and the iOS SDK. To learn how to use them together, please check our reference and our more than 500 example databases.

The Current version of MBS Plugin always supports the current version and a few versions back. We recommend using the latest version to benefit from bug fixes and newer features.

What's new in MBS Filemaker Plugin

Version 10.3:
  • CLibrary and CFunction functions to load C libraries and call functions
  • SharingService functions
  • Windows support for WebView.Create using IE engine
  • Audit.GetIgnoreRepetitions and Audit.SetIgnoreRepetitions functions
  • AVRecorder.AddPreviewWithControl function
  • Base64URL as output option for RSA.Sign, CURL.ReceiveData, Files.ReadFile, Hash.DigestFile, Hash.Digest, Encryption.Cipher and for other functions as text encoding parameter
  • ColorPanel.GetAlpha and ColorPanel.SetAlpha functions
  • ColorPanel.GetColorName function
  • Command-Shift-F shortcut for Mac to directly jump to FileMaker's search field to find scripts in script workspace. Command-F for our script search
  • ContentType and ContentHeaders parameter for CURL.FormAddKeyContainer, CURL.FormAddKeyFile, CURL.FormAddKeyText and CURL.FormAddKeyValue
  • Create folder button for FileDialog.SelectFolderDialog function on MacOS
  • CURL.SetOptionIssuerCertBlob, CURL.SetOptionProxyIssuerCert, CURL.SetOptionProxyIssuerCertBlob, CURL.SetOptionProxySSLCertBlob, CURL.SetOptionProxySSLKeyBlob, CURL.SetOptionSSLCertBlob and CURL.SetOptionSSLKeyBlob functions
  • DragDrop.GetPicture for Windows to get PNG, JPEG and GIF from drop
  • DragDrop.GetSVG function
  • DragDrop.GetTypes for Windows to get list of types
  • DynaPDF.FlushPagesEx and DynaPDF.ResetAnnotAP functions
  • Files.StandardizePath function
  • GMImage.GetZPL function
  • GMImage.Ping and GMImage.PingContainer functions
  • Gmt parameter for Time.UnixTimeStamp function
  • Hex and Base64 as text encodings, so lots of functions can take those and decode/encode automatically
  • HotKey.UnregisterAll function
  • IOS support for WebView.SetPrintParameter and WebView.GetPrintParameter. Currently only supporting JobName and Orientation as settings
  • Java.DefineClass and Java.FindClass functions
  • JSON.GetBooleanValue function
  • JSON.ToXML function
  • Matrix.Multiply function
  • New prefix parameter for Text.AddLineNumbers function
  • Numeric mode for List.CountValuesMatching, List.IndexOfFirstValueMatching, QuickList.CountValuesMatching and QuickList.IndexOfFirstValueMatching functions
  • Option for Base64URL encoding to Hash.MD5, Hash.MD5.HMAC, Hash.SHA1, Hash.SHA1.HMAC, Hash.SHA256, Hash.SHA256.HMAC, Hash.SHA512 and Hash.SHA512.HMAC functions
  • Option to Hash.PBKDF2.HMAC to pass digest names returned by Encryption.DigestNames function, so SHA3 works
  • Option to LDAP.AddJSON and LDAP.ModifyJSON to include boolean keys "hex" and "base64" in JSON with true value to pass values as hex/base64 string, which the plugin decodes and passes to LDAP server
  • Rotation parameter for AVRecorder.AddPreviewWithControl function
  • Script name comment to copied scripts
  • Shell.GetBufferSize and Shell.SetBufferSize functions
  • Socket.EnableKeepAlive function
  • SSH.Tunnel.GetConnected function
  • Support for non global repeating fields to Audit functions
  • SystemInfo.isARM function
  • SystemInfo.isBigSur and SystemInfo.isTranslated functions
  • Type parameter for CGImageSource.SetProperty function
  • Type parameter for SQL.SetParamAsText function to pick text, CLob or LongChar as type
  • Version parameter for WebView.Create to pick WebKit 2 and added iOS support
  • WebSecurityEnabled and CrossOriginResourcePolicyEnabled keys for WebView.SetPreferences function
  • WebView.CreateWithControl and WebView.SetFrameWithControl functions
  • WebView.ShowDebugBar function to show DebugBar for IE 11
  • WebView.Version function
  • X509.ValidNotAfter and X509.ValidNotBefore functions
  • XL.Sheet.CellWriteTextAsNumber, XL.Sheet.GetFirstFilledCol, XL.Sheet.GetFirstFilledRow, XL.Sheet.GetLastFilledCol and XL.Sheet.GetLastFilledRow functions
  • CURL debug output with progress using CURL.SetDebugWithProgress to not show upload and download progress if you are only downloading or uploading
  • DynaPDF functions to use Helvetica 12pt as fallback font if you write text to a new page without setting font
  • HotKey.Unregister function to take list of reference numbers
  • ImagePicker.Present to center camera image if controls are disabled
  • Stored license handling for iOS to now show expired dialog when an old license is stored in preferences file
  • WIA.ImageDialog and WIA.SelectDeviceDialog to call FM.InitMessageFilter internally to avoid running into COM error dialogs
  • Addressbook functions in favor of Contacts functions
  • DragDrop.CreateOnPopoverWithControl, DragDrop.CreateOnPopoverWithSize, TextView.CreateOnPopoverWithControl, TextView.CreateOnPopoverWithSize and WebView.CreateOnPopover functions
  • RunTask functions in favor of Shell functions
  • Social functions as Apple deprecated those
  • SocialComposer functions
  • Validate functions
  • An edge case with FM.Loop function where start and end value are zero
  • AVPlayer.SetTime function to pass correct time
  • AVRecorder.StartPreview for iOS to position layer correctly
  • Bug in IKScannerDevicePanel functions which prevented IKScannerDevicePanel.ImageCount function to report right count
  • JSON.GetPathItem to not complain about out of bounds if option value 2 is used
  • Parameters for Events.Participant.Person function
  • Plugin.CompileDate to get day right
  • PrintDialog.SetConfiguration function
  • Problem on iOS with AVRecorder.CaptureStillPhoto function
  • Problem where editing the expression of an IF line in Script Workspace would remove line breaks
  • Problem with exception in PDFKit.GetLastSettings, PageSetupDialog.GetLastSettings and PrintDialog.GetLastSettings functions
  • Problem with MetaDataQuery.Results not returning JSON
  • SystemInfo.MACAddress to not add extra double points on the end
  • Text.EncodeToHTML to handle single apostrophes correctly
  • Time zone handling for Time.UnixTimeStamp and Time.UnixTimeStampToFileMaker functions
  • Window.Scrollbar.set function for iOS
  • CURL to version 7.71.1
  • DynaPDF to version
  • LCMS to version 2.11
  • LibXL to version 3.9.1
  • SQL Plugin to SQLAPI version 5.1
  • SQLite to version 3.32.0
  • Xcode 11.5
  • MBS FileMaker Plugin compiles for Apple Silicon, so we are ready
  • Referencing window by name on iOS will fallback to main window if window is not found
  • Removed older code paths for Audit functions for FileMaker 10 and older. Now FileMaker 11 is minimum
  • Removed TextView.CreateWithWindow function
  • Rewrote also DragDrop.SetFrame, ImageView.SetFrame, MapView.SetFrame and TextView.SetFrame
  • Rewrote Audit functions to use SQL parameters, so we can log emojis and avoid SQL injections
  • Rewrote control placement for MacOS and iOS controls for AVPlayer.AddView, DragDrop.CreateWithControl, ImageView.CreateWithControl, MapView.CreateWithControl, TextView.CreateWithControl, WebView.CreateWithControl
  • Rewrote control placement for MacOS and iOS controls for AVPlayer.SetFrameWithControl, DragDrop.SetFrameWithControl, ImageView.SetFrameWithControl, MapView.SetFrameWithControl TextView.SetFrameWithControl, WebView.SetFrameWithControl
  • Rewrote CURL.UseSystemCertificates function to work better
  • Rewrote Font.Activate and Font.Deactivate for newer macOS versions
  • Rewrote parts of AVRecorder.AddPreviewToWindow and WebView.Create for Mac/iOS to work better. Positioning is now relative to top/left of FileMaker content
  • Tuned the syntax coloring rules for dark mode. You may need to use SyntaxColoring.FactoryDefaults to reset settings for dark mode
  • Improved ImagePicker functions to avoid NSInternalInconsistencyException when presenting picker
  • Disabled RichText.ReadHTML for server to avoid someone calling it there

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