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MBS Filemaker Plugin10.5

19 November 2020

Powerful plug-in for FileMaker.


MBS FileMaker Plugin is easily the most powerful plug-in available for FileMaker today. There are over 6,000 functions that allow FileMaker developers to extend their solutions in some amazing ways. Each function does a little task and in their combination, you can unleash the full power of our plugin. MBS Plugin support FileMaker Pro Advanced, Server (Scheduled Scripts, WebDirect & PSoS), Runtime, Cloud for AWS, and the iOS SDK. To learn how to use them together, please check our reference and our more than 500 example databases.

The Current version of MBS Plugin always supports the current version and a few versions back. We recommend using the latest version to benefit from bug fixes and newer features.

What's new in MBS Filemaker Plugin

Version 10.5:
  • Feature for macOS to show matching brackets highlighted in calculation editor
  • A zoom button for inspector palette to scale content to 125%
  • WindowsML functions to do machine learning on Windows 10
  • 60 second timeout to WebView.Evaluate for macOS to avoid endless loops
  • Animate parameter for macOS to Window.SetBounds function
  • AVExport.ReleaseAll, AVRecorder.ReleaseAll, CoreML.ReleaseAll, DNSLookup.ReleaseAll, Dictionary.ReleaseAll, FM.SQL.ReleaseAll, JS.ReleaseAll, JavaScript.ReleaseAll, LDAP.ReleaseAll, PDFKit.ReleaseAll, PKCS12.ReleaseAll, PKCS7.ReleaseAll, PKey.ReleaseAll, SSH.ReleaseAll, WinSendMail.ReleaseAll, WindowsML.ReleaseAll, WordFile.ReleaseAll, and X509.ReleaseAll
  • AVPlayer.GetShowsSubtitles and AVPlayer.SetShowsSubtitles function
  • CFunction.ReleaseAll, CGImageSource.ReleaseAll, CLibrary.ReleaseAll, DynaPDF.ReleaseAll, ECKey.ReleaseAll, FSEvents.ReleaseAll, MarkDown.ReleaseAll, MenuItem.ReleaseAll, SendMail.ReleaseAll, Shell.ReleaseAll, SmartCard.ReleaseAll, TouchBar.ReleaseAll, UserNotification.ReleaseAll, WMFP.ReleaseAll, WMIQuery.ReleaseAll and WindowsUserNotification.ReleaseAll
  • CNContactStore.ContactsMatchingEmailAddress and CNContactStore.ContactsMatchingPhoneNumber functions
  • CUPS.GetPrintersAsJSON and CUPS.GetJobsAsJSON functions
  • DynaPDF.DrawNGon, DynaPDF.GetDefaultBarcodeParameters and DynaPDF.InsertBarcode functions
  • DynaPDF.GetAnnotationAsJSON, DynaPDF.GetColorSpaceAsJSON, DynaPDF.GetEmbeddedFileAsJSON, DynaPDF.GetFieldAsJSON and DynaPDF.GetFontAsJSON functions
  • DynaPDF.GetAnnotationsAsJSON, DynaPDF.GetBookmarksAsJSON, DynaPDF.GetColorSpacesAsJSON, DynaPDF.GetDocInfoAsJSON, DynaPDF.GetEmbeddedFilesAsJSON, DynaPDF.GetFieldsAsJSON, DynaPDF.GetFontsAsJSON, DynaPDF.GetImportDocInfoAsJSON and DynaPDF.SysFontInfoAsJSON functions
  • DynaPDF.GetDescent function
  • Files.ListAsJSON function to list files and return it as JSON
  • Flags for JSON.GetArrayItem, so result can be JSON, reference or now value
  • FM.SQL.JSONColumn function
  • FontManager.ImageWithSystemSymbolName function to query images for symbol names
  • List.FindDuplicateItems and QuickList.FindDuplicateItems functions
  • Matrix.CSVSplit function
  • Matrix.ReleaseAll and renamed Matrix.Free to Matrix.Release
  • More TextView functions: TextView.GetSelectedStyledText, TextView.SetSelectedStyledText, TextView.GetSelectedHTMLText, TextView.SetSelectedHTMLText, TextView.GetSelectedRTF, TextView.SetSelectedRTF, TextView.GetSelectedPlainText, TextView.SetSelectedPlainText, TextView.GetSelectionStart, TextView.SetSelectionStart, TextView.GetSelectionLength, TextView.SetSelectionLength, and TextView.SetSelection
  • Plugin.GetFunctionPlatforms function
  • Realm Parameter for CURL.SetupOAuth function
  • SyntaxColoring.ShowBracketPositions.GetEnabled and SyntaxColoring.ShowBracketPositions.SetEnabled functions
  • SystemInfo.AppUsageStatistics function
  • SystemInfo.CPULoad function
  • SystemInfo.MachoArchInfo function
  • SystemSymbolName selector for ImageCapture.DeviceInfo function
  • XL.CopyColumn function
  • XL.Sheet.AddDataValidation and XL.Sheet.RemoveDataValidations functions
  • XL.Sheet.CellReadValue function
  • ZUGFeRD 2.x names for the Conformance Types enum for DynaPDF.CheckConformance function
  • DynaPDF.Print to tell printer dialog that we are okay with collate and copies, so that option may get enabled on supporting printer drivers
  • Files.CreateDirectory to create folders recursively on Windows, too
  • JSON.ToXML to unpack attributes with just @ in front
  • Our Database Design Dialog enhancements to hide if the underlaying SQL queries fail
  • ScriptID display in Script Workspace to hide column if we fail to query script names list
  • SQL functions to better work together with Actual Tech SQL Server ODBC Drivers
  • TextView functions to disable syntax colorizing for them
  • XML.ToJSON and option for compacter attributes processing
  • CUPS.GetPrinterCount, CUPS.GetPrinterDefault, CUPS.GetPrinterName, CUPS.GetJobCompletionTime, CUPS.GetJobCreationTime, CUPS.GetJobFormat, CUPS.GetJobID, CUPS.GetJobIndex, CUPS.GetJobPrinter, CUPS.GetJobPriority, CUPS.GetJobProcessingTime, CUPS.GetJobSize, CUPS.GetJobState, CUPS.GetJobTitle, CUPS.GetJobUser and CUPS.GetJobsCount function
  • SystemInfo.MacHasHardwareAcceleratedCoreImage and SystemInfo.MacVRAMSize functions
  • A bug with Script Workspace not showing full script names when using the plugin
  • A deadlock with WebView.Evaluate waiting endless for JavaScript answer and newer macOS versions
  • A problem with CURL.GetResultAsEMailList sometimes reported an extra erroneous email
  • A problem with loading libiconv.dll on Windows
  • An issue with EmailParser not converting email texts without iconv loaded
  • An issue with FileDialogWatcher.Install function
  • Crash with AVRecorder.StartPreview, AVRecorder.AddPreviewWithControl and AVRecorder.AddPreviewToWindow if you call those twice
  • CURL.AddInputFile, CURL.AddInputGIF, CURL.AddInputJPEG, CURL.AddInputPDF, CURL.AddInputPNG and CURL.AddInputText
  • GraphicsMagick functions to not use clock_gettime function on macOS 10.11 or older, where it didn't exists. Broken in 10.4
  • Main thread warning for UNNotification.IsRegisteredForRemoteNotifications function
  • Memory leak in DynaPDF.SetReplaceICCProfileData function
  • Memory leaks in BinaryFile.WriteContainer, Container.ReadImage, Vision.ClassifyImage, Vision.DetectBarcode and Vision.RecognizeText functions
  • Memory leaks in CURL.SetInputJPEG, CURL.SetInputPNG, CURL.SetInputPDF, CURL.SetInputGIF and CURL.SetInputFile not freeing container. Broken with 10.0
  • Memory leaks in WebView.Create on Windows and WebView functions
  • Printer name matching for Printer.SetDefaultPrinter function
  • Problem in DynaPDF functions where we set erroneously a default font for you (since v10.3)
  • Problem with Events.Item.RecurrenceRules expecting additional parameter
  • Problem with script workspace where editing inline calculation would remove new line characters when updating coloring
  • Problem with WebView.Create creating two web viewers with parameter zero
  • SyntaxColoring.GetScriptHighlightColor to return empty result if no color was set
  • WebView.RenderPDF for WebKit 2 for macOS with Safari 14 or newer
  • App.GetDockBadgeLabel and App.SetDockBadgeLabel for iOS to not cause warning message
  • Cleanup for DynaPDF.Release
  • Column handling for Script ID column to align it right
  • DragDrop functions for Windows to better draw transparent coNtrol. Changes of underlaying controls may look through, but not update live
  • Removed dependency to VCRuntime140_1.dll by avoiding some C++ functions. 10.4 needed that DLL
  • Renamed JS.Free to JS.Release for consistency. Old name stays valid
  • CURL library to version 7.73.0
  • DynaPDF to version
  • freetype library to version 2.10.4
  • LibXL to version 3.9.2
  • OpenSSL to version 1.1.1h
  • SQLAPI to version 5.1.3b3
  • Xcode to version 12.1

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