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01 November 2020

Add more information to your Desktop.


DesktopWidget allows you to pin various Informations right onto your Desktop, these Informations are not interactive, so you cannot click or activate them accidentally, they behave mostly like a wallpaper. But instead of a static Image, you can get some interesting and relevant Informations about your Mac, without to use any additional Applications or browse the System Settings to get Informations about various things. In some cases, you don't need to open your Browser to check some Content online, DesktopWidget can attach various Informations right onto your Desktop.

A quick Overview of things DesktopWidget can integrate into your Desktop:

System Informations:
  • Get a visual Information about a particular Hard-drive's Usage, with coloured Indicators if close to fully used
  • System Info will show you live stats of CPU, Memory, Usage as well as CPU Temperature and Fan Speed in RPM.
  • Get live Informations about current Time Machine Backup Progress and State.
  • See what is currently keeping your Mac awake and/or prevents Display idle sleep
  • Add coloured Shapes onto you Desktop Wallpaper to increase readability of Informations or to create more individual Setups
  • Add a live Clock in large to your Desktop right with current Date
  • Get live Informations about you Magic Mouse, your Magic Keyboard or Magic Trackpad's current Battery Level and get notified if below 25% to remind you to recharge.
  • Attach any Website as part of your Wallpaper (e.g.: a Weather Forecast).
  • Add any RSS Feed right onto your Desktop, so you have a live ticker right in view without the need of a Browser
  • Get a User's Photo Stream from Instagram right onto your Desktop. Works with Video Clips too

What's new in DesktopWidgets

Version 1.6.5:
  • Added some improvements to the Image Widget, now you can easier define an Online/FTP URL and set a reload delay for each widget, this allows you to place an online Image on your Desktop without any additional decorations like borders etc and make it refresh every x minutes
  • The Weather Widget was also updated, if you use it, please update manually

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