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HitFilm Pro14.3.2298

22 April 2020

VFX software for the filmmaking revolution.


HitFilm Pro is the top choice for artists worldwide. No need to jump from editor to VFX software and back again - HitFilm gives you editing, compositing, titling and 3D tools in a single product. You have everything you need in one place

Let our powerful editing suite take you where you want to go, faster. From basic industry-standard tools to our own unique technology, HitFilm Pro’s editor gives you everything you need to create a dynamic, snappy edit. With top animation and audio tools directly accessible in the editor, you can copy, trim, sync and slice your way to polished films and video

Top performance & speed:

Work at lightning speed using HitFilm’s multi-core and GPU accelerated system. With our unique sequence and compositor prefetcher, our developers have improved your playback performance with no compromise on your workflow Keep editing without interruptions. Our high-performance system and threaded rendering means your interface will always be snappy and fast, no matter what’s rendering underneath

All the media formats you need

You’ve got it, we work with it. HitFilm Pro supports a huge number of media file formats, including all the most commonly used video, image and audio file types, and a wide range of 3D file formats Work with up to 8K video and 32-bit colour for high-end, professional projects. With an export queue and intuitive presets, you can step away from your desk and leave HitFilm to do its thing

3D models in true 3D space:

Don’t have the budget for a real helicopter? Or a space ship? HitFilm Pro gives you the tools you need to import, animate and composite a 3D model realistically into your 2D or 3D scene. With powerful texturing features (including using layers and composites as textures) and the option to reflect surroundings and cast shadows, it only takes a few adjustments to blend the object into your scene HitFilm Pro’s unified 3D space feature allows you to create layers and models that interact in the same space


Channel your inner J. J. Abrams with Lens Flares that automatically identify the bright spots in your scene for perfect placement. It even simulates imperfect lens flaring from specular highlights, camera dirt, and anamorphic streaks. Add some spark with HitFilm’s lightning generator. Perfect for creating Harry Potter-style wand effects, exploding star systems or throwing electric bolts with customizable branches, colour and motion.


The particle technology in our VFX software is world-leading. Get your images or 3D models to morph into point grids that respond to animation or sound. Use Atomic Particles to create Tron-style holographics, fractal distortions, dramatic dissolves or animations synced to your favourite track.

World’s best Chroma Key:

We don’t say that lightly. We’ve created leading Chroma Key technology to give you full control over edge detail, colour correction, and spill suppression. Create any environments you want. Effortlessly extract your actors and objects with no lingering green edges and use our Matte Cleaner plugin to put the finishing touches on your composite through smoothing, feathering and choking the edge of the key.

What's new in HitFilm Pro

Version 14.3.2298:
  • The File > Export option now defaults to exporting the entire contents of the timeline, rather than exporting the In/Out area
Bug Fixes:
  • Performance and stability of FBX models in the software has been improved
  • Composite shots deleted in the Media panel no longer appear in the Viewer, or cause stability issues
  • Motion blur now works correctly with FBX models
  • Editing the timeline location of keyframes on a parented layer no longer causes stability issues
  • The Gamma handle on the Levels Histogram effect now displays correctly
  • Cancelling the render of a composite shot containing ambient occlusion no longer causes stability issues
  • Exported files will no longer be removed from your hard drive without warning when HitFilm is closed
  • Changing the configuration of multiple displays no longer causes dialogs to open offscreen and be inaccessible. (PC)
  • The YouTube 1080p export preset now uses a Level of 5.1, for improved compatibility with older video players
  • Composite shots containing the Speed/Duration tool now render correctly
  • Chromatic Aberration is now downsampling correctly
  • Improved a rare stability issue involving deleting media from the media panel
  • When a user switches timelines, the scopes now update correctly to represent the contents of the current timeline
  • Pre-rendering a composite shot now accurately includes all frames, without duplicates
  • Using the mouse wheel to zoom the Viewer when the frame contains reflections no longer causes stability issues
  • The font used in Parade Scopes now supports High DPI / Retina displays

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