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31 March 2020

Performance testing for all team members.


NeoLoad supports what you test so that you can simulate business processes, from simple API calls to complex application behaviors, web and mobile technologies and protocols such as SAP GUI and Citrix.

  • Automated API Tests - Design, maintain and run performance tests as code and analyze results within continuous integration pipelines using pre-packaged plugins for CI/CD tools and the NeoLoad API.
  • Code-less Test Design - Create test scripts quickly for large, complex applications using a graphical user interface and skip the complexity of hand coding new and updated tests.
  • Dynamic Infrastructure - Easily set up testing resources as needed and automatically free up resources as tests complete. Use test infrastructure efficiently and improve TCO.
  • Resource Reservation - Reserve load testing infrastructure (licenses, load generators, VUs) by date and duration and guarantee resources are available and dedicated.
  • Bottleneck Identification - Define SLAs based on built-in monitoring metrics. Put pressure on the app and compare SLAs to server-level statistics to determine performance. Automate pass/fail triggers based on SLAs. Contributes to root cause analysis.
  • Automatic Test Updates - Update test scripts faster with automatic test script updates. Update only the part of the test that’s changed and re-use the rest for easy test maintenance.
  • DevOps for All - Collaborate across dev, QA, operations and business teams to define SLAs, share test assets and review results while the test is running or after it completes.
  • Simulate Advanced User Behavior - Simulate many concurrent business processes, from simple to complex in end-to-end application tests. Replicate geographic and mobile network conditions. Scale load tests up to millions of virtual users.

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What's new in NeoLoad

Version 7.3.0:
Dynamic Test Infrastructure with Kubernetes, AKS, and EKS:
  • NeoLoad’s Dynamic Infrastructure is the capability to interact with container orchestrators, currently OpenShift, Kubernetes, Microsoft AKS and Amazon EKS, to provision and use load testing infrastructure automatically, on demand.
  • When a test is run through NeoLoad Web, controllers and load generators are spun up for the duration of the test and released once the test is finished. The load testing resources are automatically provisioned with pre-set settings within a minute of executing a test on demand and the Docker containers are shut down and released once the test is complete. NeoLoad leaves the cluster automatically cleared and ready for any use.
  • Each zone now can be customized in terms of CPU, memory, Docker image whether your cluster is managed using a cloud orchestrator or self managed using Kubernetes directly.
Tricentis Tosca Web Tests as Performance Tests:
  • Previously, NeoLoad released the capability to convert SAP GUI functional tests created in Tosca, to performance tests in NeoLoad. Now, NeoLoad can convert any web tests (not limited to SAP) created in Tosca too. With one click, Tosca web or SAP GUI functional tests can be exported and converted into performance tests.
  • Support for SAP GUI test analysis has been enhanced. When exporting or re-exporting an SAP GUI test, you now have the option to automatically create a Neoload Transaction for each SAP TCode detected in your test.
  • The install process has also been simplified.
Citrix Enhancements:
NeoLoad contains several improvements to ease recording and maintenance of Citrix applications testing:
  • Update recorded content now effective for Citrix
  • Additional tolerance level for image detection
  • Constant variable for Citrix timeout
  • Support of NoPrivileges LG launcher for Terminal Services
  • Set back focus to Citrix client after NL citrix capture
  • Screenshot comparison panel to help identify differences between the recording and the playback.
New public API v2 for NeoLoad Web:
  • A new version of the public API now enables a much more powerful and more flexible automation of tests in the context of continuous integration and continuous load testing.
  • The API has been enhanced to leverage the recent concept of Tests in NeoLoad Web. It allows you to automatically run a Test that has been defined manually in NeoLoad Web’s interface or fully automate the whole process from creating a Test, uploading the NeoLoad project and running it.
Changes to the API:
  • New Tests related functions (create, update, upload project, list, delete)
  • Running a test is now on the Test ("/tests/{testId}/start)
  • Ability to stop a running test ("/test-results/{resultId}/stop)
  • Test result related functions renamed from "/tests/" to "/test-results/"
Other Enhancements:
  • Force release - When it’s not possible to release a license lease from NeoLoad Web normally, you can now request Neotys support to unlock the lease.
  • When launching a test in the context of a reservation for a group, only group members can stop the test in NeoLoad Web.
  • New JUnit Report Format - NeoLoad can generate a JUnit report for the SLA results for command line tests. When using ‘-SLAJUnitResults’ the old format is kept for backward compatibility. When using ‘-SLAJunitReport’, the XML grammar has been fixed to be compatible with more tools handling JUnit format and the way JUnit tests are named and structured is more actionable.
  • NeoLoad Web users now have the ability to pick licensed Citrix or SAP VUs to run their Web tests.
  • The screenshot comparison panel now helps identify differences between the recording, the playback or debugging - for any action that has a screenshot (Web Pages, Citrix, SAP GUI …).

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