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JobPro Central7.5

06 March 2013

Business information management system.


JobPro Central, a fully customizable, multi-platform business information management system, helps companies reach their full potential by allowing them to budget, track, cost and bill their jobs or projects. With its easy-to-use interface, JobPro Central can improve productivity by centralizing business processes such as inventory/stock management, order processing and invoicing, and employee management.

What's new in JobPro Central

Version 7.5 (12.0.3):
  • Faster Remote Access: JobPro now has a separate user interface file and data file. Basically the user interface is what the user sees. This means faster remote access for users on a WAN (wide area network) where they can have the UI file on their computer/device and only the Data file is being opened across the web. For more details see:
  • Cloud Hosting Option: With the data in JobPro now separate from the user interface, JobPro is much more suited to hosting on the cloud using a hosting company. For more details see:
  • JobPro2Go: (offline app) JobPro2Go gives offline remote users the ability to log time, costs/expenses/parts, notes and documents (including photos and signatures) against jobs on an iPhone or iPad. For more details see:
  • Accounts Integration: Integration with various accounts packages including QuickBooks, Xero and MYOB. (separate add-ons)
  • Incoming SMS: In addition to outgoing SMS, JobPro now has the ability to receive incoming SMS messages.
  • Shipping Integration with UPS, FedEx, and USPS: JobPro can now directly interact with your shipping carrier account like UPS, FedEx and USPS. (separate add-on) For more details see:
  • Multi-Currency Purchasing: We have added multi currency to the Products and Purchase Order modules. There is now the ability to specify the default cost price in a foreign currency in the Products module. A default currency can also be applied to each supplier.

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