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BricsCAD for Mac22.1.05

18 November 2021

The modern CAD software alternative.

What is BricsCAD for Mac

BricsCAD is the modern CAD alternative. It is based on DWG, and it is compatible with everything you know. BricsCAD is available as a perpetual license that you can buy once and use forever.

  • Blockify - A.I. tools in BricsCAD recognize your intent and help you optimize your 2D drawings and 3D models
  • Adaptive Grid Snapping - Create accurately with a dynamic snap grid that changes to reflect your zoom level
  • Nearest Distance - View and modify the distance between two entities without starting a command
  • Automate Parametrics - BricsCAD’s A.I. quickly adds parametric intelligence to otherwise dumb solids. It’s the fastest way to create families of smart, table-driven parts
  • Work together when you’re not, right inside of BricsCAD - Collaborate with your peers from inside your BricsCAD session. Share files securely, track changes by user

What's new in BricsCAD

Version 22.1.05:
Improvements to BricsCAD Core
  • We fixed an issue that prevented access to UNC network shares that used a single character name.
  • Bricsys 24/7 PanelAdded support for SSO login.
  • CUSTOMIZEWhen choosing the image file for a CUI tool, we now display and save the relative path instead of the absolute path to the file.
  • DMEXTRUDEThe possibility to set a taper angle dynamically using the "Tab" key was restored.
  • FITPOLYLINE: Pressing the ESC key once no longer cancels the FITPOLYLINE command, it ends the current Polyline segment and starts a new Polyline. Pressing the Esc key twice cancels the command.
  • Previously, you could not choose to Undo while selecting a new start point. It was necessary to place the start point first, then choose Undo to go back to the previous Polyline. You can now freely choose to undo whilst picking a starting point for your next Polyline.
  • Flatshot Dialog BoxSeveral labels, such as Insertion Point, Scale and Rotation, are available again.
  • FontsBricsCAD V22 implements extfont2.shx in addition to the traditional Japanese character style japanese.shx. Since this is an original font file created by Bricsys, the content may look different from extfont2.shx of other CAD software. Adjustments are made to default.fmp to accomodate this new font.
  • Layers PanelThe "Layer in use" status of Layers is now updated as required/expected.
  • When hovering the cursor over a void area in a drawing that contains millions of entities, cursor stuttering no longer occurs. As a by-product of this refactoring, we were able to optimize the overall performance of the REDRAW and REGEN commands in these situations.
  • RibbonRibbon: controls now display in the disabled state when the Ribbon itself is disabled, e.g. when no drawing is open.
  • Search FieldsSearch Fields now have a 'Clear' button.
  • TEXTCentered Text is now automatically updated to correct invalid alignment points, when opening (very) old .dwg files. This change was made to remain compatible with the behavior of other CAD platforms.
  • Trimble Sketchup ImportThe Sketchup SDK has been upgraded, and BricsCAD V22 now properly imports SKP 2021 format files.
  • Visibility StatesWhen removing all States from a Parameter, all dependent entities now become visible as expected.
Improvements to BricsCAD BIM:
  • BIM Project Browser panelMissing tree icons were added.
  • BIMTAGThe BIMTAG command also updates loadbearing tags.
  • IFCEXPORTEvery ply's quantities are now exported as a property set when multi-ply elements are exported as aggregated elements.
  • IFCIMPORTThe IFCREVOLVEDAREASOLID type of the object is imported in the BricsCAD and displayed properly.
Improvements to Sheet Metal:
  • SMDEFAULTFORMFEATUREUNFOLDMODE system variableThe variable supports new options: 'Project without center mark' and 'Contour without center mark'
Improvements to BricsCAD Civil Toolkit:
  • GRADINGThe target surface of a grading can now be changed in the properties panel.
  • LANDXMLIMPORTSome improvements have been implemented for Civil point (CgPoint) import.
  • Outside as a default trim option
  • Automatic is a default option for entity selection
Improvements to Communicator:
  • IMPORTAdded ImportJTRepresentation setting with options Graphics, Geometry, and Geometry with Graphics to better control the import process.
  • Fixed import of files containing visualization materials.
  • AREAFixed the area calculation of a specific self-intersecting Polyline, to correctly detect and calculate areas of loops formed by the Polyline.
  • ATTEXTThe output created by the ATTEXT command no longer contains specific MText formatting codes, such as /P.
  • AUTOCONSTRAINWe fixed a crash that occurred in a specific drawing when AutoConstrain was invoked.
  • Alignment APIGetStationOffsetAtPoint returns positive offset values for points on the right side and negative offset values for points on the left side.
  • BIMINVERTSPACESBricsCAD now reports an empty selection set, instead of exiting the command when no 3D solids are selected.
  • In order to always have outer walls generated, a fallback method is implemented when the outer wall creation does not succeed.
  • BLOCKIFYThe "find Collections" option now correctly takes the scale factor of Block references into account.
  • We improved the way the 'Find Collections' option detects connected entities.
  • COPYCLIPWe fixed a bug that caused BricsCAD to crash when copy-pasting entities into a drawing containing visibility states.
  • Color/Table/Block/... DialogsUpdated the Spinbox component to allow easier selection by mouse. Enabled as well as the mouse wheel for changing values. For the Color Dialog, the Spinboxes on the TrueColor page no longer stop updating after they are used to set a value.
  • Command AssistThe correct command is now fed into the Commandline when the user types more than three characters.
  • DMEXTRUDEOn Linux and macOS platforms, a crash no longer occurs after completing entity selection.
  • Dynamic BlocksDynamic Blocks with a Block properties table/lookup table are now correctly evaluated.
  • FITPOLYLINEWhen the user presses the Esc key, lines already drawn are now kept (instead of being carelessly thrown away).
  • Fonts We fixed a new V22 regression that caused TrueType font mapping to fail on Mac and Linux platforms.
  • LANDXMLIMPORTThe LANDXMLIMPORT command now supports some alignment combinations that were missing before.
  • LAYERSetting the current layer when there is no current layer defined now works for all methods, e.g. the Layers Panel, Command Line, et al. This action previously caused a crash.
  • Layers PanelA new Layer name is now directly editable, when adding the Layer using the "+" button in the top toolbar.
  • Mechanical BrowserBevel types were not translated. This is fixed now.
  • OPTIMIZEFudged some tolerances to ensure that specific optimized lines don't over-shoot the mark.
  • Point Cloud PreprocessorAdded option "-w/--wkt" to the commandline version of the standalone pointcloud preprocessor to overrule embedded WKT geo tags. For instance, the argument "-w skip" results in ignoring any WKT geo tags in a las file. It is also possible to specify a transformation, for instance -w "GEOGCS"WGS 84"".In the associated support request a non-standard las file contained geo tag transformations that were already applied to the coordinates. By treating the las file in a standard way, the transformation would be applied a second time, resulting in faulty coordinates. Manually launching the preprocessor with argument "-w skip" correctly preprocesses the las file.
  • PUBLISHOpen Sheet Sets are no longer unexpectedly closed when invoking Publish from the Sheet Set Manager.
  • ROTATE3DThe "2Points" option disappeared momentarily, but it is now available again due to popular demand.
  • RibbonA previous split button menu group fix was partially broken in V22.1.04: it is now fixed (again).
  • SCALISTEDIT Dialog BoxFixed a translation issue for the "Add Scale" and "Edit Scale" Dialog Box captions. Both Dialog Boxes now open a help page when clicking the question mark icon.
  • SCRLHIST System VariableWe've improved Command line scrolling performance in Script mode with large SCRLHIST values.
  • SMEXPORTOSMFixed the issue with exporting a lofted bend - bend connection.
  • STORY BARStory bar is now visible when switching layouts from paper space to model space. Story bar is now not visible in paper space.
  • TCONNECTThe "Connect to nearest" option delivered an unexpected result for specific 3D Solids. Fixed.
  • TEXT/MTEXTThe commands now prompt for text in the Command Line when the input is coming from a menu macro.
  • TINMODIFYThe command now exits with ENTER.
  • TTF Text Display Fixed a regression where MTEXT inside a block disappeared when Zooming in or out.
  • TYPED PLANSSome properties were missing from the property dropdowns in the drawing customizations panel.We improved the property search in filters, showing custom properties and correctly handle property categories.
  • TranslationThe "Space" property in the properties panel is translatable now.
  • VERSIONCONTROL system variable The VERSIONCONTROLPATH system variable has been removed and replaced by a config file.
  • UNDOFixed an issue where commands that switched to the Start Page, like GOTOSTART and NEW, could corrupt the Undo state of the previously active document. In these cases, a subsequent UNDO un-did all the way back to the point where the document switch occurred.
  • We fixed a crash that could happen in certain unusual scenarios when commands or grip operations were cancelled.
  • VIEWBASEEntities on frozen layers are correctly processed.
  • Visibility StatesParameter names are now case-insensitive in all input modes.
  • We improved the way that 2D entities display when using the 'Show Invisible' option. Previously, 'Show Invisible' didn't do a very good job of making the invisible entities even temporarily visible.

Full changelog available here.

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