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28 November 2019

Control show's light, video and other elements.


Capture is an application that lets you work with the lighting, video, laser, moving scenery and water elements of a show

Capture is easy to use and has an ability to seamlessly allow switching between design, documentation and visualization oriented tasks. This provides an high level of flexibility and ability to support any type of design process and also encourages trying out new workflows

  • Design - Capture lets you work with all the visual aspects of a show. It comes with a rich toolset for stage and architectural lighting, multimedia technology and laser as well as water based visual effects.
  • Document - any design created in Capture is only a few clicks away from transforming into first-class paperwork. Common design elements' appearance has been carefully optimized optimal readability on paper.
  • Visualize - capture allows you to easily connect to a large number of lighting, media and motion control systems available on the market in order to visualize your show in it's entirety, in real-time.

What's new in Capture

Version 2019.2.7:
Keyboard Shortcuts:
  • The keyboard shortcut to hide/show quality information in a live design view collided with a macOS system shortcut and has been changed from Shift + Q to Shift + K.
Motion Fixture:
  • Grouping and breaking groups of objects including motion fixtures lead to the motion fixtures being deassociated with objects they were controlling.
Object Selection:
  • Drag selecting measures and annotations was not possible on macOS.
Video Card Crashes:
  • The video card crash error dialog could cause Capture to freeze on macOS.
  • Transparent objects did not render correctly in perspective view plot insets.
  • Cloned measurements were incorrectly rotated in the process.
Object Properties:
  • Property group headers overlapped properties of objects on macOS.
Application Signing:
  • The Capture executable was not propertly signed on Windows.

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