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19 July 2020

Manage professional lighting design paperwork.


Lightwright is a unique cross between a spreadsheet and a database, designed specifically to manage professional lighting design paperwork. Lightwright understands what designers and electricians do with their paperwork. It knows that dimmers and circuits shouldn't be overloaded, that striplights have more than one color, that color scrollers have a whole series of colors and need a control channel, and that some lights don't use color at all!

Lightwright knows that you might need to change all of the R-33 in the sidelights to L-110 and it lets you make changes like these in ways that are blindingly fast, simple, and designed to fit the way you work instead of the way computers work. It can find mistakes, compare two sets of paperwork, figure your circuit and dimmer needs, automatically renumber a pipe, renumber or rearrange your channels and dimmers, or even assign dimmers automatically based on your channels. You can enter text almost any way you want and use footnotes and ditto marks to cut down on typing and wasted paper.

It includes professional-standard focus charts, including sketches, imported photos or graphics, designer location, shutter cuts, beam edge and orientation, and other notes. Lightwright knows you have work to do, so it includes a fully integrated work notes database, which can include notes that apply to specific lights or general notes that refer to channels, dimmers, or notes that refer to nothing in particular at all (such as "Where shall we have dinner?").

What's new in Lightwright

  • Training files (suffix .LWtrn) are no longer dragged & dropped to activate them. Instead, new "Choose a Training License File..." buttons have been added to the Preferences/Registration window and the Demo Mode window. The training file is now remembered until it expires.
  • The red text color used on the worksheet to indicate changes made by others is now a darker shade of red.
Bugs fixed (Multiple BugIDs can refer to the same bug):
  • Saving a show file failed (usually with a lockup freeze) when there was a layout contained in the show file. REAVE, BWAZI File/Save a Backup acted like Save As, it did not add the date and turn off Data Exchange. BEVOR
  • Opening a layout with a show graphic in it could cause an error message. KB
  • Paperwork for user columns defined as Integer only printed lights "without". BWAZI

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