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03 January 2020

Manage professional lighting design paperwork.


Lightwright is a unique cross between a spreadsheet and a database, designed specifically to manage professional lighting design paperwork. Lightwright understands what designers and electricians do with their paperwork. It knows that dimmers and circuits shouldn't be overloaded, that striplights have more than one color, that color scrollers have a whole series of colors and need a control channel, and that some lights don't use color at all!

Lightwright knows that you might need to change all of the R-33 in the sidelights to L-110 and it lets you make changes like these in ways that are blindingly fast, simple, and designed to fit the way you work instead of the way computers work. It can find mistakes, compare two sets of paperwork, figure your circuit and dimmer needs, automatically renumber a pipe, renumber or rearrange your channels and dimmers, or even assign dimmers automatically based on your channels. You can enter text almost any way you want and use footnotes and ditto marks to cut down on typing and wasted paper.

It includes professional-standard focus charts, including sketches, imported photos or graphics, designer location, shutter cuts, beam edge and orientation, and other notes. Lightwright knows you have work to do, so it includes a fully integrated work notes database, which can include notes that apply to specific lights or general notes that refer to channels, dimmers, or notes that refer to nothing in particular at all (such as "Where shall we have dinner?").

What's new in Lightwright


Note: Version 6.x.x is a paid upgrade. Upgrade information and pricing can be viewed here.

New features:
  • In-cell worksheet editing is now available when running on Windows.
  • A new window describing how to set up Lightwright to work with Gmail has been added to the Email Setup window.
  • When merging two show files, these categories are now available: Focus Beam, Focus Axis, Footnotes, Show Title & Headers, and Vocabulary.
  • Vectorworks 2020 SP2 fixes bugs that prevented Data Exchange from working correctly with the Address, Universe, and DMX# cells in Lightwright. There are a few more fixes coming in SP3 of VW 2020, but for now Data Exchange is usable, as long as you follow the instructions in the "Lightwright 6 and Vectorworks 2020 Data Exchange" document in Lightwright’s Help menu.
  • The Data Exchange link window in Lightwright now offers different options depending on which version of Vectorworks you are using.
  • You can now choose the folder you want Lightwright updates downloaded into (when you have Lightwright download them instead of getting them via links at
  • The Spare Address report lists universes with nothing assigned to them as spares.
  • The default format for the Address column is now Universe (#/###), not Absolute.
  • The "Missing Universe" and "Missing DMX#" error checks have been removed, they were the same as the "Missing Address" check.
  • Maintenance List Editing: When editing the "long" name on a maintenance list, the "short" name will not be changed unless it is empty.
  • Holding down the Cmd key (Ctrl key on Windows) while pressing Return after typing the long name tells Lightwright to change both the long and short name entries. In neither case will Lightwright ask if you want the short name changed.
  • When printing paperwork, Lightwright uses the Short button setting of the active worksheet tab.
  • Lightwright always uses secure connection mode when sending email. As a result, the "Server requires authentication" option has been removed and the available SSL connection modes have changed.
  • Preferences settings are stored in a different format than they were in previous versions, so you will need to re-set all of your settings when you first launch Lightwright 6.0.30.
  • The Preference option to set the row shading color has been removed. Lightwright now uses the system color on macOS and a fixed color on Windows.
  • Lightwright now uses the operating system’s highlight color instead of yellow.
  • The appearance of some controls has changed because the underlying control was changed for 64-bit. The default number of universes has been raised to 50. This only applies to new shows, not existing ones.
  • Text and panel objects on labels could have their bottoms/tops or lefts/rights dragged so the height or width was negative. The object still drew, but could not be selected. Text objects are now automatically resized so they are at least the height of their text size.
  • Many windows failed to update their content while the scroll bar thumb was dragged.
  • An "unsupported format" error occurred when trying to open or save labels and some other files. The fixture database wasn’t being updated when a new one was available.
  • The Automated Action menu included ".DSStore" (the folder directory) on macOS. Worksheet/Column Setup window didn’t work.
  • Choosing an entry from the Help menu failed to open it.
  • Printing with the "one per page" option turned on resulted in missing data on the printout. SEPOY
  • In the Search & Replace window, the Search and Replace category popup menus didn’t work.
  • Show files could not be saved.
  • Labels could not be saved.
  • See of the buttons in the Labels variable color window didn’t work.
  • The row of buttons at the top of the Vectorworks Reconciliation window were not enabled.
  • When launching Lightwright for the first time, an out-of-bounds error occurred, and preference settings were read incorrectly.
  • Deleted rows always showed in the worksheet and were included in all counts and reports.
  • Dragging categories in the File/Import Data window didn’t work, and lines weren’t drawn in the lists.
  • Selecting a worksheet cell, then changing to a different sort left a white rectangle over part of the worksheet.
  • The ‘Put on Clipboard’ button in Dimmer Details left off the Status and C phase columns.
  • Lightwright could freeze when printing a Dimmer Hookup.
  • If you changed a dimmer range that had address linking active to a different kind of range, linking could stay active even when it said it wasn’t.
  • When you open the Limits window, the "is/is not" conditions were always set to "is", even if it was saved as "is not". Limits looked at the default "On Plot" status of instrument types, not the actual "On Plot" status of each worksheet row. Default limits were saved incorrectly.
  • On Windows, pretty much everything flickered.
  • On Windows, double-clicking a .lw6 file often failed to open it if there was another .lw6 file already open.
  • On Windows, some files were mistakenly identified as not readable.
  • On Windows, the clipboard window was not visible.
  • Focus Axis and Focus Beam were missing from the Merge window. SPIRIT
  • In the Groups window, pressing the left and right arrow keys didn’t move the edit field.
  • Double-clicking a color in the manufacturers color window failed to put the color into the Choose Name window.
  • Rotation angles displayed incorrectly when computer’s region settings used "," as the decimal separator.
  • Coordinates displayed incorrectly when Metric was active.
  • Previewing a label with no fields on it caused a crash.
  • Lightwright wasn’t case sensitive when you changed the case of a Worksheet Flag’s name.
  • The Shrink to Fit option caused label text to ignore the text object’s boundaries and alignment.
  • Editing the size of a label sheet that was created with metric dimensions showed with invalid imperial ones.
  • Fonts that have italic variants didn’t always display as italics.
  • Transmitting a show file to another user on the network failed when the file size was greater than 2MB.
  • When printing multiple copies of a kind of paperwork, the table of contents was only printed once.
  • In Layout, it could be difficult to find the right edge of a column to change its width.
  • When switching to Layout, any warning messages at the bottom of the window weren’t cleared.
  • The Vectorworks Instructions window opened when you hadn’t asked to see it.
  • Some of the graphics used in Lightwright were incorrectly scaled.
  • In the Wheel window, clicking the OK button in the manufacturer color choose window failed to close the color choose window. Out of memory error when building popup View and Sort menus.
  • Other miscellaneous internal bugs were fixed

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