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IO Ninja3.14.2

24 April 2020

Multi functional IO monitor.


IO Ninja is a professional, scriptable, multi-purpose terminal emulator, network sniffer and IO monitor. It's aimed at network security experts, system administrators, and all kinds of software/hardware/embedded developers

What's new in IO Ninja

Version 3.14.2:
Main application changelog:
  • nj_srv: added FileFlag_Unlink to the detail log record file
  • otherwise, these files kept piling up in the ninja tmp-dir (POSIX only)
  • package: fix update download paths (didn't work for tagged versions)
Scripts changelog:
  • tcp, ssl: fix: nullify m_localAddress before assigning m_addressFamily
  • otherwise, the "auto-adapter" may reuse the previous local address
  • all-tcp: in onResolver event, shield connect() with 'try' (otherwise, we may
  • have "unhandled-exception" records in the log)
Jancy changelog:
  • ! jnc_io: critical fix: set non-blocking mode for self-pipe on POSIX
  • (otherwise, there is an opportunistic deadlock under high-load)
  • ! jnc_io: fix: on macOS, io.SocketAddress.isEqual and .isMatch always returned
  • false
  • jnc_io: fix: axl::io::SockAddr::isEqual/isMatch now accept (sockaddr const*)
Ninja Scroll changelog:
  • ! njs_log: major update: sticky-scroll now behaves more natural & predictable
  • ! njs_log: fix: check for null-line before calling notifyRecordChanged
  • (otherwise, opportunistic crash under high load)
  • ! njs_log: fix: on rename, clear axl::io::FileFlag_Unlink -otherwise, the
  • newly saved log file gets deleted immediately (POSIX only)
  • njs_log: on clear, reset m_firstVisibleLine/m_firstVisibleCol
AXL changelog:
  • ! axl_io: on macOS, getExeFilePath should return realpath (otherwise, linked
  • ioninja executables can't find conf files)
  • axl_io: remove unnecessary overloads io::SockAddr::isEqual/isMatch

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