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20 November 2020

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FX Equation lets you create equations at the speed of type. Our new FX AutoQuate technology creates an incredibly productive equation-writing environment. You can still create equations using "point and click" but common equations can be produced amazingly fast.

Just Type

FX Equation is renowed for it's extremely high speed equation entry. Most equations can just be "typed" and FX Equation will interpret what you have typed, putting everything in the correct place. For example, typing (x+7)/4x2 will automatically produce this equation. No point and click, just type.

There Are Limits!

FX Equation's "type what you want" paradigm has some limits. In particular, we have limited what it can produce to be representative of the needs of secondary school mathematics and physics teachers. There are some restrictions, but not as many as you might think.

lim(x->inf) (x2-4)/(2x2-x+3) = 1/2

Seriously Clever

Our FX Autoquate technology lets you just type and FX Equation will automatically decide which bits are equations and which bits are normal text. You don't have to "do" anything except type. This lets you stop thinking about "how" and concentrate on what you want to write.

Evaluate the integral int(-1,3) x2 dx

What's new in FX Equation

Version 20.11.18:

Note: Although Finder indicates no version number for this application, the developer refers to it as version 20.11.18.

  • Improved rendering of integrals
  • Fixed issue with fractions on Macs
  • Add classic mode macros to modern mode so users can edit classic mode without template

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App requirements: 
  • Intel 64
  • Mac OS X 10.7.0 or later

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