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06 July 2020

Real time music composition.


CalmusComposer is an innovative tool for musical compositions that allows you to compose music - even in real time. It generates/composes music from the input created by the user - or generates music by itself by using the internal library/memory as a musical material for the compositions

CALMUS includes various compositional methods to modify and transfer musical ideas - using vide range of composition tools and methods for both traditional notations (MidiFile) and electronic MIDI devices and software. The program is constructed to compose various type of music, providing functions and options to handle them using artificial intelligence functions

What's new in CalmusComposer

Version 3.21:
  • New Jukebox generates thousands of musical ideas, producing tons of royalty-free new music* with the sole click of a button
  • Automated orchestration changes orchestration automatically when playing CALMUS (see Orchestration).
  • Playback automation - Orchestration - Arrangement
  • Direct recording into existing melodies
  • Forbidden harmony interval conflict for external library files solved
  • Problem fixed when adding second cell with MIDI into many melodies at the same time
  • Error fixed when using different articulation and multi-object projects
  • Copying melodies within an object now possible
  • Entering input cell from any tonic now possible
  • Improved harmony analyzer
  • New Tutorial and support videos opens from from the UI or can be accessed from
  • Problem fixed for polyphony while loading external library
  • Many other bugs fixed
  • New metronome for MIDI input

* No copyright claims from CalmusComposer or Erki-tonlist sf for music composed with CalmusComposer

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