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20 August 2017

View and analyze tabular data (beta).


Tad is a fast CSV file viewer that works on large files. CSV data is imported into SQLite for fast, accurate processing. It's also a pivot table for analyzing and exploring data in SQL data sources. As such, Tad is designed to fit in to the workflow of data engineers and data scientists.

Tad is a free, MIT-licensed desktop application.

What's new in Tad

Version 0.8.5:
  • European CSV support - support for ";" instead of "," as field separator
  • IN and NOT IN operators, with interactive search and auto-complete UI
  • A --no-headers option for opening CSV files with no header row
  • Scientific Notation as format option for real number column type
  • Add missing negated operators (not equal, does not contain, etc.) to filter editor
  • Fix issue with copy operation picking up incorrect cell ranges
  • Fix issue in file format when saving / loading per-column format info

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