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Easy CSV Editor1.59

19 May 2020

Editor for CSV and TSV data files.


Easy CSV Editor is a must-have editor for CSV and TSV data files. In a clean and user-friendly interface, it offers simplicity and flexibility to edit both small and large documents.

  • Open, create, edit and save CSV/TSV documents even if they don't have the same number of fields in each row!
  • Use "Clear" menu item to "cut" the last fields from a row (or even entire rows!). This way you can produce beautiful headers for your documents, without the usual clutter produced by the field separators.
  • Find and replace using a familiar, yet powerful, interface
  • Sort the entire document or a range of rows, based on sorting rules
  • Auto-detection of CSV format, while providing you the option to adjust the detected parameters
  • Select a group of cells to copy, cut or clear. This is in addition to selecting entire rows and columns!
  • Full support for undo and redo
  • Copy and paste data between Easy CSV Editor and other applications (i.e., Excel, Numbers). Works the other way around, too!

What's new in Easy CSV Editor

Version 1.59:
Bug fixing
  • Fixes a corner case where a CSV file wouldn't be loaded with the right settings after that file was edited in an external app and reverted in Easy CSV Editor. Introduced in Version 1.58 Date Recognition
  • Starting from this version, Easy CSV Editor detects the dates used in the CSV file.
  • The detected date formats can be visualised and changed from "Document Properties" sidebar ("View" -> "Show Document Properties" menu item).
  • New documents that you create will have the default date formats set to a combination of short date and short and medium time, as set on your system.
  • There are new filter rules to accommodate the dates: "Date is", "Date is before", "Date is after", "Date is between".
  • Sort is improved to properly handle the date comparison.
  • "Min Date" and "Max Date" are now available as additional calculations in the bottom status bar. Other Improvements
  • "Clear Filters" now just unhides all hidden rows, without actually removing the filters from the list. Bug fixing
  • Fixes a crash which happened when opening two or more files at once and quickly pressing "Done" in the "Input Preferences" sheet. (Thanks Laurent for reporting and helping me to reproduce this issue!)
  • Fixes an issue where the "Input Preferences" sheet would unexpectedly appear when having a CSV file opened in Easy CSV Editor but edited in another app. Introduced in Version 1.57 Improvements
  • Greatly improves the loading time of very large documents. In some cases the files will be loaded 50% faster than before.
  • Improves the filtering of very large documents. Especially visible when they have more than 500000 rows. Bug fixing
  • Fixes a performance issue when dealing with extremely large fields (i.e. more than 100000 characters each field). Introduced in Version 1.56 Improvements
  • You can now change the column set for a filter rule, after creating this rule. Bug fixing
  • "Copy As" -> "CSV Using Current Properties" now works as it's supposed to, taking into account the properties which are currently set for the CSV.
  • Fixes a performance issue when selecting "Sort" or "Filter" sidebar and the CSV has many tens of thousands of columns (i.e. 50000 columns). Introduced in Version 1.55 Bug fixing
  • Fixes a crash introduced in the previous update. Introduced in Version 1.54 Improvements
  • Detection of links and URLs can be switched off from "Preferences" -> "View" -> "Detect: Links and URLs".
  • Improves the detection of patterns from cells when performing autofill, so the leading zeroes, which might exist in the cells (i.e. "0001", "0002") are now properly respected when generating new values (i.e. for the aforementioned sequence, the improved version will generate "0003", "0004"). Introduced in Version 1.53 Improvements
  • "Text Transformations" -> "Enclose In" -> "Custom..." now allows you to specify either the begin text or the end text, thus enabling you to prefix the content of your cells or to append to it.
  • The font of the big text box above the status bar can be configured from "Preferences" -> "View" -> "Text box font".
  • Adds "Sort Selected Cells" as an option available in the "Sort" sidebar (in the "Choose what to sort" pop-up). As its name implies, it allows you to sort only the selected cells, as opposed to entire rows, as previously was the only option available. Bug fixing
  • Fixes an issue where no row is shown after choosing "Clear Filters" and there is no filter rule in the "Filter" sidebar.
  • Fixes an issue where "Find" -> "Find Next" and "Find" -> "Find Previous" weren't working as expected, unless you displayed the "Find" bar first.

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4 Reviews of Easy CSV Editor

20 January 2020
Version: 1.52

Most helpful

I reviewed version 1.8 (i.e. 1.08) in March 2018, and gave it five stars then. A look at version history in the App Store will show that there have been 44 updates since then; some contain bug fixes or minor adjustments, but most are enhancements. Still highly recommended. I know of no comparable mac app. Still 5 stars.
20 January 2020
Version: 1.52
I reviewed version 1.8 (i.e. 1.08) in March 2018, and gave it five stars then. A look at version history in the App Store will show that there have been 44 updates since then; some contain bug fixes or minor adjustments, but most are enhancements. Still highly recommended. I know of no comparable mac app. Still 5 stars.
19 November 2019
Version: 1.49
Can this help me break down CSV reports? For instance, I have a report with many lines that I need to break out 200 at a time
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13 May 2019
Version: 1.35
Would so like to try your application. Please provide a time-limited demo. tia ?
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10 March 2018
Version: 1.8
A capable light weight editor that fills a real need!

Every month I export transactions from SEE finance to CSV format, then prepare a report and print for distribution. In the past I've had to use a cumbersome process that involved passing the exported CSV to Table Tool and then to Excel or Numbers for final printing, These last two apps took a lot of screen space and made simple tasks complicated. (Can you say "Set Print Area"?) Now I can do it all with Easy CSV Editor, smoothly and quickly.
I've communicated with the Dev over the months about improvements I hoped to see. He's always responded quickly and positively.. Every version has added enhancements, including many I handn't thought of, but they are all useful. With the preservation of column widths in the latest version, Easy CSV is perfect for my needs. Highly recommended!
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