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1.6 17 May 2018

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Developer website: Serge Sander

TilOr Desk is the macOS equivalent of TilOr on iOS devices to store, organise, and quickly access the media and Web content you either want to remember or revisit frequently. The Internet is awesome, but it's all very short-lived for various content: articles go into archives and out of sight, images become unreachable, or you stored something but cannot remember where or what it was. A visual help would be great, and that's what TilOr Desk is.

TilOrDesk provides very easy way to save items from anywhere on your machine. It provides a drop area sitting silently at the top edge of your screen; you simply drag something against the top of your screen and TilOrDesk will proceed. Once done, one click more to confirm or specify your desired action and it’s done! Added items are in your inbox, you can leave them there if you want to evaluate this content later, or click on it to show or in best case archive it into an archive you already created to store it for later. TilOr Desk can sync across all iCloud connected devices. You can add, filter, search, and group items into archives for easy structuring. To prevent images become unavailable once you want to review them, TilOr Desk makes a hard copy of it to keep as long you desire.

Supported Content Storage
  • Website links
  • YouTube video URLs (allows playback directly inside TilOr Desk)
  • Images (with zoom-out functionality and storage to Disk)
  • Snippets (any kind of text snippet, a quote, or similar)
  • Extract article (extracts only the article content from a website)
  • Extract video (attempts to find and extract just the video from an article for watch later)

What's New

Version 1.6:
  • New: Now all Video centric Tiles get an extra Option on right-click to start an iOS-like Picture in Picture Overlay sitting in a Corner of your Screen if you just want to listen.
  • Various tweaks in Sync preparing for upcoming TilOr on iOS
  • Fixed a crucial bug with Snippets
  • Various other tweaks and bug fixes


  • macOS 10.12 or later


Current Version (1.x)


Version Downloads
Utilities / File Management
17 May 2018
Intel 64 / OS X