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09 October 2019

Easy data analysis.


Metabase is an open source solution for sharing, visualizing, and analyzing data without having to deal with a complex workflow. The utility enables you to filter content via an user-friendly interface, and can transform data into easy to read graphs in no time.

  • Activity: Get a real-time glimpse into what your company is learning about your data. Activity helps people in your company find an answer, jump start their own exploration, or improve existing questions.
  • Dashboards: Let everyone on your team create, organize and share collections of data.
  • Open source and constantly improving: Metabase is built and maintained by a dedicated team, and is open source, so the community can help improve it too. You get new features, interface improvements, and bug fixes for free, and can forget about building or maintaining your own analytics platform.

What's new in Metabase


This release includes a number of improvements to custom columns and expressions:

  • You can now reference joined columns in the custom column widget (#10759)
  • Added support for custom expressions when using nested questions (#6164)
  • Columns from joined tables now correctly show up inside a custom expression or custom column (#5775)
  • Support for foreign keys in calculated columns (#2460)
Bug fixes
  • Bug where quotes in custom metrics were breaking Save button in Question Builder (#11054)
  • A translation bug with Chinese when trying to select a date (#11014)
  • A bug with converting Oracle questions to SQL timestamps (#11009)
  • An issue where saving a question didn't work when using a mathematical operation in a custom expression (#10985)
  • A bug where row charts were incorrectly displaying options to use line or area markings on the Display tab (#10974)
  • An issue with filtering by month-of-year in MongoDB (#10954)
  • An issue with resizing dashboard cards when clicking the resize corner (#10949)
  • A bug where it was possible to run incomplete templated SQL queries (#10928)
  • A tooltip bug with pie charts (#10914)
  • A bug related to Internet Explorer 11 where charts were not correctly rendering (#10895)
  • A bug where the x-axis on saved questions was being obscured (#10762)
  • A bug with filtering by the current year in MongoDB (#10683)
  • An issue AWS Elastic Beanstalk launch URL is broken (#10523)
  • A bug where log scales weren't working in bar charts (#10384)
  • An issue with field filters where default values weren't being correctly inserted for date widgets (#9489)
  • A bug in pin maps where the draw-a-box-to-filter feature wasn't working (#9314)
  • A pie chart bug where legends weren't displaying correctly as a percentage (#9004)
  • A bug where you couldn't save added information in the Data Reference (#8443)
  • A bug in dashboard edit mode where dragging on a time series would incorrectly trigger drill-through (#6888)
  • A field filter category variable issue where you incorrectly had to specify a default value for optional clauses (#5541)
  • You can download a .jar of the release, or get the latest on Docker. Make sure to back up your Metabase database before you upgrade! Need help? Check out our upgrading instructions.

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  • OS X 10.9.0 or later
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