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22 April 2020

Easy data analysis.


Metabase is an open-source solution for sharing, visualizing, and analyzing data without having to deal with a complex workflow. The utility enables you to filter content via a user-friendly interface and can transform data into easy to read graphs in no time.

  • Activity: Get a real-time glimpse into what your company is learning about your data. Activity helps people in your company find an answer, jump start their own exploration, or improve existing questions.
  • Dashboards: Let everyone on your team create, organize and share collections of data.
  • Open source and constantly improving: Metabase is built and maintained by a dedicated team, and is open source, so the community can help improve it too. You get new features, interface improvements, and bug fixes for free, and can forget about building or maintaining your own analytics platform.

What's new in Metabase

Version 0.35.3:
  • Improved error log messages on async responses (#12233)
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug where homepage is missing sections (X-rays and Our data) on login with Google Signin (#12359)
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to view or restore a table after setting Visibility to "Hidden" in Data Model (#12344)
  • Corrected replace function name (#12306)
  • Fixed an issue where saving native queries failed due to incomplete results_metadata (#12265)
  • Fixed an issue where a query with the same column names didn't display properly (#12252)
  • Fixed query failing on "Error reducing result rows" (#12251)
  • Fixed regression with column not found error after adding a custom column (#12243)
  • Fixed MBQL normalization bug (#11897)

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