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30 May 2019

Usenet client with MegaSearch.


With Usenetic, you search, download, and post articles from/to usenet. It has its very own search engine with a retention of almost 10 years.

  • MegaSearch with 3347-day retention
  • Search engine includes general and erotica newsgroups
  • Keyword search on subject, newsgroup, poster, file-size, and any combination
  • Filter to exclude password protected files
  • Filter to exclude obfuscated titles
  • Watchdog auto search and download
  • Full NZB support, import and export
  • Download statistics
  • Very fast auto-repair and extract
  • Auto-join files
  • Auto-correct reversed filenames
  • Bandwidth speed limiter
  • Post messages to usenet
  • Post binaries to usenet
  • Cleanup unwanted files
  • Download individual files
  • Supports unlimited news-servers
  • Supports unlimited backups-servers

What's new in Usenetic

Version 1.3.1:
  • Issue with download queue when downloading many tiny files.
  • Restoring the queue after a restart occasionally resulted in high memory usage.

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Jacob Kampen
17 June 2017

Most helpful

This is a great tool to download and search/browse newsgroups.
My first thoughts were, wow newsleecher on the Mac.

It is blazing fast and the downloads I did were flawless.

Searching newsgroups is very easy with a lot of options.
The app also support NZB files extremely well.

Although the app is rather new and in beta, I did not experience any issues at all.

Great job and very promising.
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Version 0.90.6
27 June 2019
I purchased Usenetic a year ago and now they want 10Euros/year to use the search feature. That's not mentioned in the original purchase price, which is why I dropped a star . All in all, ~ $11/year for Usenet access isn't to bad. I'll probably drop my other news provider ($8/mo) given how useful MegaSearch is with Usenetic.
Version 1.3.1
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Xorox BV
Xorox BV
01 July 2019
It certainly was and still is mentioned very clearly on the order page.

This is what the order page clearly says:

"MegaSearch is included in your Usenetic order for a period of 1 year.
After this period you can optionally extend this Search service for €9.99 a year."
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07 April 2019
Wow! I learned only today (!) there was a new Usenet newsreader on Mac!
It's more than 30 years I do Usenet and I used the FIRST EVER GRAPHIC NEWSREADER ON NeXT computer!!!
I was delighted with it but right now don't remember the name! (I'm sure it's in some forgotten folder somewhere in my brain…)
Then, years after, was Unison but right now it always finish to get stuck in some inferno!
So I'm delighted to know there is an alternative and post this even before trying it!!!!!
Because I'm sure it's THE thing!
Version 1.2.8
24 November 2018
Most awesome MAC binary news grabber I've ever seen! Don't have to keep a Windoze VM around to use newsleecher anymore...
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Version 1.2.2
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Xorox BV
Xorox BV
24 November 2018
Thanks for the comment :) Highly appreciated.
31 October 2018
Ten minutes into the trial period of Usenetic I decided to purchase. It's that good. I've been using newsreaders for almost thirty years and currently vacillate between Unison and Hogwasher. The Usenetic interface is clean and efficient. What clinched my purchase was MegaSearch. My experience of global Usenet searches with other clients has been negative. Too many false hits including too many malicious fakes. Usenetic uses its own mammoth search database and claims ten years' retention, which I can well believe. Within seconds I'd found and downloaded ancient binaries that I thought lost forever. Astonishing. You pay for use of MegaSearch. One year is included in the Usenetic purchase price, and after that it's about ten euro per year. If you're a heavy Usenet user, Usenetic with MegaSearch is a no-brainer. The feature set is amazing. NZB implementation and compilation of files works like a charm, with plenty of visual feedback on progress. I only wish I'd found this software earlier.
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Version 1.2.0
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Xorox BV
Xorox BV
08 November 2018
I appreciate the kind words, thank you.
01 September 2018
a smart, fast, nice new Usenet app :)
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Version 1.1.5
21 May 2018
This is exactly what macOS has been needing for a long time - Unison was awesome but this is way way better in my opinion. Fantastic piece of software and it's really just getting started.
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Version 0.95.1
16 March 2018
I wonder whether the developer stopped working on this application (and the database and/or search engine behind it). Since one or two months the search results are becoming more and more incomplete.
Version 0.94.1
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Xorox BV
Xorox BV
03 April 2018
A new version will be released this week.

For the MegaSearch feature we are using 4 different usenet providers to make sure we get the most completed news feed. If some posts are listed as incomplete then most properly the poster hasn't completed the post at his end. We can't do anything about that.

In case you are missing complete posts then please contact us directly or use our support forum so we can dig into it to find the reason. This forum is not the place to start such a discussion.

Thank you.
01 March 2018
As near to perfect as an app can be. Thank you!
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Version 0.94.1
14 January 2018
Been using Usenetic for about a year now. Takes a bit of getting used to since it is search-based, and not browse-based (as are the major alternatives). However, once I got used to performing a search as the basis for every action, I quickly began to appreciate the power of this application. Usenetic does everything a traditional browse-based Usenet application does (and extends simple browsing by allowing you to browse files in multiple newsgroups at the same time), and in addition, allows you to slice and dice the results you see by implementing powerful search filters (similar in power to Google search terms). In short, Usenetic is an outstanding newsgroup browser and a powerful tool for mac users who wish to access Usenet newsgroups.. Definitely worth trying out.
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Version 0.94.1
30 December 2017
one of the most usable newsgroup reader and binary manager in osx world
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Version 0.94.1


App requirements: 
  • Intel 64
  • OS X 10.10.0 or later
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