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Coffee Buzz2.0

25 June 2020

Safely Prevent Sleep.


Coffee Buzz is an easy and safe way to display-sleep preventer available, with simple operation and exclusive Safety Auto-Shutoff feature. Keeping your Mac awake (and letting it sleep again) is as simple as a click!

  • Flexible user interface that works as both a window and as a menu bar status item (or both at once)
  • Three easy-to-use settings:
    • Buzz mode: Keeps the display awake
    • Doze mode: Lets the display sleep but keeps the computer itself awake
    • Off: Allows you to disable the caffeinated effect without having to quit Coffee Buzz
  • Timer that can be controlled from both the window and the status bar
  • Configurable automatic mode switching when the power adapter on a portable Mac is connected or disconnected or the battery gets low
  • Exclusive Safety Auto-Shutoff feature designed to reduce the chance of accidental display damage or burn-in. While not intended to be a substitute for responsibility and careful use, Safety Auto-Shutoff can keep a mistake from turning into an expensive headache.

What's new in Coffee Buzz

Version 2.0:
  • Configuring Coffee Buzz to open at login is now as simple as a click.
  • The window can transform into an all-new Mini Window that floats above other windows on your desktop.
  • You can now watch the timer right in the status bar icon. (requires macOS Mojave or higher)
  • The last three timers you started are now saved for quick access.
  • The Rules feature has been completely reworked:
  • Create as many rules of a kind as you like, and remove ones you don't need.
  • You can now set rules to start a timer if you don't want an immediate response.
  • All existing categories are still available, and a new category has been added: Other App.
  • Don't worry, your existing settings will be seamlessly migrated.

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