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25 January 2021

DSL development environment.


With MPS (Meta Programming System), you can design your own extensible DSLs and start using them right away to build end-user applications. Unique technology of projectional editing allows to overcome the limits of language parsers, and build much richer DSL editors, such as ones with tables and diagrams.

What's new in MPS

Version 2020.3:

Full release notes are available here

New generator macro
  • There's a new macro named $CALL-SITE$ that facilitates the insertion of a node attributed with a SWITCH/CALL macro into a designated place in the invoked template. Prior to the change, the template node with a SWITCH/CALL macro attached was generally ignored. Now if an invoked template/switch tries to use 'call site node', the node is processed as a regular template and the outcome is supplied to the invoked template/switch as an implicit argument that can be inserted into the desired location
Dynamic usages highlighting in the editor
  • Dynamic highlighting, a long-awaited feature, has arrived. This feature is very similar to the existing Highlight Usages action (Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+F7). The difference is that dynamic highlighting works automatically as you type or navigate through the code. References to the node under the cursor are highlighted in the edited document almost immediately. You can still use the original Highlight Usages action to "pin" usages of the currently selected node while you navigate away from it. When you do, dynamic highlighting will continue to highlight the node under the cursor
  • This feature can be turned on or off in the MPS Editor settings with the Highlight selected node checkbox
Improved switch statement in BaseLanguage
  • In addition to some editor improvements, the switch concept now supports using multiple cases for the same statement
Error strip on project pane
  • We are introducing a new way to display errors, warnings, and messages in the Project pane. The Error strip helps to organize the messages on the Project pane. You can deactivate it via the Logical View setting button

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