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VPN Unlimited7.9

27 July 2020

Anonymous, secure VPN proxy.


VPN Unlimited allows you to protect your privacy and get unlimited access to your favorite Web sites worldwide.

  • Get full access to all blocked web content
  • Protect your privacy
  • Keep safe your private data
  • Hide your IP and physical address
  • Avoid malware websites and block ads
  • Secure your internet activity and WiFi connection
  • Bypass some providers’ restrictions (this may even increase your regular internet speed!)
  • Get unlimited amount of traffic without any additional charges
  • Connect up to 5 devices to one account for free
  • Additional benefits:
  • Personal VPN Server is the best opportunity to boost the level of protection and the connection speed as well as to bypass some internet restrictions.
  • Personal Static IP - for those who are tired of getting blocked because of using blacklisted IPs from already known common servers.
  • Additional Devices - expand your VPN privacy protection coverage on all devices you have.

Note: While the software is classified as free, it offers in-App Purchases.

Economy (1 month) $9.99
Professional (1 year) $49.99
Standard (3 months) $8.99
Premium (3 years) $99.99
Standard (6 months) $38.99
1 Year VPN Subscription plus 1 Year Checklist 50% Off $54.99
3 Year VPN Subscription plus 3 Year Checklist Free $89.99
Vacation (10 days) $5.99
Economy (1 month) $9.99
Professional (1 year) $49.99

What's new in VPN Unlimited

Version 7.9:
  • Improved the app’s performance and stability

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12 Reviews of VPN Unlimited

16 November 2019
Version: 6.5

Most helpful

I use VPN Unlimited for years now. Very reliable and an excellent customer service.
28 July 2020
Version: 7.9
Very reliable VPN service
16 November 2019
Version: 6.5
I use VPN Unlimited for years now. Very reliable and an excellent customer service.
11 July 2019
Version: 6.2
For me ExpressVPN is the best but also the most expensive. I'm on this one on free trial now but apparently doesn't work with P2P. Customer service not as good as people say, so far. No rating yet,
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28 June 2019
Version: 6.1
Version that downloads from their site is still 6.0, not 6.1.
12 June 2019
Version: 6.0
Surprisingly good, fast and very stable service. I'm super happy with them. I was using TunnelBear before and everything was kind of fine, beside some stability issues that forced me to disconnect/reconnect manually sometimes. With VPN Unlimited I have no issues though, there are more servers available and connection is more stable too. And it's fast... It's so fast I see no difference with or without VPN Unlimited. Highly recommended.
17 May 2019
Version: 5.9
Does anyone know if there is a VPN app that you can purchase (free or paid) to set up on your system and use the way you want too....not go through a service. I have an internet company and servers to do this myself by I don't have enough confidence in sending the info anywhere with all the hacks out there (banks, military, social security info, govt blds). Thank you.
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05 December 2018
Version: 5.1
The service is good, but the support team is just awesome! Thanks.
08 September 2018
Version: 4.24
This is the most responsive customer service company I've ever seen. I sent in a request for service last night and got a response within five minutes. The problem was resolved within about five more minutes!
17 June 2018
Version: 4.23
>> 7-day FREE trial << note on their website
06 June 2018
Version: 4.21
Does VPN unlimited work well. Is there a better one - either paid or free?
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18 February 2018
Version: 4.20
This VPN is a Fake VPN! If you want a reliable VPN I recommend AirVPN, Perfect Privacy, ExpressVPN or Windscribe.
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18 October 2017
Version: 4.13.2
Full version after 30 days is $30.00 per month.
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