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Ethernet Status


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Ethernet Status3.3

12 November 2019

Menu-bar icon indicates connection status.


Ethernet Status adds the missing icon in status bar to indicate the connection status of the ethernet interface on MacOS similar to WIFI status. WIFI status has an icon built in MacOS, but there is none for ethernet status.

  • Supports multiple ethernet interfaces if available
  • Dynamically monitors ethernet connectivity change and updates the icon
  • Indicates if ethernet interface is not being used for networking (not active), even if connected, due to networking interface priority in MacOS networking settings
  • Auto starts on system restart (Can be disabled via menu)
  • Light weight and has small memory and resource footprint. Highly optimised.
  • Shows interface device information like model, vendor
  • Shows IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  • Shows MAC address
  • Shows public IP Address (Can be disabled via settings)

Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

What's new in Ethernet Status

Version 3.3:
  • Support for VPN network
  • Ability to restore a previous upgrade
  • Improved network status detection
  • Support for MacOS Catalina
  • Several bug fixes & improvements

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2 Reviews of Ethernet Status

31 August 2017
Version: 2.6

Most helpful

FYI, BwanaDik does this for free. It can be found in the App Store.
22 October 2017
Version: 2.9
Only complaint is that when my iPhone is connected, via USB, it shows as ethernet connected.
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31 August 2017
Version: 2.6
FYI, BwanaDik does this for free. It can be found in the App Store.