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02 January 2017

View all HTTP/HTTPS traffic during development.


Webber is a web-debugging proxy that allows developers to view all HTTP/HTTPS traffic.

  • View HTTP and HTTPS traffic - View all of the HTTP and HTTPS traffic between client and internet, including iOS, iOS simulator, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux machines. After launch, you can easily start/stop recording. You can also filter unrelated traffic to refine the content.
  • View requests, responses, and headers - Choose from a variety of viewers to inspect the requests, responses, and headers. You can switch viewers on-the-fly to find the right one. Syntax highlight viewer is also available.
  • Simulate traffic and analyze behavior - Real network traffic's environment can be simulated by applying latency and bandwidth limit. Performance and behavior can be analyzed by dumping HAR file.
  • Syntax highlight - Show highlighted syntax for HTML, JSON, XML, CSS, etc.

What's new in Webber

Version 1.02.0:
  • Add chained proxy support
  • Improve documentation

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