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04 October 2016

A stateless or deterministic password manager.


Forgiva is a brand new password managing idea. It's developed by security professionals to maintain and protect passwords far better than any other commercial solution available on the market. If can also fix poor passwords, accessibility and storage problems in a secure way. It provides strong protection against keyloggers and various types of malwares. Forgiva also resolves major risks against stolen master key situation by certification and visual pattern confirmation.

Its algorithm is stronger and slower than other key-derivation algorithms such as bcrypt,scrypt and argon2. Most of the stateless password managers just uses one type of key-derivation algorithms but Forgiva uses a lot of encryption and hashing algorithms added depending of the master-key. It's been developed by bypassing some arguments related to stateless password managers. Forgiva surpasses most of the arguments against the idea and presents stateless password managing as a great method to get protected.

  • It never stores your passwords anywhere! There is nothing to crack.
  • Resistant to key-loggers.
  • Combines various hashing and encryption algorithms depending on your master-key. Thus makes very difficult to estimate an effective brute-force and/or dictionary attack.
  • You can choose complexity depending on your paranoia level.

What's new in Forgiva

Version 1.0.2:
  • Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.

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