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Cosmic Brush4.1

26 January 2020

Doodle on a photo or paint a piece of art from scratch.


Comic Brush Pro allows you to doodle on a photo or paint a piece of art from scratch. Be as creative as you want with painting tools like 3D-Shaded Brush, Halo Brush, Plasma Chain Brush, and Translucent Brush. You will also find more down-to-earth tools, including a standard brush and an eraser.

  • Full-Screen Painting:
    • Full-screen mode is fully supported.
    • In addition, you can press the Tab key to hide the toolbar.
  • Zooming and Panning:
    • Pinch (trackpad) or use keyboard shortcuts to zoom in/out.
    • To pan, drag with two fingers (trackpad), slide with one finger (Magic Mouse), or use arrow keys.
    • Double-tap with two fingers (trackpad) or press Space to reset the zoom/pan.
  • Layers:
    • The image consists of 3 transparent layers on top of each other.
    • To switch between the different layers, use the button that has what looks like a stack of papers in addition to a small symbol (e.g., a flower) of the currently selected layer.
  • Color Sets:
    • Click once on a color to select it. Click a second time to bring up a menu where you can change or adjust the color in a number of ways (this menu also features an Eyedropper tool).
    • Adjacent to the colors you will find buttons to switch between the different color sets.
    • Press a second time if you want to replace the color set with one of the default ones.
  • Popup Help:
    • For information on what a specific button does, just hover the mouse pointer above it for a few seconds and a short explanation will appear.
  • General:
    • Pinch to zoom
    • Full screen support
    • Multiple undo/redo steps
    • Seamless-pattern editing
    • Layers
    • Customizable color sets

What's new in Cosmic Brush

Version 4.1:

Note: While the software is classified as free, it offers in-App Purchases.

  • (Pro) Two new tools, Blur and Sharpen.
  • (Pro) Some improvements to the Photo Tracing feature, including a new Color Sampling Rate slider.
  • Better handling of stylus tilt.
  • Some minor things.
  • A few tools needed minor, subtle corrections.
  • Adding a new “Custom-Sized” picture did not always work correctly.
  • (Pro) Some issues with Scale, Adjust Size.
  • A rare but critical stability issue.
  • A few minor issues.

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20 July 2018
Version: 3.0

Most helpful

Support for 10.12 and older operating systems would be nice.
20 July 2018
Version: 3.0
Support for 10.12 and older operating systems would be nice.