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SpinOffice CRM12.17

20 May 2020

Customers, mail, calendar, and tasks in one central database.


SpinOffice CRM connected with your business contacts and save time by getting organized! Get your customers, prospects, mail, calendar, tasks and memos, documents, projects and archive in one central database.

  • All your contacts' details with each their own personal archive
  • Email integration via POP/IMAP or Active Sync (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Hotmail, Me.com)
  • Instant auto archiving of email for each relationship
  • Folders to store documents, files, tasks and communication
  • A company shared calendar
  • Task management
  • Project management
  • Contact and folder linking
  • Interrelations
  • Real-time alerts
  • Various filter options
  • Sending group mailings
  • Integration with MailChimp, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Collaborate as a team (free invitation of your colleagues)
  • Access to and sync with SpinOffice iPad app

Upgrade to Pro in the app (pricing info can be found here) and benefit from:

  • Unlimited data storage
  • Phone support
  • Daily data backup
  • Ability to synchronize your contacts, email, and calendar
  • Extra features (including account personalization, time registration, MS Office integration, document templates and mail merge, sending birthday and scheduled SMS, time registration)

What's new in SpinOffice CRM

Version 12.17:

Note: While the software is classified as free, it offers in-App Purchases.

  • Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.

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6 Reviews of SpinOffice CRM

26 September 2018
Version: 9.0

Most helpful

@macupdate, why even list this as free? It's a non expiring crippled demo and the actual product is not even linked here. Why Macupdate, why?
26 September 2018
Version: 9.0
@macupdate, why even list this as free? It's a non expiring crippled demo and the actual product is not even linked here. Why Macupdate, why?
10 May 2018
Version: 9.0
We work with the paid Pro plan for a few years and we're really satisfied with it. Our team consists of 7 users, working together in the app where we are able to share data. It really helps us to improve the communication with our customers. And we use the shared calendar as well, not the best feature in SpinOffice but because of the possibility to connect your contacts its of great value to us.
09 May 2017
Version: 7.7
We're a small team of seven people and work with SpinOffice Pro for a few years now and, despite the fact that it has a anual recurrent fee we're very satisfied with this program. It truly helps us with our daily hassle; emails connected to our customers, appoinments scheduled and set for our team. The support department is available on any time and very friendly. We recommend SpinOffice when your Outlook is not sufficient and a proffesional tool is need to handle all communication with your relationships.
18 February 2017
Version: 7.1
Free? Well, not exactly. Not sure how many users love giving away money in this day and age for this kind of software. In terms of SpinOffice CRM, you still need to pay $300 to get the full version (i.e. it is crippleware for the free version), and have to pay again next year, and the year after, and so on, That is crazy! And it is not even priced like a cloud-based subscription Adobe software, which is much lower than the full outright ownership option. Speaking of cloud-based things, I hope this isn't one of them. Software of this nature that keeps sensitive personal data should be stored only on your own machines, not someone else's. Seriously, is the developer from the CIA or NSA and keen to look at all your contacts? If you really want something decent for a CRM (and looks attractive too) and don't have to pay anything for a full version (at least for the contacts, calendar, to do, labels, create invoices, send emails, organize your documents, and all the rest needed for a CRM), and never have to pay again, you would be hard pressed to go past SUNRISE Contacts 2016 at http://www.sunrisepage.com/contacts/files/sunrisecontacts2016.dmg. MacUpdate is afraid to offer this software on its web site. I can understand why. It is good. And it is independent of Apple and other big companies, and doesn't attempt to be more than it isn't. Nice software. Of course, if you want more, you can always pay a reasonable cost to have extra databases added to your contacts system (and help support those developers to do more things for you). But at the end of the day, you pay nothing, nil, zilch, nada, for the core CRM. I like it. Of course, if you like giving away your money, I can't recommend more highly SpinOffice CRM. It is absolutely brilliant at what it does (grab your mone...er, I mean storing your contacts etc)! Rating I give shows this software is okay and works as advertised, and should serve you well for the price.
29 August 2016
Version: 6.4
Free version is minus features (see web site) and limited to 50 "items". From website:*" Only manually added contacts, sent emails and uploaded documents or files in SpinOffice Limited count as an item." Full version is $300.00 a year, per user. Based on the limited capabilities of the free version, and pricing, the target market seems to be large business & enterprise, NOT the home, small business or home office user. The limit of 50 sent emails per month in the free version is a real showstopper for me.
05 November 2015
Version: 5.7
Free to TRIAL, and it looks pretty robust, but the full version is paid - annually.