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16 April 2019

Detect hidden files belonging to MacKeeper, keyloggers, and others.


DetectX is the troubleshooting tool for your Mac. The only troubleshooting app that runs on every version of OS X from 2011 to present and that allows you to:

  • Fix problems: - Use the Detector View to find and trash the hidden and not-so-hidden files belonging to apps and processes that can be responsible for performance problems. There are generally three categories of things the Detector searches for: commercial apps with hidden executables, adware and keyloggers.
  • Stay Informed: - DetectX warns you when 3rd party applications, processes or files are added or removed to crucial areas of your mac that may impact performance. The Inspector runs automatically on launch and whenever you manually use the ‘Record’ function in the Inspector View.
  • Analyse and Diagnose: - The History View keeps logs of all the Inspector’s runs and allows you or a technical adviser to analyse and diagnose what changes occurred on your mac. For convenience, you can review all logs, individual logs or just a list of changes.

Note: DetectX 2 suggests a $10 license purchase on start-up. Commercial and Institutional users are required to buy a commercial-use license.

What's new in DetectX

Version 2.91:
  • Detector definitions have been updated

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25 January 2015
Version: 1

Most helpful

Analysis: I've done some superficial digging around in 'DetectX' to find out what it does. Below are my results: You can 'Search' for the following: 1) MacKeeper - Fine, good riddance to worst-in-class rubbish. 2) Wirelurker - This is MALWARE. The theory goes that this malware was only ever used in China by the Chinese communist government in order to spy on their own citizens. I know Apple has blocked its installation via its XProtect system built into OS X. Use anti-malware to remove it! Manual removal may not get all of it. 3) MacCleanse - This is an ordinary Mac clean up utility. There's nothing great or awful about it. Why is it detected? 4) iAntiVirus - WHY? This is indeed possibly the worst of the available free anti-malware applications, long ago abandoned by awful Symantec. I suppose it's good to know if you have it because it's utterly out-of-date and useless. 5) CleanMyMac - Again, an ordinary Mac cleanup utility of no bad reputation or good. Why is it detected? 6) Genieo - Nefarious ADWARE. 7) Lastly, DetectX searches for 'Misc Badware'. There is no explanation as to what this is, including at the developer's website. But my digging around in the code did reveal the following searches: A) DivX - This is a cruddy old video codex with related player and encoder software, basically just useless junk. It did once infect victims with adware, earning it a bad reputation. B) Savekeep - Nefarious ADWARE. C) - Nefarious ADWARE. D) Trovi - Web browser hijacking malware. E) SafariOmnibar - This is some old extension for Safari some people didn't like. Nothing bad. F) Yontoo/YontooLayers - Nefarious ADWARE. G) ChatZum/zako - Nefarious ADWARE. H) Firefox MyBrowserBar extensions - ADWARE. That may be all DetectX detects, but don't consider this a complete list. You can "Show" the items DetectX finds, therefore, you can manually remove these items. But I would NOT use DetectX for that purpose except for innocuous stuff. For ADWARE and MALWARE, use appropriate and reputable removal tools. For adware, get Thomas Reed's free AdwareMedic, which is excellent. For malware, try both ClamXAV and Sophos Anti-Virus, which are free. The best commercial anti-malware for client computer is, IMHO, Intego's VirusBarrier. I personally recommend staying away from the Symantec stuff. Overall, this is just a detection program, not a removal program. I'd suggest getting better programs to find AND remove both the malware and adware. AdwareMedic finds ALL Mac malware AND removes it. Any of the reputable anti-malware applications can find Wirelurker malware. There is no important reason to bother finding the other items on the search list of DetectX. I don't see the point. I wanted to give this three stars as maybe useful, middling sort of freeware. Overall, it doesn't hurt anything or do any phoning home. But I don't actually see the point of its existence when there are much more focused and useful utilities. So, I can only give it two stars. Look elsewhere for much better tools that do its job.
12 May 2020
Version: 2.91
it was the only thing that worked on my IMac
Big Johnson
26 May 2018
Version: 2.84
Wow - someone really should tell Apple that this is "THE troubleshooting tool for your Mac."

Since TechTool is no longer included with AppleCare Protection Plans, they will surely want to include this software from now on.

And obviously this $10 masterpiece will now put DiskWarrior, Malwarebytes, TechTool, EtreCheck and many other inferior products right out of business. [sarcasm]
08 January 2018
Version: 2.82
Crashes when I hit the search button. MacOS 10.9.5
07 January 2018
Version: 2.82
Unable to run latest version using High Sierra (i.e. App not responding and End up force quitting after a long wait).
24 August 2017
Version: 2.75
Phil is great. He's been nothing but AWESOME to me, we're still in the process of getting MacKeeper and other unwanted items off my machine. I recommend DetectX for the support and the dedication, which go hand in hand. For people like me, who aren't super knowledgeable about the inner workings of Mac OS but kind of (somewhere in between) , he's amazingly helpful.
09 June 2017
Version: 2.69
I love DetectX , I use it a long time, the support is excellent . I miss just a white list. I have CleanMyMac 3 installed , and now I have a list off files in DetectX that I would like to hide. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with Cleanmymac.
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18 April 2017
Version: 2.55
From the version 2.53 Intego VirusBarrier establishes that contains a virus on the file App/contents/MacOS/.BC.T_ONeS33 of class OS X/BPK.A ... It is really a virus? It is safe? It will be that they do not want competition?
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21 November 2016
Version: 2.37
A great app. That it goes beyond adware and detects all the Mac Keeper/Cleaner/NameYourCrapware is a real plus.
10 September 2016
Version: 2.32
I've been using this for a while now. Not as good as Malwarebytes for Mac at keeping up with the adware, but I like the tracking functions which help to spot new things added to my mac even if the software isn't already programmed to spot them. That's the main feature that makes this unique. Developer was also very responsive to a bug I reported. Got an email back within minutes acknowledging the problem, and the bug was fixed in the very next day.
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29 August 2016
Version: 2.28
DetectX now states that CleanMyMac now has a Keylogger !! Is it truly malware? It also picked up remnants of MacKeeper. I wanted to remove those; but at least I thought that CleanMyMac was OK..
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