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JSON Query

26 January 2016

Search JSON data structures without serialization.


JSON Query allows you to query a JSON data structure. Use the simple search syntax to perform a lookup by key or value, or drill into the data with literals (square brackets for arrays and dots for associative arrays (dictionaries).

  • Grab JSON from API's (with the ability to set arbitrary HTTP headers)

What's new in JSON Query

Version 2.2:
Super keyboard shortcuts:
  • CMD + R: Reload URL
  • CMD + SHIFT + Y: Show/Hide debug area
  • CMD + N: New window
  • Drag and drop JSON files directly into the left pane
  • Choose your own font for JSON and query result panes
  • Use CMD + or CMD to increase or decrease font size
  • Removed escaping backslashes, making URL’s in JSON easier to use

A lull before the storm: a minor update before a major update JSON Query now has documentation: http://json-query-documentation.rtfd.org/

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  • Intel 64
  • OS X 10.11.0 or later
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