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Warspear Online

20 December 2019

Fantasy 2D MMORPG.


Warspear Online lets you create a hero and battle monsters in a classic 2D MMORPG that has gained popularity with millions of players worldwide! In Arinar, a fantasy world concealed with challenges, your Hero will fight to win skillfully crafted weapons, armor, magic artifacts, and vast fortunes of gold.

Join other players to defeat bloodthirsty bosses in dungeons, fight in Arena and PvP. Chat, social tools and guilds all await you! Join a massive community of international players on forums, Facebook and Twitter, where you can also ask game developers any question and share your ideas. Participate in monthly competitions to win precious prizes!

  • 4 races with 2 alliances: Firstborn and Chosen vs Mountain Clans and Forsaken
  • 12 classes with unique skill-sets: Blade Dancer, Ranger, Druid; Paladin, Priest, Mage; Barbarian, Rogue, Shaman; Warlock, Necromancer and Death Knight
  • 1,000+ original quests and hundreds of dailies
  • Thousands of monsters and bosses
  • Battle zones for mass PvP combat + Arena 2x2, 3x3 and 5x5 PvP
  • Guilds, chat, tournaments, events, friend lists and trade between players
  • Craft: create unique armor and weapons
  • Complete character customization: from haircuts to clothing

What's new in Warspear Online

Version 8.2.1:

Note: While the software is classified as free, it offers in-App Purchases.

  • New holiday island and exciting tasks
  • The Raid Boss Chernobog, Lord of cold and darkness
  • Powerful ice creatures: 4 bosses for each Alliance and one common
  • World dynamic event with chests and buffs as a reward for each stage
  • Tournament guild event on GvG territory with ruthless monsters
  • Guild events in the open world and in the dedicated area with incredibly valuable rewards
  • New Alliance event for fans of mass battles
  • Holiday Dungeons with winter treasures
  • Exciting rides for characters of all levels
  • Cache of Eternal Winter with new costumes and decoration skins, the rarest runes and crystals, relics and other valuables
  • New Miracle Shop items available only during the World Creation Holiday
  • Merchants with items for Crimson Corundums and Good Luck Tokens
  • Holiday Skills for all players: Brave Oulbert's Help and Birgir's Help
  • Special skill as a reward for active participation in a world event - Animal Guise
  • New holiday craft jobs
  • 17 new festive achievements
  • And atmospheric holiday music

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