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World Clock Pro

02 July 2019

International time simplified.


World Clock Pro is a simple and powerful world clock.

  • Add cities and timezones like GMT and UTC with a few key strokes
  • Convert international time with a drag of a cursor
  • Schedule international calls and meetings and add them to your calendar
  • Add Interactive Widget to your Today's View (OS X 10.10 Yosemite only): quickly peek and see what time it is in the other location, drag the line to convert time, so you can find a time that suits quick, without getting distracted from whatever you were doing

Easily tell what time it is with clocks that change color with time of day:

  • black for evening and night
  • white for morning
  • green for working hours

Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

What's new in World Clock Pro

Version 1.7.1:
  • Full dark mode support

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16 February 2017

Most helpful

Requires a subscription! Not free!!!!!!!!!!
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Version 1.5.1
02 May 2018
I have been trying to unsubscribe for several days and trying to do that is like trying to go through a maze. Many hoops to jump through.
Version 1.6.8
22 December 2017
I’m not a fan of this payment model in general, and especially not for apps of this niche, but it’s difficult to deny how beautiful and modern it is. Clearly plenty of hours have been poured into this.

Touch Bar and haptic feedback inclusions are especially great — more apps should explore and consider adding these small touches that add to the overall experience of the product. It’s always the small things.

I’m sure those who rely on this app every single day appreciate the craftsmanship and find the subscription justifiable.

I’d love to use this, but I don’t deal regularly with time zones to shell out for more than a one-time fee. I shaved off a half star (oddly after submitting this review it turned to a whole star), but if subscriptions don’t faze you this is easily a 5-star application.
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Version 1.6.4
04 April 2017
deceptive marketing... says "free" but really is NOT!
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Version 1.5.3
16 February 2017
Requires a subscription! Not free!!!!!!!!!!
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Version 1.5.1