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30 October 2018

Simple, clean, and elegant spreadsheet editor.


TableEdit is a simple, clean, and elegant spreadsheet application designed specifically for OS X. TableEdit features a minimalistic yet intuitive interface and has convenient features like functions and seamless CSV import/export as well as exhaustive cell styling options.

Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

What's new in TableEdit

Version 1.4.2:
  • Issue with 'floating header row' being transparent on macOS 'Mojave' 10.14
  • Problems with entering text in multi-byte languages like Arabic, Chinese and many more

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15 August 2014

Most helpful

We need badly something light, quick, for all those little daily uses when a calculator is too few, we need a simple track, an overview on few algorithms, some more variable data, clear humble calculations to follow while building up the frame of a balance. We need it simple, INTUITIVE, clear, self-explanatory, natural, APPLE!
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Version 1.0b5
11 July 2018
I find that iWork - or at least Numbers - has a tendency to bog down my machine on High Sierra. This is true whether I use Numbers from iWork 09 or the current version. I was getting tired of that and sought some alternative. My needs are pretty basic, so I can't speak to those who need sophisticated spreadsheet programs. TableEdit might well meet those needs, and other have mentioned here already that it can do various types of functions. There are features I haven't tried, such as charts, that I haven't played with because those aren't something I use. I'm sure there are reviews online that go through these matters in more detail. There are some limits to it, at least at this time. For instance, I can't just drag across cells to select them. I have to use the shift key as part of the selection process. I also can't right click on a cell and have a popup of options. I either use keyboard shortcuts or the toolbar. Nonetheless, those are minor issues for me compared to the speed, low memory footprint, and overall responsiveness of the program. It does what I need without all the bloated feeling of Numbers, Excel, etc. The price is also reasonable. Also, their customer service is good. This version (1.4.1) has some features I requested. They did that in about 2 weeks time. I don't know if that's their norm, but I appreciate that they listened to what I said, responded to me quickly, and implemented what I needed promptly. I think they're a company that wants to grow and is quite willing to work with their clients.
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Version 1.4.1
27 April 2018
Sadly no more 10.9 support. I liked this app
Version 1.4.0
01 December 2017
I love this. There are one or two little quirks. (I noticed the word 'todo' came up when I tried to do a particular thing, so if the developer is able to spend the time then there are obviously some improvements that could be made). But all II wanted was a very simple, very quick-to-launch spreadsheet for times when I merely need to maintain a tabular list, and that's exactly what it does. It's quick and clean if you just want to enter text. Having said that, it does also handle common functions and so its usefulness does extend to more complex tasks if you can live with a few little frustrations and limitations. I don't know when I'll next need to open Numbers or Excel.
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Version 1.2.9
21 August 2017
Technical response is indeed excellent, but unfortunately further development is apparently at a standstill due to lack of funds. Maybe if they charged instead of free? I'd certainly be willing to pay if they could continue work on it.
Version 1.2.9
15 April 2017
Is that true? No context menu and selecting multiple cells with click, hold, drag is not supported?
Version 1.2.5
20 February 2017
I cannot believe how fast, friendly and nonjudgmental the technical help is (believe me, I asked a very dumb question). All this and they knew I was not a paying user. They deserve to go far based on their customer responsiveness!
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Version 1.2.3
16 October 2016
Inutilisable au quotidien, l'ergonomie est tellement mauvaise qu'il vaut mieux utiliser une calculette et une feuille de papier pour les besoins légers.
Version 1.1.0
07 May 2016
Great application, had been waiting for something like this for a while. The developer is also very responsive to bug reports and feature requests. A bug I reported when it was still in beta and a feature I requested were fixed and implemented within a day.
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Version 1.0.3
07 May 2016
"Simple clean and elegant", this was exactly what I was looking for. I have a little CSV-spreadsheet, generated with my own app, like a log-list. Sometimes I need to have a look into that data. Yes I could use Quicklook, but thats not very elegant and impossible to edit the data. So I tried TableEdit. It opened my file without any Office nightmare and exported the edited file quickly and well back. It was just what I needed in my case, and I just did not found an comparable alternative. I recommend a try for people who need sometimes a simple and lightwight tool.
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Version 1.0.2
06 December 2015
Still unusable by anyone used already a spreadsheet on a Mac of 1986 AND BEFORE! You can't add cells contents to another one by clicking on them nor drag to include more cells, JUST AS EXAMPLE. For simple uses, I already use the Google one, which has also the possibility to be 'clouded' and interact in real time with far collaborators. Such a product would be welcome it it was able to 'clone' AppleWorks, that I miss like hell!!!!!
Version 1.0b30
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04 May 2016
> Still unusable by anyone used already a spreadsheet on a Mac of 1986 AND BEFORE!

what exactly is not usable? we can't fix any problems we don't know about

> You can't add cells contents to another one by clicking on them nor drag to include more cells,

although i am not sure i believe you are talking about a "visual formula editor" which we don't have yet. this is on the todo-list but requires a lot of effort for little gain. in some ways this feature is quite unintuitive as it exists in excel or numbers because it locks you modally within a cell, and trying to exit it by clicking somewhere else just inserts a reference. if we ever add this feature it must be in a better way than microsoft or apple. in any case, we don't consider this an 'visual formula editor' an integral feature for a basic spreadsheet.

> Google ... far collaborators

thats an upside to google docs. however its not a native mac app and therefore the interface and integration into the system is poor to unusable.

> if it it was able to 'clone' AppleWorks, that I miss like hell

as far as i remember AppleWorks didn't have an 'visual formula editor' too, since that is a quite new addition to spreadsheets, so i am not sure why you considered this so important at the beginning.

in any way when you comment was written TableEdit was still in beta :
1.) make sure to always send feedback directly to the developer - we can't fix problems we don't know about
2.) we consider giving a beta version a 1.5 star rating because it misses one single feature you consider important quite rude. after all the point of a beta version is that its not finished! if you expect everything to be finished and don't want to give constructive feedback anyway, you should not do beta-testing
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07 June 2016
It is also free and actively supported!

Simple and easy to use for the basics, which is all most people need.
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  • Intel 64
  • OS X 10.10.0 or later
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