Phone Amego Pro (Family Pack)
Phone Amego Pro (Family Pack)


Phone Amego Pro (Family Pack) free download for Mac

Phone Amego Pro (Family Pack)

01 January 2015

Multi-featured phone integration for Macs (release candidate).


Phone Amego Pro (Family Pack) provides Caller ID, click-to-dial, Address Book, Google Voice, and phone integration for up to 5 Macs, with additional features for a more robust experience than the standard Phone Amego (Family Pack) offers. For more information on the additional features, visit this page.

Phone Amego is designed to help you make the most of all your phones by providing on-screen caller ID, click-to-dial, and Mac integration. Phone Amego works with Bluetooth cell phones, landlines, and VoIP.

  • On screen caller ID with optional voice announcement
  • Including contact name and image from your Address Book or directory (if any)
  • Dial calls from your Address Book, Daylite, or selected text
  • Supports popular Bluetooth phones including iPhone
  • Supports landline phones connected through a compatible USB modem
  • VoIP caller ID with Linksys/Sipura or OBiHAI VoIP telephone adaptors
  • Supports Polycom IP phones.
  • Support for multi-line call monitoring hardware
  • Works with Google Voice
  • Caller ID sharing and remote dialing with other hosts on your LAN
  • Keep notes on each caller in a shared database
  • Flexible call logging and accounting
  • Know who is calling before you reach for your phone.
  • Dial with ease when the number you want to call is already on your computer.
  • Block or Ignore unwanted calls.
  • Organize your call records and pull up caller information with a few clicks.
  • Allow call accounting for billing or system management.

What's new in Phone Amego Pro (Family Pack)

Version 1.4.30:
  • Fix "File format error!" on some Yealink phones.
  • Recognize inbound calls on Asterisk NOW 13 PBX.
  • Skip reverse lookup when updating Contact Card if call has ended.
  • IP Phones - allow specifying optional server port on phone.
  • Fix handling log file aliases.
  • Fix incoming calls reported as missed on Whozz Calling.
  • Whozz calling - mark calls longer than a minute as received to work with non-deluxe units.

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