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06 October 2018

An outliner in the form of a text editor.


Outlinely is the home for all your notes, thoughts, ideas, and todos. It’s an elegant outliner in the form of a text editor, with a robust document-management system. It provides an exceptionial environment for ideas and insights, and is packed with great features: focus mode, typewriter scrolling, and word count.

  • Library and folders: All your outlines in one place, neatly organized
  • Open Quicky: Search and open any document instantly by just typing a few words
  • Favorite a document and access them quickly from the Favorited folder
  • Create lists inside lists
  • Easy to organize the outline
  • Expand to reveal detail, collapse to hide detail
  • Add notes and links
  • Add highlight to important phrases
  • Checklist with checkboxes
  • Change font, font size, make bold and italic text
  • Mark item as completed
  • Zoom in to any item. Zoom out to exit
  • It's a text editor, so you can intuitively copy/paste, search/replace, undo/redo
  • Drag-and-drop to organize
  • Markdown highlighting
  • Focus mode: Dim everything except the current section of text
  • Light/Dark/Sepia and many other beautiful themes
  • Create your own custom theme
  • Read and write OPML files (Outline Processor Markup Language)
  • Export your outline to OPML, PDF, Microsoft Word Document, RTF, HTML, Markdown, and plain-text formats
  • Full-screen mode

What's new in Outlinely

Version 2.10.4:
  • Dark Themes are optimized for Mojave Dark Mode
  • Compability support for macOS Mojave
  • Support Drag and drop a text selection from other apps

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6 Reviews of Outlinely

13 May 2017
Version: 2.7.0

Most helpful

Repulsive pricing model. $40 for Mac and $15 iOS subscription not going to attract very many customers. Sad
13 May 2017
Version: 2.7.0
Repulsive pricing model. $40 for Mac and $15 iOS subscription not going to attract very many customers. Sad
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09 May 2016
Version: 2.1.0
Very mediocre!. Not intuitive at all, not in the sense of working like other outliners. There's nothing like CP Notebook!
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29 April 2016
Version: 2.0.0
Really can only use fonts that have bold and italic styles! I guess for 14.00 you get what you pay for. Btw, no where in your docs tell how to import OPML files. You can't open them only drag drop. Lost a sale.
02 September 2014
Version: 1.1.0
Price is $7.99 at the App Store
26 July 2014
Version: 1.1.0
Not bad. Nice to work with. Some odd keyboard shortcut choices, but that can be changed locally. - Not a text editor per se. Saves to a file with markup. Looks like XML. - Formatting is not automatic by placement, and status of elements a al TaskPaper, but is manual like a word processor. - fantastic import, and export options.
01 April 2014
Version: 1.0
No demo?
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