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OmniOutliner Pro5.7.1

25 July 2020

Pro version of the popular outliner.


OmniOutliner Pro is a flexible program for creating, collecting, and organizing information. Give your creativity a kick start by using an application that's actually designed to help you think. It's like having an extra brain - one that doesn't keep losing the car keys.

You can use OmniOutliner's document structure to create hierarchies of main headings and subpoints that can be expanded and collapsed, which are immensely useful when it comes to brainstorming new ideas, drilling out specifics, and lining up steps needed to get everything done. But you aren't limited to outlines - you've got multiple columns, smart checkboxes, customizable popup lists, and an über-innovative styles system at your disposal.

OmniOutliner Professional includes in-depth outlining features like folded editing, clipping service support, audio recording, a new sections drawer, and saved templates. With OmniOutliner Professional, you can actively hide and display the information in your outlines - or quickly jump from one place to another - so you can save time and be more productive by focusing on exactly what you want to see. The new Names Styles feature in OmniOutliner Professional gives you even more options for fast and powerful editing. Download the Pro version today and try it for yourself!

What's new in OmniOutliner Pro

Version 5.7.1:
  • Outline View - Column headers are visible on a Mac running a beta OS.
  • Crash Reporting - OmniOutliner crash reports can now be submitted on a Mac running a beta OS.
  • Trials - Improved behavior on final day of trial.
  • Stability - Accessing the purchase menu item or interacting with the first run window no longer crashes on Macs running a beta OS.

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02 February 2020
Version: 5.5.2

Most helpful

It's okay, but development is proceeding at a positively glacial pace: new features are few and far between, and annoying bugs remain unfixed. This application is obviously not a priority for OmniGroupe.
01 August 2020
Version: 5.7.1
I was quite happy with OmniOutiner 3 and then came OmniOutliner 4. It was a disaster for me. I modified one of the custom templates and, everytime I created a link, the application blew. Numerous reports went sent but it was like spitting into the air; you just get wet in the face but the problem persisted. I am a graduate student and relied heavily on OmniOutliner. Five weeks ago, I tried OneNote and never looked back. Sure, there was no collapsible items but never once did it crash, even with pictures inserted into notes and files linked/attached. Shame on you, OmniGroup, for ignoring this product. I'm keeping OmniOutliner around to get at my old notes but moving forward, it won't be with OmniOutliner. I also used OmniFocus--the operative word here being used." Now, I'm off all of them and will sink no more money to enrich the Group. It was good while it lasted but that's the trouble with developers: they give you what they think you want, not what you want.
02 February 2020
Version: 5.5.2
It's okay, but development is proceeding at a positively glacial pace: new features are few and far between, and annoying bugs remain unfixed. This application is obviously not a priority for OmniGroupe.
15 November 2015
Version: 4.4
Unfortunately I don’t have the knowledge to be able to express my thoughts in a technical way, so all I can say is I totally agree with the good, critical, reviews below. I recently downloaded a trial version of OO Pro 4 and am asking myself why would a serious software company turn something so good ( into something so bad (v4.xx). Why on earth did they take out the ‘Clipping Service’. And as for the ‘Styles’!!. I have used OO Pro for may years and considered it the best of all but am now faced with the prospect of having to use an alternative programme. I can’t see Omni supporting v3 in the future (thereby admitting v4 is inferior) and who’s to say that any future OS upgrade won’t make OO v3 unusable. At the moment NeO is looking likely to be my alternative programme, but I wish I didn’t need to go through the required learning curve. Anyway, apart from the negative technical/operational comments of v4, the upgrade price is just plain ridiculous. A comment has been made about OmniWeb. Some years ago I paid for a licensed copy….silly me.
06 August 2015
Version: 4.3
More failed promises in this version. How long has both tech support and sales been promising CLONING? YEARS! It sure seems like the #1 feature request. How about just announcing you have no intention of including cloning, rather than stringing along your clients?
02 December 2014
Version: 4.1.4
Looks pretty. Doesn't crash. But... a downgrade from v3 in many ways. Given that most task-specific research now is web-based, the removal of any clipping service is a critical failing. "Doesn't work in a sandboxed environment" rather doesn't cut it. Plenty of other apps (NoteSuite, Scrivener, OutlineEdit, Evernote etc. in the App Store, Circus Ponies Notebook and the more functionally advanced, though not so candy-flavoured, NoteTaker, DevonThink, DevonNote and a host of others *not* in the App Store) have managed it. Styles are arguably *less* intuitive than before; for example, choosing a style to apply to 'All Level <n> Rows' doesn't highlight the rows it's going to apply to, unlike v3, leaving you in the dark. Am I in Level 3 but applying it to Level 2 by mistake? OO 4 doesn't say. The handy navigation dropdown has been replaced by a clumsy "contents" sidebar. Improvements we might reasonably have expected after so long, and at a high upgrade cost, just haven't happened. It's impossible to filter on any degree of Boolean multiple-term search; nor can searches be saved. There is at least now a primitive and clumsy linking of outline items, though way behind what NoteTaker, Tinderbox, Neo et al. have been doing for many years. Checkbox states ("Show me only the stuff where 'Done' is checked") are unsearchable. Multiple finds can't be seen all at once; you have to skip from one to the next. It looks pretty, yes. And the integration, via OmniPresence, with iOS mostly works, usually, though it's a bit of a lash-up; I don't want to have to put things I want to sync across devices *all in the same folder* but tough luck on that one. Cloning? Oh come *on*. Of course there's no cloning. Et cetera. Omni Group has always been a kind of avatar of the Mac ethos. For whatever reason, they're following the current direction of Apple: pout, twinkle and let the rough guys do the actual *work*, honeypie. It's a shame. But it's not really "Pro" except in the after-dark Sunset Bvd. sense. If it didn't have the multiple columns as a USP, I'd look for another solution. Matter of fact, I think I'll look for another solution anyway, if only for the random ditching of the clipping service. The columns are only a matter of prettying up, anyway; you can't *do* much with them. It seems to be the way Omni is heading. Similar cosmesis-over-function seems to have been the governing principle behind Omni Focus, too. Think I'll turn into the kind of old fart who says "I remember when you could stuff with your computer *even if Apple didn't like the idea*. Now if you'll excuse me, there's a wind getting up and I have to go whistle in it.
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22 April 2014
Version: 4.0.4
I'm sad to say I can't follow the raves about Version 4. After 9 years (!) of waiting, Version 4 is a disappointment. I've been using this programm for thirteen years and was really hoping for some evolvement. Nothing happened: No cloning or bookmarks or saved searches or perspectives or in-document-links to ease working in bigger outlines. In their blog the OmniGroup told, that the new Version shares OmniFocus' data structure. That fueld hopes that some of OF's sorting and filtering powers would appear in OmniOutliner ("perspectives"). Boy, what a overestimation! Searching is so very basic in Version 4, it is almost a joke (even in the version that calls itself "Pro"). Filtering is simply not possible - you can't even hide lines which checkboxes are ticked (that alone would have been a big help). The export options are still limited - they simply have not changed from V3. Export to Word is still erroneous and not customizable, export to Pages: only via Word format. Keynote export only gives you the old Keynote 09 format. When I try to open that in the new Keynote, all I get are error messages. The Focus Mode (the feature formerly known as hoisting) ist is buggy and shows me ghost lines from parts of the document that should be hidden away. And if you liked the snippet functionality from version 3, you have to be very strong now: this one is gone in version 4. What you get is a a lot of UI polish, some nice templates, minor changes in stylesheets, the ability to zoom text (whoa!), improved URI handling (yeah!). I know, changing the innards of a programm is not trivial. But as a end user I'm judging software by the functionality and user experience it delivers. Functionality-wise OO has not changed. Version 4 is basically the same program we got almost a decade ago. I liked it ten years ago but it failed to catch up with todays needs. It gives you a hard time integrating it with other software in a workflow (yes, you can do it all by yourself by hand using XSLT or Applescript, but: sigh!). Also, collaboration was obviously never an issue in planning version 4. It's a one-user-per-time thing, but hey, you can use Dropbox and kin. After 9 years the OmniGroup did not manage to deliver anything that made me think "wow". I paid for V4 and I regret it. I once loved this outliner, but I will abandon it, file by file. For me, the feeling of potential has stalled into the feeling of a dead-lock. What a pity.
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07 February 2014
Version: 4.0.2
I rarely use superlatives in reviewing a particular software application or developer, because if everything is the “best,” then nothing can be better. But I have to admit that, as a writer, and as an inveterate list-maker, and as planner and a thinker, I really on OmniOutliner Pro to organize just about every aspect of my life. With the recent arrival of version 4, the OmniGroup, which I consider one of premier software developers in the entire Mac software world based on the overall high quality of all of its products, OmniOutliner finally gives us the zoom / magnification feature that was missing in its otherwise excellent renditions. It was often tiresome trying to read the tiny font sizes—especially as you get older and your eyes can no longer see the threads of the baseball coming at you, like they once did. It required a little extra work, all that having to create documents with very large font sizes to compensate for that design flaw. After all, I used to complain, if a browser can blow up the text on a web page, why can’t OmniOutliner be just as flexible? Finally, that lack of magnification problem is fixed! Version 4 also includes a much better written, better illustrated tutorial on how to create and use styles, which is one of the program’s most powerful features (among many!), but can be tricky to set up and execute until you get the hang of it. This program is always open on my desktop, no matter what else I am doing. I can pop into it to make a quick note, do some brainstorming, think through a project with all its sub-sets and details, draft a letter, write a chapter of a book, draft an email, or even sketch out my MacUpdate reviews, which I what I am doing right now in it. Or, I can copy a URL to a website that I want to check out later, or record a voice note, or insert an image, or just outline a variety of things can be organized by a parent topic, and sub-divided into children sub-topics. Some people (myself included) have rightly complained that the OmniGroup took their sweet time upgrading to version 4 and implementing the nice, new zoom in feature. It’s hard to judge a company if we don’t know their staff situation and their company’s priorities. But I can personally testify that this new version must have their attention right now. It must be important to them to fix any bugs in this new release and to make sure customers are happy. For example, over the past couple of days, I reported through their built-in Crash Reporter, that the program crashed when I tried to revert to a previous version of the document I was working on. Today, I got a personal response back telling me that the problem was fixed and a new version was ready to be downloaded, which, as you see from the description, was one of the reasons incorporate into the minor upgrade to version 4.0.2. So, as I see it, now is the right time to buy, because the more people who start using the program while the iron is hot among their programming staff, the sooner any minor bugs can be squashed and the application made as perfect as it can be. I suppose that there are other fine outlining programs available, but I have been so content with OmniOutliner Pro that I am not even tempted to try them out, even though I’ve obtained licensed copies of competing products included in some of the bundles I bought. In short, I have no hesitation in recommending OmniOutliner Pro as a superlative product worthy of your consideration, and I would recommend that you give the demo a trial run to see for yourself. Once you compare its wide feature set with the other outlining products available, you’ll then have to decide if you want to buy the premier application in its category, or settle for a less powerful—and undoubtedly cheaper—product. The “best” product always deserves to demand a higher price. In the case of OmniOutliner, I find their price worth it.
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28 January 2014
Version: 4.0.1
How does OmniOutliner 4 compare to NeO (which costs $9.99)? Aficionados in the past have complained of missing features in OmniOutliner < 4 relative to NeO. Has OO 4 closed the gap?
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20 January 2014
Version: 4.0
There is a bug in this app. I bought my upgrade, and have been trying to use it all weekend, but the inspector window does not appear. I only get a slender bar that says "inspector," but no control or anything underneath. I've been waiting for a response from support since Friday (admittedly, its a long weekend here in the states). I'll post when and if they help me solve this.
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28 October 2012
Version: 3.10.6
A great app, but it seems like they've dropped it. There hasn't been a new version in four years. It's very dated at this point.