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Liquid Notes for Live1.1.0.3

30 November 2014

Intelligent songwriting assistant for Ableton Live (release candidate).


Re-compose stopped selling product by end of Sep 2019. Transfer all products exclusively to W.A. Production. Customer Support ends by 13th of March 2020

Products will be relaunched under the label W.A. Production shortly and receive full support.

Liquid Notes for Live is a songwriting assistant tool for editing complex harmonic progressions. It offers a controllable range of alternatives for chords and harmonies in single-track or multi-track MIDI arrangements and makes the theory of harmony fully accessible to you. From variations of an entire song or just certain segments of it to spicing it up and making it sound different from others, Liquid Notes adds the intelligence to Live that helps you to apply such changes with a click of the mouse only. Any change to your arrangement is made in real time for all tracks, and is immediately audible for the user.

A powerful harmonic analysis atomizes even complex multi-track songs and detects their various musical elements and their correlations. Musical adaptation (resynthesis) builds meaningful musical context from various input data (e.g., melodies, bass lines, chords, loops, rhythmic patterns, etc.). This information is presented in a simple and clean user interface: Chords appear as rectangular boxes, with a vertical slider and two rotary knobs for changing chord functions, substitutions, and their tensions, respectively. Color codes indicate the conventionality of the chords in the harmonic context. This enables you to build up a MIDI arrangement in Live or to load an existing project, and to utilize the music intelligence of Liquid Notes to arrive at the sound and emotional message you are looking for.

Liquid Notes for Live uses the Max for Live standard in Ableton Live 9 to run as a MIDI effect.

  • Multi-track control over chord types, functions and tensions
  • Intelligent harmony progression management
  • LN Live corrects wrong notes as you are playing them
  • Plays through the software instruments of Ableton Live
  • Connects to Ableton Live via Max for Live
  • Supports live performance

What's new in Liquid Notes for Live

  • Compatible with OS X 10.10 or later.
  • Drag-and-drop button for one-click file export to Live enables you to export your entire arrangement with the click of one button only.
  • Original order of clips is retained when exporting your arrangement from Liquid Notes to Ableton Live.
  • Global bypass setting added to LN_global Max device for simple disabling of Liquid Notes for Live's Max devices. This removes the need to run the Liquid Notes for Live application whenever one of its Max devices is assigned to a track.
  • Empty track with a Liquid Notes for Live' Max device assigned to it is now being imported into Liquid Notes for Live when clicking on "Get clips". This enables you to use this empty track to record your input from the LN Live mode when jamming to a melody in Liquid Notes for Live.

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