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21 May 2019

Google Calendar application (was CalendarPro for Google and Yahoo).


Calendar Pro for Google and Yahoo (was CalendarPro for Google, then was CalendarPro for Google and Yahoo) is a Google calendar app with intuitive design. Now, it's so easy to get every event organized. It has a simple and neat look and is accessible, highly responsive and reliable.

  • Quick access to Google Calendar
  • Fast and responsive
  • Add multiple Google accounts and access different calendars in different windows
  • Open multiple windows for different accounts
  • Get alert directly into Notification Center for upcoming events
  • Very easy to add events or appointments and share
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Hotkey to open app faster
  • Keyboard shortcuts for New Window (⌘ N) and Reload Calendar (⌘ R)
  • Print calendars easily
  • Search Bar to find events quickly

CalendarPro for Google provides quick access to Google Calendar without having to do anything with Internet browsers Just add the event and let the advanced reminder system help you out. It's simple and easy to use!!

What's new in CalendarPro

Version 3.6:
  • UI issues fixed, reported by the user.Improved Version.

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7 Reviews of CalendarPro

14 July 2014
Version: 1.3

Most helpful

How is this better than pulling up a window or a tab in a web browser, or using a utility like Fluid to make a standalone "app" out of the Google Calendar web page? Why is there no demo version for us to try out?
18 May 2019
Version: 3.5
I've been using this app for a couple of years (You can see I have it 4.5 stars below.) Unfortunately with changes to Google Calendar, plus an apparent sale of the app to another developer, this app has had many UI issues which have generally been slow to fix. Most recently I stopped using it a couple of weeks ago when the previous/next arrows disappeared and key-commands wouldn't work either. (I needed to move around by clicking on dates in the mini-month field.)I just saw that the app was updated in the MAS so I downloaded it and was immediately turned off by its weird-looking implementation of Dark Mode (which cannot be switched off, and which didn't previously exist in the app). Really ugly. I ended up switching to a custom web-view 'app' using Fluid.
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13 June 2017
Version: 2.4
Basically a pretty browser skin that handles Google Calendar, and now Yahoo Calendar. I was using a Fluid-created Google Calendar 'app' before this and this works just as well but looks much nicer. No complaints, and it has been solid in use for the six months or so I've had it.
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13 February 2017
Version: 2.3
@pskmd Your "additional reviews" is an instant replay of the first 5-6 reviews already on your site. I must conclude that nobody is jazzed about it, and if they are, it doesn't show up. Good thing you gave it Five Stars!!. Bleaugh-h-0h-h
11 November 2015
Version: 2.0.1
I purchased CalendarPro half hour ago. I was thinking that, when you open CalendarPro in Menu Bar, it will open a small window where I could enter events, birthdays, etc. (like one can do in Fantastical 2). I was fool to think that for $2 one can get all this stuff (as in Fantastical 2). So, window which covers all my laptop screen!? Not handy, CalendarPro is a bad version of iCal, which I don't use because it is lacking all what I mentioned before!
01 April 2015
Version: 1.8.1
CalendarPro for Google's preferences offers separate toggles to show or hide a menu bar icon and a dock icon, or both or neither. It presents a standard app window, not a drop-down from the menu bar, and is resizable to full screen. For me, it's much the same experience as running Fluid (an app I love), except without Fluid's many browser tools and capabilities. CPforG is very streamlined and quite simple in comparison. I like it and easily paid the $2, but it won't replace Fluid for me.
20 July 2014
Version: 1.4
Needs a DEMO and comments as to where it's locatd either as an app or a menubar utility.
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14 July 2014
Version: 1.3
How is this better than pulling up a window or a tab in a web browser, or using a utility like Fluid to make a standalone "app" out of the Google Calendar web page? Why is there no demo version for us to try out?
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