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23 January 2017

Quick way to search the Internet.


Open Phlo with a keyboard shortcut, type your search, and find what you're looking for on any search engine. If you can't find it on Google, maybe you'll find it on Amazon or eBay. You can jump straight to results from any search site, so it's the fastest way to find your answer. Phlo comes preloaded with over 30 popular sites, and you can easily add more. It's your one search box that searches everywhere. Using the Phlo Assistant plug-in for your web browser, you can easily add your favorite search sites to Phlo.

  • Jump to search results on any site without retyping your search term
  • Saved history of your searches, so you can search again without retyping
  • Instant search suggestions from your history, Google and Bing as you type
  • Phlo Sync service (now available as in-app purchase) that synchronizes your history and search sites across all your iOS and Mac devices
  • Phlo Assistant browser plugins for Safari, Chrome and Firefox to add more sites
  • Configurable global keyboard shortcut to launch Phlo from anywhere
  • Search multiple sites at once using shift + return or shift + click
  • Automatically bubbles up your most used search engines and sites
  • Keyboard shortcuts to help you search faster
  • Gorgeous graphics that support Apple’s Retina Display

Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

What's new in Phlo

Version 3.2:
  • Upgraded Infrastructure - We are upgrading the backend infrastructure for Phlo Sync. The change will happen on the 28th of January 2017. To continue using Phlo Sync reliably, we recommend you update your version of Phlo to the latest version 3.2 before the 28th.
  • Updated for macOS 10.12 Sierra
  • Updated Phlo Assistant for Safari and Chrome
  • Temporarily discontinued Phlo Assistant for Firefox

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5 Reviews of Phlo

26 February 2014
Version: 3.0

Most helpful

Given there are so many competing products, I'm not going to pay for something that I cannot test first. Provide a trial version. I'm not going to test your software at my expense.
10 March 2018
Version: 3.2
Great app. I have it for both Mac and iOS, though I completely forget to use it on the Mac for the most part since I always have my browser open and am usually doing Google searches on the desktop. But it's still super useful for quick searching of Facebook, Pinterest, Wikipedia, Vimeo etc with just a click.

More importantly to me, this is an essential main-screen app on my iPhone. I use this on iOS **constantly** for Google searches instead of the Google app because unlike 'Google' it gives you the 'Search Tools' menu so I can narrow down searches by date. Also, you're not logged into Google when using this app, which is nice for extra privacy.

One of the best things is the $1.99/year upgrade to sync searches between all Mac/iOS devices. This is very convenient and useful, and replicates Google's search history retention but again, without the privacy implications.

Mac-only Liquid (99¢) is a similar app, but this one is free and Liquid is a bit clunkier to use. Free! (But I really recommend it on iOS, where the price fluctuates between $1.99 and $3.99.)
26 December 2014
Version: 3.0.1
A rather clunky implementation of a common feature. I prefer Glims because I can set shortcuts to type in Safari's menu bar. For example, to search MacUpdate, I simply type "mu Glims" into Safari's search bar. "az" is my shortcut for Amazon, so it's a simple "az mouse trap" to search Amazon for mouse traps. Glims isn't the only option, there are lots of Safari extensions that will enable one to invoke custom search engines by typing a shortcut into Safari's search/address bar. No need to fire up a separate app and then switch back and forth between it and Safari.
24 December 2014
Version: 3.0.1
I like Phlo. I often want to search a specific site, and Phlo makes it easy for me to do that. It works as advertised, but there a few usability issues that get in my way and slow me down. The list of search engines resorts automatically based on use, which makes it difficult for me to find search engines that I don’t use as much, as they end up in a random order halfway down the list. Phlo also requires that I type my search term first, then select a search engine, and if I make the mistake of changing the search engine before typing it launches an empty search. Lastly, clicking the menubar icon doesn't open Phlo as I would expect, it just displays a menu with the first option being "show Phlo." I've contacted the dev regarding these issues, so hopefully usability will be improved in a future version.
27 February 2014
Version: 3.0
Can you add MacUpdate?
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26 February 2014
Version: 3.0
Given there are so many competing products, I'm not going to pay for something that I cannot test first. Provide a trial version. I'm not going to test your software at my expense.