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05 December 2019

Create interactive HTML5 that runs on any device.


Google Web Designer creates engaging, interactive HTML5-based designs and motion graphics that can run on any device.

Let us handle the HTML5 and CSS3 so you're free to focus on what you love to do: creating gorgeous visual experiences. A full design suite lets you easily bring any vision to life. Or, if you're feeling more hands-on, all the code behind your designs is hand-editable, so you're never locked out of your own work. Your ideas are now amplified by code - not restricted by it.

  • Two animation modes. In Quick mode, build your animations scene by scene and we'll take care of the frames in between. In Advanced mode, animate individual elements using layers, easily changing the location of elements within the stack.
  • Full 3D authoring environment. Create and manipulate 3D content utilizing an array of tools and the power of CSS3. Rotate objects and even 2D designs along any axis, visualizing 3D transformations and translations as you author.
  • Design view and code view. While a visual tool is helpful, it can never represent your creativity, imagination and vision in full. That's why you can flip back and forth between Design View and Code View as you work, immediately seeing any changes made to code reflected back in your designs.
  • Illustration tools. Import assets from any other creative suite or use the built-in illustration tools to create vector-style artwork - keeping your designs light. To create new HTML tags in your designs, just draw them in with the Tag tool.
  • Easy ad workflow. Google Web Designer makes it simple to publish ads through any platform. Choose from DoubleClick Studio or AdMob, or go for the Generic option to push content through any other ad network. No coding required.

What's new in Google Web Designer

Version (Shell Build
  • The Components panel now only shows supported components when the ad environment is set to Google Ads or AdMob.
  • The initial load size has been temporarily removed from the Summary section in the Publish dialog and the Ad Validator.
  • The option to include GreenSock JavaScript libraries (File > Include JS library) is now available for the Google Ads environment.
  • The "Skip loading delay" option has been added to the local Publish settings dialog for bypassing the default delay when loading the published ad outside of Google ad platforms.
  • Additional sizes have been added to the advanced mode responsive preview sizes list for Display & Video 360 (360x640, 360x592, and 375x667).
  • As Google Fusion Tables has been shut down, the Maps component no longer supports displaying markers for locations listed in Fusion Tables.
Fixes and improvements:
Code view:
  • The "Reset to defaults" option now resets all Code view preferences correctly.
  • The language menu now closes when clicking outside of the menu or selecting the current option.
  • Fixed performance issue when switching between Code view and Design view.
  • Fixed layout issue with long labels in Code view preferences in some languages.
  • Fixed issue with custom color swatches not refreshing when switching documents in Code view.
  • [Particle Effects] Specified tooltip for Autoplay property.
  • [Particle Effects] Fixed issue where the add preset button didn't work when scrolled to right end of the Presets panel.
  • [Particle Effects] Fixed issue where the "Number" property could be empty.
  • [Particle Effects] Fixed issue where a group containing the Particle Effects component wouldn't render in the Library after being broken apart.
  • [Transition Gallery & Particle Effects] Fixed issue with zoom control being active in the "Choose images" dialog.
  • Fixed issue where the Transition Gallery did not render images after switching pages.
  • Fixed issue where the custom schema account dropdown didn't appear after canceling and reopening the Dynamic bindings dialog.
  • Files can now be opened when the Studio dynamic profile contains special characters such as - and + in the profile field names.
  • Fixed issue where "Image URL" couldn't be selected when applying the "Pluck and Join" filter in the Dynamic bindings dialog.
  • Fixed issue with font name not updating correctly for text with a binding for the font name.
Guide layers:
  • Fixed publishing issue for documents without pages that contained a guide layer.
  • Fixed the incorrect warning about missing local assets in the Ad Validator when switching between documents or between Code view and Design view.
  • Fixed issue with the redo command when the document contained a guide layer.
  • Fixed issue with keyframe rules for guide layers getting published if the guide layers weren't on the active page.
  • Fixed issue with the element ID of a guide layer getting changed to data-gwd-grp-id after editing a group.
  • Fixed issue where empty keyframes on elements nested in guide layers were not added or restored correctly.
  • Fixed issue where the bounding box for multiple selected elements was removed after converting the layers to guide layers with the Ad Validator panel open.
  • The mask type shown in the timeline is now localized.
  • Fixed issue with undoing the creation of a mask.
  • Responsive documents for AdMob can now be published as a fixed-size ad with the addition of a "Size" dropdown in the Publish dialog.
  • Fixed issue with keyboard shortcut commands not working after dismissing the Publish to Studio dialog.
  • The "Press enter to create" text now disappears once you start typing the creative name in the Publish to Studio dialog.
  • The Publish dialog summary now updates the file size after toggling the "Inline local files" or "Groups unpacking" options.
  • Fixed layout issue with long labels in the Publish dialog in some languages.
  • Fixed issue with opening the Swipeable Gallery event in the Cue Cards 300x250 template.
  • Fixed mouseover glitch in the responsive version of "Dynamic Remarketing Side-by-side with Header and Individual CTA Buttons".
  • Fixed issue with duplicate events for the expand button in "Expandable creative with Video Player".
  • Fixed issue with missing data in the sample data for the Cue Cards template.
  • [Ad environment] Fixed issue with images not rendering on stage after switching the document's ad environment from "Non-Google ad" to another environment or the other way around.
  • [Responsive] Overlapping media rules manually added in Code view are now disabled.
  • [CSS panel] Fixed issue with red outlines appearing around elements when deleting CSS style rules in the CSS panel.
  • [Interactive video] Fixed issue with undoing the deletion of a hotspot using the X button in the hotspot layer.
  • [Outliner] Fixed issue with the Outliner not filtering on tag name.
  • [Quick mode] Fixed issue with undoing the addition of a new thumbnail.
  • An error message is now shown when opening a malformed document that is missing class="gwd-page-content" or "gwd-page-size".

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24 January 2019

Most helpful

The Download is now Ver. - Build min. 10.10 10.10 became the min. at the end of August. Two links for 10.9; 18-07-10 repackaged by 18-02-05 original app
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24 January 2019
The Download is now Ver. - Build min. 10.10 10.10 became the min. at the end of August. Two links for 10.9; 18-07-10 repackaged by 18-02-05 original app
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25 September 2014
Google Web Designer (GWD) Version Released 01-Oct-2013 available on is almost a year out of date with dozens of issues fixed since this release and it would be great if this app was updated. This is so, since the most current GWD Beta Version works great and have found it a great tool for quickly and easily creating touch and gesture enabled buttons that work on a variety of devices without the need for manually coding these interactions. There was an issue In upgrading from the previous GWD version where some of the buttons did not work as expected when the app was updated necessitating creating them again in this current Beta version before additional buttons could be added and work as expected. All in all GWD works as expected with some unexpected hiccups in updating files created in previous versions to the most recent version used in this review.
1 answer(s)
05 June 2015
Could you please update to the current version is
11 October 2013
There are a lot of powerful things this app promises to do. Too bad it's barely usable because it's so buggy, buggy, buggy.