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13 November 2019

Design app for UX/UI for iOS and Web.


Sketch is an innovative and fresh look at vector drawing. Its intentionally minimalist design is based upon a drawing space of unlimited size and layers, free of palettes, panels, menus, windows, and controls. Though simple to use, it offers powerful vector drawing and text tools like perfect Boolean operations, symbols, and powerful rulers, guides, and grids.

Note: price shown in the listing is for a 1-year subscription.

What's new in Sketch

Version 60:
  • We’ve given the Documents window a bit of a tidy and moved the New Document button back next to your document previews. As a bonus, if you click the New Document thumbnail while you’re viewing a specific project, we’ll pre-fill that project name when you go to save your document for the first time.
  • We all change our minds from time to time, so we’ve introduced the ability to rename Cloud documents from the Mac app. Just choose File › Rename whenever inspiration for a new name strikes.
  • You can now copy SVG code from slices as well as regular layers by choosing Edit > Copy > Copy as SVG code.
  • If you’ve ever found yourself feeling sad because you can’t enter math operations in the Scale Layers sheet, then feel sad no longer! We’ve made it possible to use all of your favorite math operators to save you having to calculate those new dimensions elsewhere. We’ve also removed px from the end of the Width and Height fields to keep things consistent with similar fields in the Inspector.
  • If you enable the Scale down images to fit Artboards preference, we’ll now perfectly place big bitmaps right in the centre of your Artboards and scale them down to fit (so long as that bitmap was bigger than the Artboard to begin with, of course).
  • Continuing our Libraries theme, Components that belong to local Libraries will automatically relink themselves if you upload that Library to Cloud and share it via Sketch for Teams. All you need to do is make sure you’ve enabled that new Cloud Library in Sketch’s preferences and deleted any local copies you have. We’ll handle the rest and make the Symbols and Styles in your documents stay linked up.
  • A bug where leaving the Documents window open for a while and then trying to open a document would result in a cryptic “This file is not a database” message. Your files were always safe, but now they should open without a hitch.
  • A bug where thumbnails in the Documents window would load slowly or fail to load at all, especially on slower internet connections.
  • A bug where you wouldn’t get a notification and could lose changes if you lost your internet connection while a document was uploading to Cloud after you quit Sketch or closed that document.
  • A bug where flattening a selection to bitmap would mistakenly include an Artboard’s background in the result.
  • A bug where Symbols with Smart Layout that were resized, and nested within another Symbol, would appear at their original size when you inserted the Symbol they were nested in onto the Canvas.
  • A bug that would cause a Symbol’s layers to shift unexpectedly when you inserted an instance or detached from a Symbol.
  • A bug which meant you couldn’t enter edit mode for a text layer if you were already in edit mode with another text layer.
  • A bug where dragging a Symbol instance into a Symbol master would cause Sketch to hang.
  • A bug where text in edit mode wouldn’t immediately change if you selected an OpenType feature.
  • A bug where open paths would unexpectedly close when you flattened them.
  • A crash that could occur if you pressed Enter on your keyboard to confirm and submit on the Rotate Copies sheet.
  • A bug where layer constraints you applied within a group would continue to affect layers you moved outside of that group.
  • A bug that meant text layers wouldn’t render correctly when they were rotated and contained missing fonts.
  • A bug where previews of Symbol instances with overrides that featured missing fonts wouldn’t save or display correctly. In some cases, the missing font preview might not be positioned perfectly (especially for overridden, centered text), but we’re working on a fix for this, too.
  • A bug where unlocking a layer would make its resizing handles disappear until you deselected and reselected it. We’ve fixed that to save you a few clicks.
  • A bug where titles in the Variable Font Options popover could appear cut off if you’d set your scrollbar preferences to Always in System Preferences and the popover itself wasn’t fully on the screen.
  • A bug where centered text within a Symbol using a Horizontal and Centered Layout might end up off-center if you resized its parent instance on the Canvas.

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14 May 2018

Most helpful

I like this app,easy to use and very helpful.
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Version 50
06 February 2019
Sketch 53 can't open Sketch 52.6 files, WTF???
Like (2)
Version 53
24 October 2018
I'm sorry but sketch is just a bad software. It's ok to build a few prototypes but in production the bugs (which haven't been fixed for years) are more and more annoying. The developers should first fix their smart guides instead of selling a dark mode as a new feature. OpenType doesn't really work either. The whole software is just a mess...
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Version 52.2
16 May 2018
Adding a few words about their licensing.
Before you will consider to purchase Sketch licence, think about this point.
They selling a license for a single machine only. So, you've got no rights to install a copy on your laptop or backup machine.
To install a copy under your account you need to purchase an additional "seats". I think, that was one of the main reasons, why they remove their app from Mac App Store.
I believe the license have to belong a person, rather than a machine.
Even Adobe understands that better than Bohemian Coding.
Like (6)
Version 50.2
1 answer(s)
10 July 2018
I run Sketch on both my laptop and desktop while only paying for it once.
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14 May 2018
I like this app,easy to use and very helpful.
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Version 50
11 April 2018
Subscription model sucks. Enough said.
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Version 49.3
3 answer(s)
10 July 2018
Um no, because there is a big difference in what one company may mean by subscription and what a different company may mean by subscription.
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10 April 2019
This is a pretty misleading comment; their "subscription" model is for a year of updates; you may choose to not renew and continue using your license as long as you like. That seems like a pretty reasonable compromise vs being forced to pay every month you want to use an app.

We're also talking about a tool most will be using to earn income, surely it's reasonable to pay for that? I'm not against Figma (it's very impressive), but for reference their Pro subscription is more expensive than Sketch. Good on them and Adobe for having a free entry level.

As for Adobe XD, sure it's free if 1 shared prototype is all you need, but again their pricing is higher than Figma and Sketch in turn.

It's worth looking a little closer before damning a product and the team behind it.
21 May 2019
I'm not quite sure how this model works. May I skip a year or two and later on renew? I guess, yes. And using the last version forever is ok. But given Apple's yearly macos switches I don't know how long "forever" will be before backwards compatibility breaks.
16 March 2018
Be all and end all of UI design apps. Nuff said. And Sketch cloud is getting better and better. It now even allows for very basic prototyping of UIs.
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Version 49.1
08 March 2018
Poor software full of bugs with an awful subscription model.
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Version 49
2 answer(s)
09 May 2018
This app is actually really good! The subscription model isn't the best but it ensures that the developer can have a sustainable income to continue living and create the app for us.
10 July 2018
Also the subscription model is way better then the subscription model with companies like Adobe.
10 November 2017
Super useful for every designer!
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Version 47.1
06 August 2017
Using this for few years now. What can I say, just an amazing piece of software for every designer.
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Version 46
28 June 2017
I would encourage anyone that has commented that Sketch is getting worse or going downhill or having issues to give the web-based app, Webflow a try. While you are using it you'll also learn how CSS works and how elements interact with each other on a webpage with CSS, rather than just making static design comps in a desktop app that doesn't translate well to the web. I'm really impressed with it.
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Version 44.1


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  • Intel 64
  • macOS 10.13.4 or later
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