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14 January 2014

Attractive music player supporting a wide range of formats.


Nightingale chirps your favorite tunes! A beautiful interface with a wide range of supported audio formats, all with multi-platform support!

What's new in Nightingale

Version 1.12.1:
  • Fix crash on Ubuntu 13.04
  • Improved localization in every locales
  • Splash screen updated
  • "songbird" protocol is replaced by "ngale"
  • Remove newsletter from firstrun dialog
  • Play count increment fixed
  • Remove duplicate preferences menu entry on Linux
  • Allow add-ons to have localized display panes titles
  • Update add-ons locales (mashTape,, SHOUTcast)
  • Disable metrics everywhere
  • Removed misleading warning in Watch Folder settings
  • Fixed a extension issue
  • Don't use GPU on Mac OS X
  • Fixed importing wma files on Linux
  • Added a firstrun and upgrade page
  • Migrate to new update host
  • Fix updating on Linux
  • Fix mashTape video tab

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13 January 2016

Most helpful

Smeels dead.
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Version 1.12.1
12 March 2018
Downloaded today after learning about rumors that Apple is going to end iTunes. Had no problems with Nightingale. Imported all my files from iTunes, and played without encountering any problem. GUI is simplistic and not bloated like iTunes, which is good. Simplicity and without tons of useless features. Perfect for me.
Version 1.12.1
14 October 2017
It's a software dressed in a barrel held up with suspenders. Also, this is my first Mac, and it will be my last. Nightingale appears to be par for the course as far as applications on Mac go.

The only reason I gave this 1.5 stars is because the idea for the GUI interface was simple and had a solid idea behind it. Other than that, this is what is wrong (everything):
-Many of the songs do not play with an error message stating that the files are corrupt. They are not. They work fine in other apps. Also, many songs have added gaps of blank space in them.
-The album art cache only displays once upon pasting an image to an audio file.
-The metadata editor does not actually edit song data for the staggering majority of files.
-It's unsupported. There will be no updates to fix these bugs. I guess that's just because it's freeware (a rarity on Mac).
-Occasionally, Nightingale will crash entirely.

I can go on. I found Nightingale on a list of best alternatives to iTunes, and many of the other apps are garbage as well. I was so motivated by my distaste of these apps that I had to make an account here just to leave soggy reviews.

Did I mention that I don't like Mac?
Version 1.12.1
13 January 2016
Smeels dead.
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Version 1.12.1
21 November 2015
Most of the developer-provided info is all about Linux. What will this do for a Mac user? Is it capable of importing iTunes playlists and metadata? Doe sit support ALAC and other Apple formats? Can it talk to Growl? Can it communicate with iOS devices?
Version 1.12.1
After trying out most of the alternatives like DoubleTwist (horribly slow on my machine) or Clementine (clonky UI) I settled on using Nightingale as a temporary library for tracks I don't want permamently in my iTunes library and I really like it, it's a fast, well designed little player and library manager free of unnecessary features cluttering it up.
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Version 1.12.1
07 August 2013
For SongBird users, this is an alternative to pick u where SongBird died off. Do not expect it to have the features of SB, but it is a true open source project at present, and that does bring some hope along with the typical problems.
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Version 1.12