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23 October 2019

Easily keep track of your important information.


Tap Forms helps you organize all kinds of things in one place - secure, searchable, and accessible on your Mac (iOS + Apple Watch app sold separately). How can one app organize everything? Because not only can you use and customize the 33 built-in templates but you can create your own "forms" for inputting any kind of information, even if that information includes pictures, doodles, audio recordings, calculations, file attachments, ratings, or even links to other forms. This makes it almost like building your very own customized organization app.

  • Capture your way: add a picture, type some text, attach a file - there are 23 different types of information that can be captured with Tap Forms.
  • Organize your way: Create and design custom forms exactly how you want to for optimal organization. Get started with one of our ready-to-go form templates, or easily make a custom one from scratch with our integrated form building tools.
  • Store confidential data with confidence: Tap Forms' security settings let you optionally require a password, and even auto-lock when idle for a custom period of time. Using AES encryption, you can rest easy knowing your data is safe and secure.
  • Import, export, share: It’s easy to import your data from existing files, so getting started is a breeze. Import your data from text, CSV, Bento and more. Exporting allows you to share with Mac, Windows, and Linux users.
Advanced Features
  • Layout designer for creating custom form layouts
  • Sync with Tap Forms for iOS and Mac with or without the cloud
  • Advanced search rules with multi-field record filtering
  • Lightning-fast search
  • Share form templates with friends, family, and co-workers
  • Import and export standard text, CSV and XLSX files from Excel, Numbers, or other systems
  • Print 24 different types of barcodes including ISBN, UPC, Code 39, QR code, EAN, and more!
  • Label printing engine includes over 1,000 Avery label templates
  • Print record details

What's new in Tap Forms

Version 5.3.8:
  • New Charts module! Plot your data using either a bar, line, or pie chart.
  • New User Access Controls (Mac only for now). Set a password on a form that can be used to prevent editing of the form, adding, deleting, or updating records.
  • Catalina compatibility fixes.
  • Added new functions to the scripting engine. Functions for accessing the clipboard, getting forms with IDs, and for initiating the Print command from a script.

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20 January 2014

Most helpful

Excellent software. I was very upset when support for Bento was discontinued, as I had a large Bento database. Well I bought Tap Forms, and am disappointed no more. The Bento importer for Tap Forms works amazingly well and efficiently. Even better, Tap Forms is a far better designed database software that Bento. So thank you FileMaker for forcing me to switch. I do however, agree with a previous comment that Tap Forms could use WiFi syncing.
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Version 2.0
27 May 2018
I have downloaded the trial and it is actually pretty good. Just a question: can I create drop-down menus, so I can press an arrow and choose values from a list? (e.g. in Symphytum this type of field is available). This field-type is really important to me... Thanks
Version 5.2.11
25 February 2018
Great personal application
Version 5.2.8
08 December 2017
Very good app, indeed. I have practically substituted it to my old FileMaker 9 Pro files, which where becoming more and more unreliable (new FileMaker is too costly for my needs). And the support is fantastic. But I really can not understand why Tap Forms flies like a lightning on my iPad and is so slow and clumsy on my iMac Retina with latest Sierra. It never opens, you have to wait for centuries. And with exactly the same documents. That's why I do not give it 5 stars
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Version 5.2.4
15 May 2017
I want to thank the developers for being so friendly and supportive. So many developers, especially big ones no longer provide prompt response to emails. Developers providing good support should be rewarded.
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Version 5.1.3
29 April 2017
with the addition of "nearby" sync, Tap Forms just became my most indispensable app, . I had been using it's IBM Cloudant service without any problems but I am wary of any cloud-based service. I can now remove that and sync more securely with my devices locally. I use Tap Forms for work databases, sports training data and testing and passwords. No need for any wallet apps. This does it all and without any problems. Brendan developer,, t will get back to you quickly.
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Version 5.1.1
2 answer(s)
30 April 2017
Nearby sync is not new. It was introduced with Tap Forms 5 last August along with Cloudant sync. I've been using Nearby sync for months since then.

The new sync options in 5.1 are the re-introduction of iCloud sync and the addition of CouchDB sync (no idea what that is). With the reappearance of iCloud sync I have switched back over to that.

Nearby sync is of course relatively secure since no data leaves your LAN. But it is inconvenient because all databases to be synced must be open for the sync to be possible, so if I was on my Mac and the Tap Forms app on my iPhone was not open, no sync could occur. I was doing OK that way, but I prefer the more hands-free iCloud sync and am glad it is back..
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05 May 2017
Yup. Nearby sync has been around since August. But the new sync options in Tap Forms 5.1 are iCloud sync and Apache CouchDB. Apache CouchDB is great because it's free (open source) and you can install it on your own server. It basically gives you cloud sync, but without the cloud :) See my online user manual for details on how to set it up if you're interested. It's rather technical, but certainly doable.
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27 April 2017
Great personal database app.
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Version 5.0.10
02 February 2017
I have this on my phone. Good solid app! Do you have old versions for OS X 10.9, I have this work computer that I'm not allowed to update, I would like to install the Mac version too.
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Version 5.0.10
1 answer(s)
Tap Zapp Software Inc.
Tap Zapp Software Inc.
05 May 2017
Tap Forms 3.5.19 is still available which will run on OS X 10.9.5. But it's no longer updated. Tap Forms 5 is now under constant development.
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30 January 2017
I have been using the app for a number of personal sets of info and have recently begun to import old Bento databases into Tap Forms. I ran into issues and wrestled awhile. Finally an email to the developer brought a *very* quick response - - and after only a few interchanges - - a comment made by him led me to suspect my error. Following his suggestion - - he was right. My Bento databases imported wonderfully - - without flaw. It’s great to have a database app such as this available - - especially one with a future - - and one that is now a seeming delight to work with. Sincere appreciation to the developer and to the app itself. It seems most stable on El Capitan.
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Version 5.0.10
05 December 2016
Fantastic replacement to the old bento app. Cloud syncing system works fine for me.
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Version 5.0.9
20 August 2016
There were a few bugs when version 5 launched, but the developer has handled them fairly quickly and the app is now really stable and works great. Love the new updates. For those that used Bento in the past this is an awesome alternative. Also for those that don't need all the power, complexity and cost of Filemaker Pro.
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Version 5.0.3
1 answer(s)
17 October 2017
One thing I’d like the developer to add is reports with charts/graphs and the ability to set your own layouts as the default layout for a form.