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26 September 2019

Opera browser with latest features and refinements (was Opera Next) (beta).


Opera Beta (was Opera Next), updated every couple of weeks, gives you the latest refinements to the Opera browser. Follow our progress and test the latest features.

What's new in Opera Beta

Version 64.0.3417.32:
  • CHR-7564 Update chromium on desktop-stable-77-3417 to 77.0.3865.90
  • DNA-78443 BABE not displayed until suggestions appear.
  • DNA-79610 Crash after detaching tab with javascript dialog
  • DNA-80088 Allow Continue Shopping API to register listeners
  • DNA-80109 [Mac][Retina] Snap tool snaps wrong region
  • DNA-80196 Serve extended URL from the API
  • DNA-80253 History page displays incomplete history records
  • DNA-80258 Add "Block Trackers" to EasySetup
  • DNA-80260 [Mac] Use new Privacy popup on Mac
  • DNA-80318 [win10] Fix installer tests
  • DNA-80401 Create browser tests for Continue Shopping
  • DNA-80434 Make whitelisting work from popup
  • DNA-80435 Count blocked trackers in popup
  • DNA-80436 Make update from older version work correctly
  • DNA-80497 Remove checkout detection mechanism
  • DNA-80498 Make whitelisting work from popup WP2
  • DNA-80504 Merge translated lists of forbidden words with English
  • DNA-80530 Turn-off button in Adblocker pop-up doesn’t work
  • DNA-80552 Refresh section when data changes
  • DNA-80554 [win 10] installer tests - add switch to disable import in tests BrowserAssistantInstallations
  • DNA-80564 DCHECK when loading rules
  • DNA-80567 Whitelisting is not reliable
  • DNA-80590 Remove all customizations (ie. IsCustomizationEnabledDEPRECATED calls)
  • DNA-80613 Make whitelisting work from popup WP3
  • DNA-80629 Enable build flag new_mac_bundle_structure
  • DNA-80630 Add new options to setting page
  • DNA-80631 Separate the exception management for ads and trackers
  • DNA-80632 Separate the list management for ads and trackers
  • DNA-80634 Turning VPN on - redesign of the entry point flow
  • DNA-80643 Create continue-shopping-2 feature flag
  • DNA-80644 Scrap aliexpress offer webpage and save it to offers database
  • DNA-80645 Expose aliexpress offers in continueShoppingPrivateAPI
  • DNA-80651 Allow Continue on Booking API to register listeners
  • DNA-80652 Change offer data format
  • DNA-80674 Crash at views::View::SchedulePaint()
  • DNA-80679 Random lists enabled after enabling tracker blocking
  • DNA-80681 [Win] Adblocker pop-up closed after turned ON
  • DNA-80703 Make Aliexpress API offer urls attributed with Opera affiliated IDs
  • DNA-80712 Record aliexpress page views and checkouts
  • DNA-80717 Tab menu issues
  • DNA-80739 "Blocking content can cause some websites…" text on popup should have white font
  • DNA-80777 Content blocking toggles act funny in easy setup
  • DNA-80778 Remove LOG(INFO) debug logs from adblocker_whitelist_handler.cc
  • DNA-80834 Fail to turn on content blocking the first time when both content types are off
  • DNA-80838 Make content filtering icon visible when features are turned off
  • DNA-80845 desktop_browsertests.TestDifferentContinueShoppingFeatures/ContinueShoppingPrivateApiFeatureFlagTest has error on Win
  • DNA-80850 Create new-vpn-flow feature flag
  • DNA-80860 Mac builds with symbol_level=1 are bigger than with symbol_level=2
  • DNA-80909 TestDifferentContinueShoppingFeatures/ContinueShoppingPrivateApiFeatureFlagTest.ShouldReturnMostDesiredOffersReturnedByService.* fail on Mac
  • DNA-80965 Renderer crash when going to opera://inspect
  • DNA-81022 Backport AliExpress to O64
  • DNA-81026 Support all Aliexpress site languages
  • DNA-81067 [Continue on Booking] No hotels returned when one hotel requested
  • DNA-81101 Backporting Privacy to Opera 64
  • DNA-81137 [Win] Fonts of Rate me popup differ
  • DNA-81172 Redesign few things
  • DNA-81089 Gather strings for Privacy for translation
  • DNA-81107 Optimize API calls by caching the offers results

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23 January 2014

Most helpful

Where is Bookmark Bar Guys ?? !!!!! Why You are do not hear yours Users ?? WHY ? Your browser will remain back in the past, if you do not listen to your users !! Sorry for my English but i know that you understand me !
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Version 19.0.1326.39
13 August 2019
The back mouse still does not work! Why!!!!
Version 63.0.3368.29
19 February 2017
I like it some, but IT WILL NOT DOWNLOAD ANYTHING! Whether I use the Save As via the top menu or right clicking, or even using the download icon on a page with a pdf file, NOTHING WHATSOEVER HAPPENS! This is an obvious deal breaker until I can, plus the saving bookmarks has no Save or OK or Done button, and iI don't like that it will just put it wherever it feels like until I have to bring it back and do it.
Version 43.0.2442.7
02 August 2016
""Opera browser sold to a Chinese consortium for $600 million The Norwegian company has sold its browser, performance apps and name." https://www.engadget.com/2016/07/18/opera-browser-sold-to-a-chinese-consortium-for-600-million/
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Version 39.0.2256.42
1 answer(s)
12 August 2016
Would you advise against using it now?
30 May 2016
Just thrilled. Have used just about every Mac browser there has ever been, since Navigator and Chimera.... and now, after spending a few weeks with Safari Technology Preview, I am back again to Opera. I love the Beta, knowing I'm getting the most recent innovations. It is equal to, or beats the rest in; loading speed, page rendering accuracy and is more"user friendly, " than any of them. I even find it has the best extensions/add-ons: "ublock origins," "user agent switcher" and "E-mail page," are the ones I rely on.
Version 38.0.2220.12
26 November 2015
Something different I like it!
Version 34.0.2036.3
2 answer(s)
12 August 2016
As far as I know, the deal has failed http://www.reuters.com/article/us-opera-software-m-a-china-idUSKCN0ZY0CA
31 December 2016
The browser was sold.... even though the deal was scaled down.
Opera and the Chinese group have instead come up with an alternative deal worth $600 million which strips out some products and services in a bid to overcome regulatory hurdles.

The so-called Kunqi consortium, which includes online and mobile games distributor Beijing Kunlun Tech Co and search and security business Qihoo 360 Technology Co, will now buy certain parts of Opera's consumer business.

It will acquire Opera's mobile phone and desktop computer browser business, its performance and privacy apps division, its technology licensing business, as well as its stake in Chinese joint venture nHorizon.
30 July 2015
I have never left Safari. Until now. It's become too slow and buggy. So I tried the other obvious alternatives and even some less well known ones. Only Opera Beta is fast and stable. UI is clean. Page tabs are fixed size (hurrah!). Importing bookmarks, even favorites bar, was easy and intuitive. Important features to add: (1) Easy access to a link to contact Opera! (2) Simplify "Help"! (3) Customizable address + tool bar. (4) Share current webpage button, to email, facebook, etc. (5) Option so that "open new window" forces "open new tab" for clean-screen management.

MacBook Air 2014 / OS 10.10.4
Version 31.0.1889.92
2 answer(s)
03 August 2015
(6) Needs a "home"page button. (7) Needs a "restore last session" command. (8) Is recording usernames and passwords although "do not" is checked in preferences. This is a deal breaker. FIX IT ASAP!
06 August 2015
(9) When attempting to manage "all cookies and site data" the window that comes up does not allow access to all the cookies by scrolling. You have to delete cookies for others to become visible.
06 July 2015
While not perfect. This version is solid, reliable and containing some nice features with the ability to use plug-ins. Crisp images and speedy rendering of the web; and its free.
Version 31.0.1889.50
09 June 2015
Anyone care to comment on why the regular (red) Opera is ahead of the Beta (white) at this point? Is the Beta being discontinued?
Version 30.0.1835.49
1 answer(s)
17 June 2015
Ah so...
The beta of v30 went to regular release (red).

Now, they have released v31 on the beta, so the beta (white), is alive again.
05 June 2015
Can somebody tell me in words of one syllable exactly why the world needs another browser and what this one is supposed to do for me that the more established ones can't do?
Version 30.0.1835.49
1 answer(s)
17 June 2015
Opera Beta Icon
Opera Be...
REVIEWJb4Jun 28, 201412345+1

2nd review.... been using for some weeks now as default browser and am having no issues at all, unlike Aurora which keeps crashing and disabling add-ons.
Opera is speedy and has a wonderful rendering which just seems a bit more colorful and rich than Safari.
Bookmarks, bookmark bar, add blocking, anonymity, all the features I need.... work just fine and Opera is a trusted name. Now that Camino is gone, perhaps the oldest mac browser.
20 February 2015
The Best!
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Version 28.0.1750.31
1 answer(s)
20 February 2015
OK.......but can you tell us all why? A review perhaps!!! Most of us don't have mind reading capability's.
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