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02 October 2019

Convert CSV files to other formats.


CSV Converter is a simple application for opening, editing, and saving CSV files. The CSV file format is widely used to exchange data arranged in a table, as in a Numbers or Excel spreadsheet. CSV Converter is able to open CSV files that some apps are having problems with, preview the tabular data, and re-save it without the internal inconsistencies that cause the issue. Additionally, it can export the table in various formats like RTF, Word, Open Document text, and as a MultiMarkdown table, or copy the table to the clipboard in the format that iWork uses.

There is basic editing support, but the main purpose of the app is getting usable data out of CSV files and into other formats.

What's new in CSV Converter

Version 1.9.3:
  • Fixed an issue with “Save a Copy As…”
  • Added support for the backtick as a separator
  • Fixed an export issue for files imported from JSON
  • Much faster import for large JSON files (see below for details)
  • Added the “Import JSON Arrays as Rows” option when importing files
The “Import JSON Arrays as Rows” option

If “Import JSON Arrays as Rows” is enabled, which is the new default, array indexes in imported JSON paths are replaced with a placeholder. And a new row is added for each array entry.

The above will cause naming collisions as the previously unique paths through the JSON file’s arrays are now collapsed into single column. Where you would previously have paths like "maths/q1/options/0", "maths/q1/options/1", etc. you now only get "maths/q1/options/[items]", but a new row for each. Additionally, a new row is added after each JSON array.

In case you require the old behavior, a new column for each JSON array entry, you can disable this option when opening your JSON file.

The big advantage of this options that the resulting table is both easier to read and the processing speed is greatly increased. This is because there are far fewer columns. A large number of columns (thousands) causes a the internals of CSV Converter to slow down.

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  • Intel 64
  • Mac OS X 10.7.0 or later
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